Which toys should every woman have in her bedroom?

Sex toys is now becoming more common.

In the meantime, even during the day, commercials for various online retailers who sell sex toys keep on running on television. But with the huge mass of different products you are spoiled for choice.

Above all, who has not dealt with sex toys very intensely, can quickly be overwhelmed. We therefore want to give you tips in this article, which toys could be interesting especially for beginners and it is absolutely worth to be tried once.

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What do I tell him on the first date?

If you're looking for a vibrator, ask for a Rabbit vibrator

What makes a Rabbit vibrator so special and how does it differ from conventional vibrators? Normal vibrators are simply oblong and often have a slightly curved tip. This curved tip ensures that the woman's G-spot is optimally stimulated.

What's special about the Rabbit vibrator is that it does not just form a penis by its shape, but has an additional, short arm in the middle. It also vibrates and has the function of stimulating the clitoris in addition. Especially women who rarely come to orgasm, therefore, are particularly well advised with a Rabbit, because it spoils both vaginal and clitoral.

Love balls provide a strong pelvic floor muscles

Women who are pregnant know good exercises for strong pelvic floor muscles. But even without a birth love balls are recommended for every woman. The common models are not for sexual stimulation, but exercise the pure function, just to strengthen these muscles. Love balls are from very easy (for beginners) to very difficult (for advanced) to obtain. Weight information can usually be found on the pages of online retailers.

When first trying the love balls should not be worn too long. Although the weight in the hands seems relatively light, this additional effort is unusual for the pelvic floor. If the balls are now introduced directly before the sport or a day trip, this can cause the muscles to cramp, which can feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the gestation daily by half an hour. Of course, it only comes to a training effect, when the wearer moves while.

The Womanzier - A Auflegevibrator

Normal vibrators have a similar shape to a limb and can therefore be inserted easily and without complications. Somewhat differently the Womanizer works. This is already striking because of its unusual shape. It is oval and is not introduced, but only on the clitoris.

The vibrator now sucks the clitoris smoothly and exerts a completely new kind of stimulation through pressure waves of different intensity. With a conventional vibrator, the womanizer is therefore not comparable at all. However, as with other common vibrators, the suction power can be adjusted to optimally control the individual pleasure pleasure.

The egg for him

Especially for women, the number of different sex toys is really enormous. But for men, too, the market is getting bigger and bigger. Especially recommended for couples is the so-called Egg.

Many women regularly put the man's penis into their mouths, but often they love it more than they really enjoy it. In that case, the Egg could be just the thing. When Egg is a masturbator, so a masturbation toy for him, but also they can use him. The egg is pulled over the penis, which is then simply by hand, as usual, spoiled.

Although most online retailers write on their site that the Egg is only for single use, it can be used more frequently. For this it just needs to be washed out after the orgasm with lukewarm water and soap. The next time you use it, you should put some lubrication gel into the egg first, and then the fun can start right back.

A few more tips for ordering ....

Especially with sex toys makes the price comparison on different pages absolutely sense. Often there are different special offers or coupons through which there are discounts. The shipping costs can be different. Inform yourself so about a product and calculate in advance, at which dealer can get to this on the cheap.

If you are worried that your neighbors might see you getting a delivery from a sex shop, we can reassure you: All online retailers pack them discreetly. Often the delivery is issued as a package by an internet service.

If you order instead at Amazon, your sex toy comes, as usual, in a normal Amazon packaging. So no one of the residents or neighbors knows what you ordered. Not even if one of them accepts your parcel.

Before you start playing with your new toy, it's best to always put a pack of lube around. Especially with sex toys to be introduced, this will be much easier and easier if you give a small dollop of the gel to your new friend first.

Please make sure that it is necessarily a water-based lubricant. Lubricants based on oil or silicone can destroy the velvety silicone of the toy!

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