What is a family friend? Everything about the meaning of the house friend

Have you ever heard the term "family friend"?

There are certain concepts in which everyone knows what they mean. For example, the best friend is always her closest friend, with whom she exchanges all the secrets. Nothing is hidden in this friendship.

Also, when the catchword affair falls, everyone directly knows that they cheated on you. But what is a family friend? A friend of the family? His good buddy?

A family friend has a sexual relationship with her (and him)

The term house friend refers to a man who maintains a sexual relationship with her. How far this sexual relationship goes is different from couple to couple. Only a few years back home friend was the secret lover of the woman, but this has changed in the meantime.

Heimlich the family friend is no longer. In some partnerships, the family friend sleeps only with her, while in other partnerships the family friend is called in for normal sex, so a threesome is desired.

Because the special feature of the family friend is already expressed by his name: A friend of the house not only comes to visit to obtain sexual satisfaction, but he is friends with the couple. Often, they still eat together after having sex, sometimes trips are sometimes taken together.

What makes the charm of a family friend for a couple?

Often, unfortunately, after a few years of relationship, sex life falls asleep. At this point, each couple will find their own ways and ways to deal with this lull in bed and fight it. And while some discover swinger clubs and have sex with strangers, others choose to have their threesomes with a friend.

For the woman, the attraction of having sex with a stranger is not only variety, but also a playful way of making her partner jealous. This jealousy, in turn, is also the desired stimulus for many men. Seeing how another man does it to her wife, they are in a submissive role at that moment, which many men like.

How can you confess to the partner that you want a family friend?

The only thing that really helps with sexual desires and desires is to talk about it. The longer you are already with your partner, the stronger confidence should prevail between you. Just talk to her and explain to her what the charm of the house friend is for you personally.

But give her enough time to think about it. Even if you may think that she should actually be glad that you give her a "free ticket" to sleep with a strange man, many women feel overwhelmed with such an offer.

Does a family friend endanger the partnership?

And here too: talking, talking, talking. A little jealousy gives a partnership a pleasant spice, but it destroys too much of it. Therefore, the couple should first discuss taboos and wishes among themselves, and then be honest with the family friend.

Incidentally, the taboos do not have to be directly sexual in nature. For example, it may be an urgent wish that she meets only in his presence with the family friend, but not secretly. Another taboo could be kissing. For many people, kisses are much more intimate than sex. One thing is certain: a friend of the family only enriches a partnership if the couple always communicates openly with each other.

If one of them realizes that there is too much jealousy involved, the experiment should end as soon as possible before the relationship sustains any lasting damage.

By the way: It can also come to the case that the family friend jealously reacts to the fixed partner. At this point, the couple must clearly speak a word of power, because the solid partner comes first. However, the fact that the family friend has a closer relationship with her than, for example, when swinging, it happens unfortunately faster than you think that build on the side of the house friend feelings. Here it is necessary to pull the ripcord and to renounce the sex with the family friend. Because feelings are involved in the game, this only leads to a huge mess.

Visit a swinger club together before fishing for a friend

If a couple is toying with a family friend, it must be able to assess exactly whether there is not too much jealousy at stake on either side. To find out, it can be helpful to visit a swinger club first. There you can look around, have a few drinks and, if you feel like it, have fun on the spot. It will not be long before you have the eyes of others on you and questions come, if they are allowed to participate.

If you already find out in the Swingerclub that neither a threesome gives you anything, nor the extraordinary situation that you watch the partner or the partner enjoying how he or she is having fun with someone else, a home friend is probably not the right one.

The advantage of finding this out in a swinger club is that the other visitors are alien to you. The family friend is a friend of yours, you share more than just your sex life. Do you already have too much jealousy and other negative feelings in a swinger club? Then you run the risk of destroying your relationship with a family friend.

You think your relationship is long gone? But you are unsure whether you should really quit, or whether you should continue to cling to the partnership? Then ask us for a flirt coaching. Our flirt trainers will advise you and give you tips on how to actively work on your relationship. So that you too will be happy again. We look forward to hearing from you.

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