Forgiven Liebesmüh: He is already married, but I love him!

With every day you see him, your feelings for him grow.

As soon as he smiles at you, your heart makes a little jump. He noticed you earlier when he met you at work in the corridor. But since you've seen each other more often because he's changed his department, he's completely turned his head.

Of course, you have not told him yet, after all, you are colleagues and you wanted the whole thing slowly and conspicuously in the way. But through some conversations he has had with his colleagues, you have noticed that he is already taken. Only then did you discover the wedding ring on his finger.

And now? You feel so much for him that you feel that you are almost bursting with love. You can not imagine, with the best of intentions, that his own wife has as deep feelings for her own husband as you do. And now? Should you avoid him because he is forgiven? Or should you dare to flirt with him and wait and see what happens?

Flirting at work

Is he happy in his relationship?

What is your impression of his relationship when talking to his wife over weekends together? Do you feel that he is incredibly happy, maybe even children are planned, you should assume that he will not reciprocate your enthusiasm.

But on the contrary. In this case, he probably only has eyes for his wife and just perceives you as a good colleague. So you do not make yourself unhappy, you should try to beat him out of your head and avoid him at work more often.

But even if you believe that his marriage is not going well, you should not expect too much. Any partnership will eventually go through a difficult period over time. That does not mean that he will cheat on his wife directly with you.

But he flirts with me on his own!

Maybe you fell in love with him because he kept coming to your office, looking for you and looking into your eyes with an indescribable look? During each lunch break, he obviously flirted with you, and you both are aware of this fact?

Even then, we advise you to exercise caution. Just because a man flirts does not mean he's seriously considering leaving his wife. The wise saying "he can get an appetite elsewhere, but is eaten at home, " pretty much explains what's going on between you. Sure, he finds you interesting. Not only do you like him through your appearance, but you always impress him with your intelligence and expertise.

For this reason, he enjoys your closeness and sees it as a welcome change, between the dry and countless meetings, turning your head a little. Yet he knows exactly which woman he really belongs to. He spends many years of his life with her and he does not even think seriously about throwing away his marriage because of a few flirtations.

So please do not have any illusions!

In an affair, the danger is high that you make yourself unhappy

Let's assume that you make him advances and he gets involved in your flirting skills, even though he is forgiven. At some point you go to drink together in the evening and it comes, as it must come:

You land with you in the apartment and you have the best night of your entire life. But how should it continue afterwards? In most cases such a situation amounts to consoling her for months, allowing him to get a divorce, but in the end he does not dare to take this step.

Why? He enjoys two advantages in this case. At home, he has his usual environment and an intact family life. In the evening he secretly enjoys sex with his affair. That she, the shadow woman, here scary suffering and still hopes that one day she will be the woman at his side, usually not interested.

You see, you have won nothing with an affair, but only plunge yourself into misfortune.

Can not a relationship develop from an affair?

Be sure to say goodbye to the thought that someday the relationship between you could seriously develop a relationship. For just imagine the following situation: He leaves his wife for you because you have been having an affair for some time.

You are overjoyed that he has finally decided on you. And after just a few weeks, you find out that he's also cheating on you with another woman and thinking about ending your relationship with you again.

Please keep in mind that he will deal with you in a similar way as he treated the last woman by his side. So if he has cheated on his ex, there's a chance he'll eventually replace you with another woman.

So what do we advise you in the end? As long as he is forgiven, you should keep your hands off him. Too big is the danger that you will crash yourself into misfortune. Of course it will be different if you notice that they are constantly fighting and therefore have separated. Then you have free rein and you can use your female charms to conquer him. We wish you good luck.

Although we advised against it, did you embark on an affair with him and are you now heartbroken? You have no idea how to proceed between you now? Then contact us and ask for a flirt coaching for women. Our love experts will be happy to advise you and give you tips on how to behave now to change your situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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