Our Love Test - So you become aware of your feelings for each other

Are you unsure if you are still happy in the partnership?

You have been together for some time. But now you are increasingly doubting your relationship.

Are you unsure if your love for each other is still sufficient? We've created a love test for you that shows you whether your feelings for each other are still enough for a happy partnership, or whether you might want to consider separation.

So that you can find the right answer to your question, we have several tips for you, how you can recognize how he feels about you and how you become aware of your feelings towards him.

What about his love? The love test tells you

Are you unsure if he loves you as much as he did in the beginning? For secretly do you fear that he has long been looking for other women?

Does he think of you?

How important you really are to him, for example, you realize whether he thinks of you in your absence. We do not necessarily mean little news via WhatsApp, but also that he brings you your favorite fruit from the supermarket, because it was on offer just now, even though you did not ask him for it. Such little things show that he thinks of you and cares about your well-being.

Does he spend his free time with you?

It is equally instructive whether he likes spending his free time alone with you. How do you design your weekends? Do you also have a romantic champagne breakfast, a cuddle unit in the evening or a trip together? Couples who no longer have much interest in each other, usually no longer strive to actively shape the free time with the partner.

Are you planning a vacation?

If he talks about whether or not you want to book a holiday together that would take place in a few months, it's also a sign that he sees his future with you at his side. He does not doubt that you will be together in the coming months. Incidentally, this is also the case with events such as concerts or musicals, as these too are often booked months in advance.

Does he want to have you at meetings with his friends?

Although everyone in a happy partnership should have some freedom and be able to meet alone with their friends, yet it speaks for his feelings when he wants to have you at meetings with his friends. If he tells you in the evening "Nadine, I'll meet Daniel and Markus on Saturday. We are having a barbecue together, I have already included you ", then this shows that it is absolutely natural for him that you belong to him.

Does he tell you what he feels for you?

That he feels a lot for you, he indicates not only by gestures and his behavior, he also tells you this often enough. If you doubt yourself, he will look you in the eye, tell you that he believes in you, that you can do it and that he is always there for you.

He wants to contract with you and accept you as you are?

And even though you're the messiest person in the world and absolutely do not like to cook, which is why there are often finished products, you know he'd like to move in with you, and so far it has just failed because he has not found a nice flat yet. Although your little quirks sometimes annoy him, but he never reproaches you for it, but accepts you completely as you are.

What about your love? The love test provides information

Equally important, of course, is how it is about your love. Simple questions can help you figure this out, but of course only if you are truly honest with yourself in the answers.

Do you think about him in bed in the evening?

Do you lie in bed alone in the evening, who do you think of? Are you thinking of your partner and wondering what your future looks like? Or does the face of the handsome colleague appear in front of your partner, and you secretly imagine how you flirt with him and laugh together?

Only you can look in your head. But we can tell you one thing: your own thoughts are a pretty strong indication of what your feelings are for him.

Are you interested in other men?

And that brings us to the next question that you should clarify for yourself. What is your interest in other men? That we have eyes in mind even when we are forgiven, and that we classify other people as attractive, is perfectly normal. Instead, it is important to clarify how far your interest goes beyond that.

If you meet an attractive young gentleman, you think that he is very sexy, you go separate ways and that's it, then everything is in the frame. On the other hand, it is a little different if you keep spitting up other men in your head and you imagine what your life would look like with someone else by your side.

How far are you flirting?

Furthermore, you should reflect your own behavior when dealing with other men. How do you react when suddenly addressed? Are you blocking a flirt from the beginning? Do you take the flirtation, but it does not come to more? Or have you often been in the situation that it almost came to a kiss, and you broke out of the situation at the last second?

Flirting despite the partnership is not going to be bad as long as it does not happen again. However, if you struggle with your self-control each time, and you've almost thrown your principles overboard a few times, your feelings for your partner may already have cooled down extremely.

Are you getting jealous quickly?

How do you feel about your partner flirting with other women? Are you extremely jealous, or do you really care?

Do you see in him the father of your children?

Please look around your circle of acquaintances. Many of your girlfriends are just the same age as getting married. The first girlfriends get pregnant and you congratulate them warmly. How do you feel about thinking about your own future? Do you see in him the father of your children? Can you even imagine a future together?

Are you happy?

And last but not least, are you in a position to say with conviction that you are happy in your relationship?

With this love test, you should be able to determine for yourself how many feelings he still has for you and how your own feelings are. But perhaps you have also become aware that you still love him, but you urgently need to work on your partnership? Because as it currently runs between you, it can not go on? Then inquire now for a flirt coaching for women. Our love experts will assist you and advise you on what you can do to make your relationship better.

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