What does men do? How to make a lasting impression

What do men like? What does men do?

You ask yourself, which female charms no man can resist and how he succumbs to your charms? You want to know what you can do to seduce him? We'll tell you briefly what men really stand for!

Outward appearances that drive men crazy

Naked skin turns men on

Let's not fool ourselves: The first impression we get from another person is always about their appearance. How should it work differently? We do not yet know the stranger, do not know how she is ticking, or whether she is characteristically suited to us. So there is nothing left to us but to form a first verdict on their appearance in the first few seconds.

And especially summer is seductive for men, simply because there is a lot of naked skin to see.

However, please do not overdo it. If you show a large neckline, you should not combine the tight top with a mini skirt.

"Natural" Make Up

What does men do? Of course, too many layers of make-up are not! Men prefer a more natural make-up. However, this does not mean that men really like unvarnished women, too. However, they find pink fingernails, blue eyeshadows and too much rouge. Anyone who thinks of natural shades of brown when making up, can not go wrong.

Well-groomed teeth

The most beautiful smile in the world loses its effect when the teeth are dreadfully discolored, extremely oblique or even attacked by caries.

The natural enamel of man is never as white as we see it in advertising. Instead, this is either yellowish or grayish. But who smokes, likes to drink coffee, black tea and green tea and in the evening to one or the other glass of red wine can not say no, which should be removed regularly by a professional teeth cleaning discoloration.

Those who do not feel deterred by the costs can still use a fixed brace in adulthood. Many people quarrel with the idea and find the idea strange to wear a brace, as this is more common in our latitudes during puberty. But the straight teeth, which we have a year later, will let us forget the effort in no time

Here is a detailed list of 18 secret charms under the magnifying glass that will drive him crazy.

Much more important than the appearance is the character

Enchant him with your good mood

What does men do? Definitely a happy and hearty laugh! Why are so many people convinced that the best topic to talk to is to complain about how bad they are? Why do people tell about their illness or bullying at work when they first meet a stranger?

No. On the other hand, good mood is what is really attractive. A woman who is capable of laughing, joking, and traveling the world positively is far more appealing than a woman who only sees things negatively.

Eye contact turns on men

Why are men on eye contact? Nothing is easier explained than that. Although many women may not believe it, most men find it an eerie overcoming to actively approach a woman. Through eye contact, she signals him that he pleases her, encouraging him to speak to her.

Through your eye contact you do two things. First, it motivates you to attract handsome men, and second, you are extremely self-confident with your counterpart. And what is more attractive than a self-confident woman who knows exactly what she wants?

Loose and spontaneity

We humans are always stressed. Stress, however, is a bit off-putting like bad mood. Just be spontaneous!

If a man asks a woman if she spontaneously wants to get a pizza with him and sit comfortably on the river on a bank and eat and chat there, he certainly does not want to hear that she has already eaten sandwiches and is full.

If a man asks a woman after a meeting and she declares that she is fully scheduled for the next three weeks, he will not ask her again for a meeting.

Just relax and relax! Let life come to you! We can not plan everything. Anyone who realizes the attempt, that life makes him but then again a line through the bill.

Your inner attitude to yourself is crucial

Our environment looks at us, how we feel and how we relate to ourselves. If you are satisfied with yourself and your life and you are not at peace with yourself, you are showing this to the outside world. Only that he is not aware of it.

You want to get more tips on what men really stand for? Then in our post 18 female charms under the magnifying glass. There you will learn in detail what turns men on.

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