Building trust - what to do if there is a lack of trust in the partnership?

You have lost confidence in each other?

Trust is the most important cornerstone on which a happy partnership can be built

Mutual trust is essential in a partnership. If there is not enough trust, it quickly leads to jealousy scenes and the reproach that the partner may be looking for someone else. If the trust between two partners has been lost, the partnership is therefore under no good star.

Why is trust so important?

Those who do not trust enough will mistrust far too quickly in return. For example, a holiday with one's own buddies can quickly become an ordeal, if he always has in mind the idea that she is currently flirting with other men or maybe even more. The WhatsApp messages he sends her every hour seem like control messages to her, which makes her increasingly doubtful about the relationship.

Man learns to trust others, already in his childhood. So there is always a basic trust between children and their parents, which can hardly be destroyed. If parents are having trouble fulfilling their parenting role, letting their toddlers cry for hours or failing to intervene, if the siblings are extremely arguing, this trust can be destroyed. A broken trust in the parents in childhood helps to make it difficult for the person concerned to trust other people later on.

At the same time, however, the cause of low trust does not have to be childhood, but may also have been triggered by the partner. If he or she always flirts with others in the eyes of the partner, it is no wonder that the other one does not feel heeded and reacts jealously.

If it has even come to the fraud within the partnership, the trust is permanently destroyed and it takes a long time to build up slowly.

How can one rebuild slowly destroyed trust in a relationship?

If the trust has not been lost for no reason, but because, for example, because one has cheated the other, it takes a long time for the partnership to recover from it.

It is important in this case, the suspicious partner no reason to distrust. Make no empty promises, but prove by your actions that you want to change and you do not get involved again in other women / men.

It may be helpful for you to talk in detail with your partner about why you have gone astray. Did you miss something in the relationship? Did you long for closeness? Were you concerned about the sex that you barely have in your relationship?

For cheating, there is always a trigger! Only when you are truly honest with your partner or partner and you dare to talk about the triggers that triggered them, does your partner know that you really care about the relationship and you therefore want to work this.

However, you can only tackle this relationship work together! Does not build trust on his or her side, although you try for months, the partnership makes little sense. Only when both are really ready to work on their relationship can trust build up.

To speed up the process, we recommend that you try to spend much more time than before. Just drive over a long weekend in another city! Try to get a change in your everyday life! And most importantly, talk about what and how you feel. Only when both communicate their emotions do they both know what is going on in the partner and can therefore respond to it.

How can one build trust when the other is jealous for no reason?

It does not always have to be in a partnership for a specific cause such as fraud, which leads to the loss of confidence. Some people simply have problems with trusting others in general. As explained at the beginning, for example, may be the cause of this in childhood. However, it is equally possible that the one who was cheated in a previous relationship, and projected the misconduct of the exponent on the new partner.

People who have low self-esteem also have problems trusting their partner. Because a negative voice always whispers in the back of his mind that maybe one day the partner could get to know another person who could be much better than you, who is prettier, smarter or more successful.

If your partner is also jealous for no reason, you can not change much about this situation because the problem lies with your partner. Again, we recommend that you seek the conversation and you the lack of trust and jealousy in the relationship themed. Make sure that you do not reproach your partner, but stay calm.

If your partner is honest with you, he or she will admit that she does not trust you enough, and at the same time he or she will admit that it is not yours.

This realization is already a big step in the right direction. Because now you both can work together, that your partner learns step by step to show their trust in you and to show yourself less jealous.

You are not progressing in your relationship and you just can not build trust again? But you want to stick to the partnership, because he or she is your absolute dream woman or your dream man? Then inquire for a flirt coaching for men or a flirting seminar for women. Our love experts discuss your situation with you and give you advice on how to work on your partnership. So you both get happy again.

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