How can I finally find the right partner?

"And, how about you with love?

At a certain age, women have to accept more and more questions, which is why they are still single and do not want to look for a permanent partner. After all, their own parents are already eagerly waiting for grandchildren.

Often it is overlooked by the dear relatives that many women do not enjoy their single life but would very much like to have a man by their side, but they just can not find the right partner. Of course, if your own demands are lowered enormously, then many men come into question.

But it does not make much sense to enter into a relationship with a man who says from the beginning that he does not want children if you have a very big desire to have your own family.

If you know yourself that you never want to leave your hometown, even a long-distance relationship can be difficult in the long term, because maybe he would like to move due to his job only with great reluctance. In addition, many men are already married from the age of thirty. The singles market is getting smaller.

Where to find your dream man:

Find a partner: What does it fail?

The more eager people desire to have a relationship, the more desperate they often seem to be. They cling to the smallest straw in the hope that perhaps something could come of it.

Of this, men feel slightly deterred (conversely, the same is true of course: act very clinging men lose most women very quickly the desire). Often the same drama takes place again and again.

Your friend knows she is looking for you. Quick a meeting with a single buddy is organized, the girlfriend plays the role of the presenter. The situation for him is funny because he is questioned and feels that there is some pressure. Numbers are exchanged, but he's not really interested while she blames herself and believes it must be her fault.

"The dream man does not seek, he finds you!"

How many times have you heard this saying? He is annoying, right? Nevertheless, there is something in the saying. If we manage to free ourselves from our expectations, it will be easier for us to be very relaxed during encounters and simply to enjoy the situation.

Let's hope from the beginning that we are in the evening with butterflies in the stomach in bed and it has really sparked, we are at the end of the evening only disappointed, if it did not come. That's why it's incredibly important for us to break away from self-imposed pressure. That's why we approach encounters with men much more relaxed. We're just surprised to see what happens instead of being disappointed right after the first moment because we were hoping to meet the Dream Prince.

It is always the same mistakes that are made during the Dating.

Dates often follow a similar pattern. We meet with this one man. During the day we already feel that we are nervous. Before the date we think long, what to wear. Pretty it should be, but not too provocative, after all, no woman wants to look cheap. We have already arrived and wait for him while we are a little annoyed that he is obviously late.

Finally he turns the corner and we are already slightly disappointed. Our sister had raved about him so much, but he really does not look that good. During the conversation both put the statements of the other on the gold scale. Every third sentence makes us think secretly that he can not really have meant that seriously.

That's exactly where the mistake lies! At the first meeting, it's perfectly normal that both singles do not feel like they've known each other forever. Feelings of security and familiarity have to build up over time. However, many singles rob themselves of this opportunity, since they do not engage in a second meeting.

They check the look and the statements of the other person, think about whether he could fit in the rush hour and find too few matches in the end. Of course, it makes little sense to meet again and again, although both feel that you are not on the same wavelength. But the fact that both are still a little strange at the first meeting and have to get to know each other is the most natural process in the world. And during this process comes the feeling of falling in love with us.

If we want to find a partner, we also have to open up to new people.

As already explained, it makes perfect sense to lower your own expectations and also to engage in appointments with the aim of simply spending a nice evening instead of hoping directly to be married within a year.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that many women do not want to spend years in the hope that at some point a man will notice them. Single exchanges are not necessarily a bad choice. In a sense, dating agencies suffer from the reputation of registering only those who "do not get it" in real life.

But that is complete nonsense. But note one thing: If you want to find a partner on the Internet, you should not write too long after the first contact. Instead, it makes sense to arrange a meeting as quickly as possible to get to know each other personally. Because otherwise we often run the risk that we develop a completely different idea of ​​him, and we are again disappointed on the first date.

You would rather find a partner in your everyday life, but you hardly ever get to know men because you are always very busy? In a flirt coaching for women our love experts can help you. They tell you what visual stimuli men are reacting to and how to get the opposite sex to speak to you. You'll quickly find it's incredibly easy to get in touch with men in the middle of the day on the road, at bus stops and in all sorts of other places.

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