Our theme week "Family Planning": 5 beautiful destinations for a family vacation

Do you already have a destination for the next family vacation?

Family vacations can sometimes be quite exhausting, much to the chagrin of the parents. After all, the interests of the little ones are often completely different from what parents would like to hope for from their holidays. While they are looking for a little rest, a city tour and exciting museums, the children want to play, romp and just have fun.

This is precisely the challenge of a successful family vacation. Both the interests of the big and the little ones must be satisfied, otherwise there will be tears and shouts. And that is exactly what neither mom nor dad wants.

That's why we've put together 5 beautiful travel destinations that are perfect for a vacation with kids. So where is your trip going?

The FlirtUniversity at NTV:

1. A holiday apartment on the Baltic Sea

Apartments are generally more suitable for a family holiday with children than hotels, and this also depends on the age of the children. But especially when they are very young, the little ones often have problems finding something they like at the buffet and find it difficult to get used to the usually small rooms.

An apartment offers more space, it can be cooked, whatever you like and in the evening you can just cuddle together in front of the TV or play a fun board game at the living room table. You do not have such possibilities in the hotel. In addition, the Baltic Sea is wonderful, because the beach is right outside the door, yet you expect no language barriers.

This means that even the little ones can buy an ice cream without your help or get a bar of chocolate in the supermarket. In addition, on the Baltic Sea, in contrast to the North Sea, the tides are barely noticeable. This means that you can swim every day and every time, if the weather is right. The flat landscape also invites to cycling in the next villages.

2. Camping in Croatia

Croatia has no endless sandy beaches, but instead stands out by placing the towels on the lawn and waiting for the swimmer in the water itself stones and sea urchins. Does not sound like a suitable place for children at first, right?

Here, too, depends on the age. With a toddler, the holiday on a sandy beach, such as the Baltic Sea, certainly more appropriate. But the children are already a bit older, expects both the parents and the children a real adventure holiday. For bathing there are extra shoes, which must be put on, so the feet stay healthy.

For swimming we strongly recommend a pair of scuba diving goggles! Because in contrast to sandy beaches can be found in Croatia just a few meters in the sea countless small fish, shellfish and other interesting things under water. Another advantage that speaks for Croatia? The weather is beautiful. In addition, the holiday country is accessible both by plane and by car.

3. The beaches of Poland are beautiful too

Or do you prefer to take a small hotel room in Poland? Poland has the advantage that everything is incredibly cheap there. Regardless of whether you are looking for meals, admissions or souvenirs: during a family holiday in Poland you will spend very little money, which is especially good for families with many children. Remember, however, that you have to exchange your money in a local bank before, because there you can not pay with the euro!

4. Apartment in Carinthia in Austria

The province of Carinthia in Austria is located directly on the border with Italy. This means that in summer the Mediterranean weather of the neighboring country usually has a positive influence on the weather in Carinthia. Many lakes are just waiting to be visited by you. In addition, the mountains invite for hiking. Again, your children have the advantage that there are no linguistic barriers, but they can move freely.

5. How about a family hotel in Germany or Austria?

Did you know that there are also family hotels? Unfortunately, normal multi-star hotels are not always very kid friendly. The little ones are not allowed to run in the foyer, they should not be too loud, and if a glass is knocked over while eating, they will promptly look a little angry. While on the one hand you want to keep your kids entertained, on the other hand you do not want to annoy the other hotel guests and therefore have to admonish the whole time to be a bit more considerate. Frustrating, both for parents and for the kids.

Somewhat different is the whole in family hotels. Even family hotels sometimes have a lot of stars, which means that you do not have to do without a certain luxury. And here your children are not only tolerated, but even welcomed.

There are extra staff who take care of the children throughout the day. Every day there are certain offers, besides large playgrounds, many small child-friendly pools and other great offers. So while the children are supervised, the parents can relax in the spa.

In addition, there is also always a lot of things there, such as baby monitors, wet wipes, toys, etc. The only requirement for this family holiday is really a nice experience is that your children have no problem with it, if you are not always with them, and They accept childcare without your presence.

What else is there to consider in the family vacation?

In general, we recommend that you do not go to hot destinations. Areas such as Egypt or the Dominican Republic are just incredibly hot and quickly burden the children's circulation. The risk of sunburns increases enormously. In addition, you should of course consider whether you want a trip, which you can cope with the car, or if you want to fly.

Traveling by car has the advantage of being mobile on the spot. However, if you drive for a long time, eg to Spain, this trip, even with overnight stays in hotels, can be very long and tormenting. And what is not particularly exciting for us adults, is even more agonizing and boring for the little ones.

And last but not least, do not let it unsettle you. Bay what you like. And if you are asked shocked by relatives why you are already on holiday with a one-year-old, then just say, because you feel like it. Especially as a new-born parent, you want to see something different than your own four walls. And now we wish you a lot of relaxation and a nice holiday.

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