Dissatisfaction - Where does my negative attitude come from?

Every person has phases in which he sees everything negatively

There are moments when we are just dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with the dish we cooked and hoped for more. Dissatisfied with the post office, which did not manage to deliver our package on time. Unhappy with the weather, because it rains just when we forget the umbrella at home.

These are all negative moments that annoy us, but they are not dramatic. On the other hand, it becomes dramatic when dissatisfaction spreads more and more in our lives and we can no longer name where our bad mood came from.

Where does our discontent come from?

Dissatisfaction always arises within ourselves and often comes about when we compare ourselves with others. Actually, we are currently quite satisfied as a single. But then we see the happy couples around us, feel a pang in our hearts and suddenly we are dissatisfied with our situation.

Incidentally, this also exists the other way round. We have a really happy partnership and see our friends rushing into the nightlife and having fun with others and suddenly feeling like we're missing something. The result? We are dissatisfied.

Actually we like our sight in the mirror. But when we see our colleagues in the morning, dense beard growth and broad cross, we become jealous. Dissatisfaction spreads again.

But dissatisfaction does not come about just by comparing ourselves and our lives with others. We are also dissatisfied simply when we had hoped for something different, we are overwhelmed, irritated, tired or just does not want to work properly.

What matters is how long our dissatisfaction lasts. A few hours? A couple of days? Week, even months? At the latest, when we are addressed from our environment, what is currently going on with us, we should urgently worry, where our depressive mood comes from.

Do you know where your dissatisfaction comes from?

To change our mood, we first need to be aware of what is causing our bad mood.

What would have to be different so that we feel happy again? What is the point that makes us unhappy? And can we change anything at this point?

Many aspects that cause dissatisfaction can be changed if we are prepared to work for it and to strive for it.

For example, are we dissatisfied with our partnership because we spend too little time with our partner? Then we should take this as an opportunity to just book a short break. Are we dissatisfied with ourselves? Then we can just take the time and get clothes for a new outfit.

It will be difficult if we can not seem to change the situation. For example, if the partner lies to us again and again and we absolutely can not trust him anymore. Or even if we feel so uncomfortable at work, that we go into the morning with fear in the company. Or any meeting with "friends" just pulls us down and we are glad when the meetings are over.

Here can be a meaningful measure in making a radical cut. Why spend time with "friends" when the meetings are absolutely no fun for us? Why cling to a partnership when it no longer fulfills us? Why do a job that is not fun at all?

Use dissatisfaction as an opportunity to change something

The more dissatisfied we are with a particular aspect of our lives, the more motivated we are to make a difference.

For those who see dissatisfaction as an engine to change something in the partnership, the job or the way of life, actively contribute to their own happiness.

Keep your eyes on positive things

We often tend to always perceive the negative, but never the positive. The best example is our own health. Only when we are ill in bed, with swollen nose and terrible abdominal pain, we long to be well again and appreciate this condition. On the other hand, if we are healthy, this is a matter of course for us.

Similar to our partnership. As long as we are happy, this is perfectly normal for us. Only when we no longer feel that the relationship is fulfilling, we longingly remember the happy times.

Time to focus more on the positive. What's really going on in your life? What can you be happy with? Maybe you have such a wonderful family that is always there for you? Maybe your mother always supported you and helped her to study and now do the job you are doing. Maybe you're single and you do not have to focus on someone else's needs, you can do what you want?

You have to reach something in order to be happy?

Do not create conditions for your personal happiness!

Often we talk about ourselves, that we have to have reached certain things in life in order to be happy. Permanent employment, own house, children. We overlook what we already have everything in this moment, but do not appreciate it at all.

In addition, we focus with this attitude the focus on the "maladministration, speak the things we do not have. The result? We are dissatisfied and can not name where our dissatisfaction comes from.

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