What are the most common sexual breakdowns? Everything about the funniest sex accidents

You ask yourself, what are the most common sex bouts?

Sure, in puberty, the biggest fear was being caught by one's own parents or other kin during sex. Thank God we are all older now and do not live at home anymore. Nevertheless, each of us every now and then some embarrassing sex, which are given at the next round table for the best.

If you yourself have been spared from embarrassing breakdowns, you can read here the funniest stories.

1. The most embarrassing sexual breakdowns the world has ever experienced: A sharp foreplay

Who does not know that the desire comes over spontaneously. So there you are in the kitchen, ready for dinner and have no idea, until suddenly the girlfriend from behind at a clinging. We feel immediately that she feels like it and leave the peeled potatoes on the left to dedicate ourselves to our partner. No sooner have we arrived in her genital area to finger her, so she comes to orgasm before sex, she grimaces her face. Damn it, someone probably forgot to wash his hands after cutting the chili peppers!

2. The nocturnal disturbance

Together, the way home is started, both are full of expectation. In the taxi both sit in the back of the back seat to smooch and fumble for a while. Hardly entered the front door, both can barely dominate. It is kissed, fumbled, and the clothes fly directly from the bodies. The way to the bedroom is stumbling, because both are taking off at the same time. Finally arrived in bed, it goes wild to the point. We have not had such good sex for ages. We are loud, we are wild, at least until it hits a huge blow and the mattress is in a lopsided position.

The neighbors' looks the next day just confirm that not only everyone heard us during sex, but was also an ear witness to the bursting slatted frame.

3. Showers have it all

For many couples, the shower exerts an incredibly great appeal to try sex there once. Why not? If you already stand naked in the shower anyway and smell fresh and soapy, after all there is nothing more wonderful than to smooch and take time for a quick quickie. But the quickie ends quickly and abruptly when it holds on to the solid wall instead of the shower rod and this does not withstand the forces acting.

4th If the blowjob ends unintentionally with a deep throat

The couple is just right in the matter. The greater the desire of both, the wilder they become. Since he has already spoiled her with his tongue, she would like to reciprocate with him.

She blows him one and it does not take long until he senses that he is coming soon. However, in the heat of the moment he unfortunately forgets that a man should not bump into a woman's mouth as hard as he does with her vagina. A short, choking sound and already part of the lunch is on his abdomen.

5. Unwanted viewers

In the heat of the moment, we like to forget the things around us. We focus only on our desire and on the partner. Our hands are everywhere on the body of the other and we are happy to spend this night alone. And as soon as we are finally naked and give ourselves to the other person, we suddenly feel a cold whiskers in our face, which licks us and wondering what we make there strange sounds. Oops, we actually forgot to get the dog out of the bedroom!

When the carbonic acid becomes an enemy

Not directly during sex, but no less embarrassing: Who meets at a party, has usually drunk enough. Beer, delicious punch made with sparkling wine and other delicacies. Over the glasses hot looks are exchanged, in a quiet corner it comes to the first flirtation and both are incredibly attractive. So quickly taken the bottles out of the hand and turned off, so you can finally really smooch with each other. Embarrassing if just then the carbon dioxide wants to escape from the stomach. Next time please just break the kiss quickly!

Seizures are indeed terrible the moment they happen, but after a few weeks, months, or years, you can laugh about it, Almost everyone has ever had something embarrassing or unpleasant during sex, so do not let that confuse you, just take it with humor.

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