Uncharmant, uncharmanter, Trump? The biggest missteps of the US president

With Donald Trump the ghosts are different - also in Germany.

Rarely has so much happened in a single year at the political level as in 2016. Among other things, the announcement of the new American President Donald Trump. What has only been foreseen in Germany and Europe has thus arrived.

And as was the case before the election, Trump also makes headlines almost daily as incumbent president, mostly negative. Whether with political content or with human wrongdoing - his charmless way baffles many people. We present to you the most recent pitfalls of the president - and how the media reacted.

Martin Schulz visiting the FlirtUniversity

It makes fast on 19.03 the round - Donald Trump refuses the handshake with Merkel

That the mood between Merkel and Trump is not based on sympathy and friendship is well known. However, Donald Trump's refusal to give Angela Merkel his hand for a photograph raises questionable questions. At a photo shoot in the Oval Office, both sit side by side and the photographers call them to shake hands to take a picture of this classic image.

Merkel looks at Trump and asks him if he wishes this. Which in turn follows? No reaction. Despite clear and loud shouts from the photographers and Merkel's demand, he looks uninvolved into the room. An action that has since been extensively discussed in the networks. A truly charmless behavior! Speakers of the White House said the following day that Trump did not understand Merkel's question acoustically.

The kid-friendly Trump? Crying baby is thrown out of the hall

On 03.08.2016 it goes through the media: Donald Trump has a campaign appearance and promotes himself and his policies. Many spectators have appeared. Everything is going according to plan until a baby in the audience begins to cry. Promptly Trump takes up this situation and explains that he loves children more than anything.

The screaming child was healthy and beautiful, and that's exactly what he would wish for. He is right, because our children are our future. But only a little later the situation escalates. The child calms down, but begins to scream again shortly afterwards. And Trump? He explains that he only joked and that the child should be taken out of the room.

Very family friendly. Even more uncharmanter, derogatory and brazen towards families and expectant parents, it is probably not. Trump adds that the mother probably did not understand that his first statement was ironic and she really thought that it was okay for the child to scream while he spoke.

Later, the media claimed that Trump's second statement was a joke and that the baby had not been kicked out.

Pro Life vs. Pro Choice

Another controversial issue, which had already provided much fuel during the election campaign, was Trump's stance against abortion. A difficult topic, which also provides in Germany on the Internet for regular shitstorms and vicious insults. Trump never made a secret that he does not care about abortions and that he is a pro-life representative.

As difficult as the decision is for or against abortion, Trump's extreme anti-abortion sentiment shows his despicable attitude toward women. He proves that he has but little empathy and women in his opinion may be forced into a specific role and should: The expectant mother.

But just because this issue is so explosive, affected women are the least helped if they are condemned by the public. What helps is education and a functioning health insurance, which allows young women up to a certain age to get the pill free of charge or by a small amount of money and thus to safely prevent it.

Critic is offended because of her appearance

What does a person do when he no longer knows how to help? He insults. So Trump told the well-known TV presenter Rosie O'Donnell, which considers Trump's political path very critical. Instead of commenting on Rosie O'Donnell's statements, Trump simply explains that he is wondering how such a fat and ugly person made it into television and, if he were her boss, he would fire her because of her looks. Hello? Is it still uncharmanter?

The scandalous interview from the year 2005

When Trump was suddenly taken seriously by the media, an interview with Trump from 2005 suddenly appeared in October 2016. In this he explains his flirtation and the way he approaches.

His statement that he is not waiting too long, but simply kisses his counterpart directly, may be in hindsight, perhaps not as a politician a good statement, but is not yet reprehensible. The problem is, however, the part in which he explains that he, as a famous man, can afford everything. Among other things, women simply take the step.

His wife Melania distances herself from this interview and explains that such behavior is unacceptable. And Trump? This apologizes in public. But whether he really changed his mind, or just wanted to soothe the angry crowd, that's of course in the stars.

Uncharmant, uncharmanter, Trump? One thing is certain, in his career so far he does not shine with courtesy and respect for women. But on the contrary. We can still look forward to what will change under Trump's policies for both US citizens, Europeans and Germans. One thing is certain: Trump will keep us on our toes and his misstep not to shake hands with Merkel has certainly not been the last.

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