What do men like about women? 18 female charms under the magnifying glass!

What do men like about women?

We asked our male customers and lecturers: What is really attractive for men? Which visual stimuli do you find particularly appealing? In a nutshell, what do men like about women both outwardly and in character? Here are the top 18 tips for the women's world.

Men are on this feminine look!

1. Which nail look?

About nail polish and all the little things women usually worry too much. If the guy knows the color of your nail polish three days after the date, he's probably just gay.

Nevertheless, a few things should be noted. "We recommend more natural colors". Nude tones from pink to brown are especially popular with men. But what also always goes is a nice shade of red. "Such details offer topics of conversation to men, " says Horst Wenzel. Bright colors like neon-green seem rather daunting. In addition, men are on French Nails and against natural nails is of course absolutely nothing to object. As always, however, the care has top priority.

2. High shoes: yes or no?

High shoes are great for men! They bring the figure to bear (the hips in motion, the legs in shape), but care should be taken that you can also run on it.

However, no woman should torture herself for the men's world and run the whole day only in pain. If we would like to go to a special event, it is perfectly enough to set off in sneakers and change the shoes on site.

3. Jewelry: These are the key pieces!

For jewelery applies: Dear discreet than pretentious. Basically, details are good, because they give topics of conversation, especially individual jewelry and festival ribbons. With small details you can underline your look.

Are you unsure about styling? Then we recommend our individual style coaching.

4. Hair: please long

Men like beautiful, long hair. Try out new styles, such as soft beach waves, straightening hair or even a different color that suits you. But just dyeing the hair should be thought out thoroughly, as it always means a strain on the hair and may possibly look unnatural.

Exotic colors such as purple and green should generally be avoided. Long hair needs a lot of care; Hair oil and cures, as well as a regular hairdresser visit are therefore mandatory.

But again, you have to feel good. If a woman with short hair finds herself much more attractive, she will radiate a much greater self-confidence with her long bob than with hair that reaches to the bosom. And what is more attractive than a confident, dynamic woman?

5. skirt or shorts?

The answers were given different answers, but a good figure would do both. It's a matter of taste, the ones prefer the skirt, the others the shorts. Ask yourself if you can imagine your crush in shirt and patent leather shoes or sneakers and cap? The latter would probably take the hot pants, the shirt-type rather the skirt. "If the skirt is form-fitting and you really see from the front the momentum that forms the hips: a dream, " said a customer questioned.

6. A nice skin

A beautiful skin, as well as being taken for granted, are basic requirements for an attractive appearance. A smooth, firm skin radiates health and fertility. Therefore, it should be cared for daily to avoid impurities, as well as during the day a day cream with SPF, in the evening a regeneration-promoting night cream are applied. In between, you can also use a slightly more intense mask and, during the day, caressing powder and blush to perfect the result.

7. décolleté

It's no secret: a nice cleavage finds men absolutely appealing. How deep it is chosen depends on the occasion. Also pay attention to your intention for the evening: men are more important for a hot night, a good figure of the woman, but if they are interested in something serious, the face plays the bigger role.

8. pants: sexy jeans

It's not a question: sexy jeans are a look that men crave. For long legs and a sexy buttocks, the skinny jeans is especially recommended. Make sure to create a sexy shape in the famous abdominal-leg-butt area through sport.

High shoes, of course, enhance the shape even more. Most men on women like this first female attraction so much that if they like your butt, you've already earned 50% of the rent from him. But maybe you're wondering too, I want a guy who just gets on my butt in skinny jeans.

9. Tanga or panties?

Men like women's thongs or panties? This is largely irrelevant, as long as the pants look pretty. However, the panties are not to be underestimated, often the thong is taken as the epitome of sexy, with a panty can be at least as aesthetic and usually provides for a nicer buttock.

10. Sport, if so how much?

A fatter body shape is in demand today more than ever. Of a six-pack in women, however, many men are deterred. But it is certainly attractive. If sport is integrated into the lifestyle and the hobbies, this definitely has a positive effect, especially special sports, as they point to an interesting and independent life.

11. smile please

A woman who looks so good and runs around with an eternally annoyed expression, has no likeable charisma and does not reflect that again, with which men want to have closer contact. A friendly, open facial expression is thus directly related to whether one feels addressed visually.

12. Flirt properly!

... wants to be learned! Sending the right signals is not always easy as a woman and often crucial. Horst Wenzel: "".

Are you still unsure about flirting? Check out our women's flirt coaching playlist or visit one of our flirting seminars designed specifically for women.

13. Which fragrance does men like?

"Yes, that smells good is important!", So the men interviewed. And which fragrance should it be? "That's difficult to say ...", and probably the question that has been around for centuries. What is the perfect fragrance, which is the perfume?

That's a question of the perfume industry and should not keep us busy. A perfume should emphasize the spruce of the woman and have a feminine touch. Rely on your taste when making your choice, because you have to smell the whole day.

14. Make-Up Tips?

What do men like about women? Certainly not too many layers of make-up. Studies show that almost 80% of men prefer a natural look. Of course that does not mean that you should not use make-up anymore. "The best make-up is if you do not even look made-up, " says Horst Wenzel.

Conceal with the make-up impurities such as pimples and dark circles and care by day and night care, as well as blush, powder & Co. for a radiant, firm skin. The emphasis on eyes and / or lips can be made discreet. So you get a nice, natural look. If you are still unsure about make-up, you can use eg Youtube videos online.

15. Shoulder-free top

Show your shoulders! Not only the curves of the woman are incredibly sexy on men, but also a feminine, fine upper body. Men like women when they see skin. You can do it with tube tops, sleeveless dresses or similar. stylishly staged.

16. Super beauty tricks!

Deep in the bag of tricks, there are even more treatments that can greatly enhance your appearance and your attractiveness to men! For example, teeth whitening on yellow teeth can do a lot to make the smile even brighter; Waxing ensures a smooth, soft skin and is in high demand especially in the intimate area (Waxing-Studio eg Sine Sine); Special treatments on the skin by the dermatologist bring freshness and rid of impurities.

17. Beautiful movements, female dance style

Men love attractive, dancing women! Guys are focused on women who can move well. If the attractive body is then in full action, then curves are much better advantage. Ideas are awakened to bring this body into motion itself, and one has a foretaste of it, which helps the imagination without effort. If he can not take his eyes off you, you have already seduced him.

18. Be ladylike!

You want a gentleman? Then be a lady too. Lady behavior includes manners, style, friendliness and elegance. Men impress a woman with a polite appearance. This testifies to consideration and respect towards him. Men like women who make them look good in front of their buddies with their pleasant behavior!

The most beautiful exterior will not hurt you if the character is not right!

Nothing is less attractive than blasphemy

It comes to our lips without us being aware of it: we discover a stranger, judge her appearance and immediately open the conversation with the words "Whoa, what does it look like? The top may be a bit too tight for her figure ... "


Who blasphemes reveals a very bad trait. Judging by strangers we do not know is a bad thing that we should definitely get rid of. After all, we do not want other people we do not even know to stare at us and speak badly about us after we walk past them, right?

Moreover, blasphemy is always the sign of one thing: a low self-esteem. Whoever degrades other people by blasphemy, increases himself in this moment and feels better thereby. Therefore, those who tend to like to go after others should urgently consider where this need comes from and whether they may need to work on their own self-image.

What do men find attractive? Blasphemy does not guarantee! For a man, there is hardly anything worse than women pulling on a tour of passersby or even girlfriends. Her appearance can be so pretty, he will not get involved in a second date.

Unreliability makes you uninteresting!

It is a very simple rule: whoever gives promises and does not keep them will eventually not be contacted. Did you make a fixed date and you write to him half an hour before, that it will be with you an hour later while he is already in the park and waiting for you, he may well be annoyed. If this happens more often, it really is not surprising if he loses the desire to dine with you.

Similarly, if you agree with someone's help, but end up jumping off. You promised to drive him to your brother's car because his car is currently in the workshop? Unfortunately, you do not feel like it now and tell him off?

Wow, that's really bad. Sure, he will not pray you for a favor in the future.

You only see the bad and you complain all the time

The food in the restaurant is too salty and too greasy for you? The pub is too dirty for you? The seminar was boring and you promised other content? In the sunshine, it is too hot for you, but rain does not suit you because you only wear sandals? And anyway, it makes you unbelievable that you did not get any more mango pods in the supermarket?

There are optimists and pessimists in this world. We all agree that we prefer to surround ourselves with optimists. If you are in a good mood and have a positive view of the world, you always enjoy your surroundings. The opposite is the case with people who only see the negative and do nothing else in their lives than to complain. Because that automatically pulls down the whims of your fellow human beings.

Therefore, try not to concentrate on negative events, but on positive experiences in everyday life.

You do not begrudge others, but are jealous

Even envy is a bad trait, by which we do not put ourselves in the best light. Envy means that we are not satisfied with the way we live our lives and what our lives currently look like and therefore we can not be happy for others.

The only thing that really helps against envy is to change your own lives so that we really enjoy and use them.

What do men like about women? The conclusion

Men love when a woman shows skin. Too much good, however, can be more daunting and cheap. Make up is advisable not to overdo it. The perfume is quite similar. One or two splashes make for a nice scent, but too much of the good causes such a smell explosion that the man can not breathe.

For all these aspects, do not forget that in the end, your character decides what impression you make on him. Blaspheming is not good at all, even envy and bad mood are daunting.

With these tips nothing should go wrong with you. You will notice how many admiring glances you reap at once.

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