How can I conquer a wonderful woman who is not interested in me yet?

How do I manage to conquer them?

You do not know any, which can even be compared with her? And you want nothing more than to conquer this woman?

Granted, at first you did not notice it. You just felt very close to her. Of course, pretty you found her from the beginning, but there was nothing more. But now you feel like you're back in your puberty.

As soon as she is near you, you feel a queasy feeling in your stomach. Your knees are suddenly incredibly soft, you're excited, you want to leave a particularly good impression and then you just can not think of anything to talk about with her.

Such a crap, too. If this continues, you will never get to know each other. That's why you're looking for tips on how to capture a woman who's not interested, right? Alright, we're here to help you.

Feel that she's ready for the first kiss

Let's talk about externals first

Of course, it depends on the inner values. The inner values ​​decide whether a partnership lasts long. But you are not at this point yet. You are still in the initial phase, in which you want to make them aware of you to then conquer them. And right at the beginning, appearance and appearance play an important role. Because who dresses well, smells good and generally looks attractive, of course, immediately has the attention of his environment. Therefore a few general tips:

Think over your clothes choice. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Are you well dressed or do you remember a nerd? If you are dissatisfied with your style, you should urgently change something. Use a good perfume more often.

There is nothing that women love more than fragrant gentlemen. If you have a problem with smell of sweat in the summer (you're not alone with it), you can have a special deodorant mixed in the pharmacy, which works particularly well.

And of course: Be self-confident. If you're happy with your appearance, you probably have a pretty decent self-confidence anyway. If that is not the case, you should urgently work on it.

Your action decides

Before we explain how you should act towards her, let's first address another point that is no less important: Be good with your environment. Women pay attention to how people give themselves in their environment.

What we mean by that? We explain it to you. Let's say she works for you on the company in the same department. You are always very friendly to her. At the same time, however, she also gets on nearly daily basis that you regularly neat other employees (who are in the hierarchy below you) neatly together. This will give you a terrible impression of you!

So do not try to ignore your mood on other people who can not help it. And especially not if she is still present. Because if she realizes that you are nice to her, but otherwise you can be quite an asshole, you will never conquer this woman.

Be a man every woman would want

Now let's get to the heart of the story. Try to be a man every woman would like to have by her side. How do you do that? For example, being someone you can talk to well. Surely you know the situation that you have the feeling in some people that you have known them forever, but you did not meet until half an hour ago.

That's exactly what you can do! Stay relaxed in a conversation with her, there is no reason to be upset after all. In between, just tell a funny story from your childhood or youth (how about a trick you played?). Such stories make sure that this feeling sets, you know each other extremely long and very well.

Be funny, too! Of course you can also talk about serious topics, after all you are not a clown with whom it is impossible to discuss. But if, for example, you only talk about politics, current crises, or your studies, you are not exactly creating an exuberant mood.

Do you have a lot of bad luck, maybe you're even promoting a fight with it? Remember that: Politics and religion can be a sparkling topic of conversation, but also lead to strong disagreements and are therefore only very limited flirting.

Have goals in your life! There is nothing that turns a woman off faster than a man who has no goals in life. And let's be honest, a person has no goals in his life and nothing he wants to work for, the one who often feels useless and believes that life is pretty pointless.

Tell her quietly about the training that you would like to do or that you would like to change the department to earn better and to learn new things. Show her that you are not resting on your successes but that you are always looking for new challenges!

Do not be a coward and ask her for a date!

So you've met a few times now. Namely always when your friends have planned something cool and you both have been invited. And you took our tips to heart. You made her laugh, told her childhood stories, and got to know each other better. Now follows the next step, which can not be avoided, if you want to conquer this woman: Please ask for the first date.

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