Separation in spite of love - If love is simply not enough!

Separation despite love - why love alone is not enough!

It seems to be a misconception that separations are born of lack of love. There are countless factors in a relationship that can be responsible for the outcome. In this article you will learn why love is not enough for a happy partnership and how to best deal with such a situation!

Separation despite love - lack of trust due to breach of trust

For people whose trust has been broken, it is very difficult to rebuild. However, the basis for a happy relationship is based on trust, among other things. A breach of trust takes place when we are lied to, disappointed or betrayed. Such moments hurt us and make the partner appear in a new light.

We then begin to doubt the relationship and may become very jealous. We constantly think about the breach of trust and can not forgive. So, the misstep of the other is always between you, so your partnership can not grow.

Or you project the breach of trust on yourself and ask yourself if it was not up to you that something like that had to happen. You blame yourself and in a creeping process your trust disappears more and more.

So if you have no confidence in your partner anymore and you can not build one anymore, this situation should not be a permanent one for both of you! Because happy you can not do that for sure.

Different ideas of a relationship

When couples have been together for a while, they usually continue to develop in an individual way. It can then happen that you develop apart. This means that one represents different values ​​and possibly has a different view of a happy relationship.

In terms of planning for the future, too, this can be a serious obstacle. For example, if one partner wants children and the other does not, then you should ask yourself if the relationship with this person makes sense.

You know that decisions will be made sooner or later, and if they can not be taken by mutual agreement, a harmonious atmosphere must be ruled out. Likewise, you have to look at it this way: give your loved one the chance to start a family with another person.

If you love him / her, let your partner go. Sounds very heavy and that's it! But even if you are selfish thinking: Do you really want to compromise and just start a love-making relationship with your partner? Unfortunately, various ideas have very often destroyed partnerships.

Separation despite love - you love your partner more than he / she loves you?

You just realize that you invest more in the relationship than your partner? You give yourself a lot more effort and the other one does not appreciate what you are doing. Your whole passion is in your partnership and you look at your lover / lover and fall in love each time a little bit more? Stop it!

It can happen very quickly that you become self-evident for the other and he / she then uses you.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Your partner just sits around at home and does not leave the apartment anymore? The only thing he / she does is watch shows and empty one chip after the other? It does not fit with your lifestyle, let alone the idea of ​​a successful partnership?

If there are such extreme differences in lifestyles, there will inevitably be more conflicts. What one likes to do, does not like the other.

Separation in spite of love - When your partner becomes rude

As soon as your partner becomes rude, with words or deeds, you should pull the ripcord as quickly as possible. A rough grip on your upper arm or a swear word too much are enough reason to go their separate ways. It can happen to anyone that you say something that you did not mean. But deliberately hurting the feelings are in the long run no building block for your happiness.

When the relationship is no longer healthy

Sadly, sometimes relationships are not healthy anymore. Actually, relationships should make one happy and life better. You have someone with whom you can share everything. You love someone so much that you feel constantly safe and you can always laugh together until your stomach hurts.

A relationship can never be "perfect." That should be clear to you. But do you just notice how the partnership bothers you and your friend just does not fit in with your life anymore? Sometimes an end is better with fright than a horror without end.

The head says "Yes" and the heart screams "No!" - What now?

When we love someone, it's hard for us to draw a line. We only see the good side of the other and tell ourselves that it can be the same as it used to be. You are still in love and you see a great person in front of you. Secretly, you know that it would be best to just go.

So your head says yes, because it knows what to do. Your stupid heart screams loudly "No!". Now you can not decide. "What should I do?", You ask yourself.

It's not bad that your emotional chaos seems to take you over. But try to be realistic and look at the whole situation from a reasonable perspective. Sometimes it is better to put an end to it, even if you still love someone. But in the end, love for a healthy and happy relationship is just not enough.

You have been single since the last split, even though the split was several years ago? You do not want anything more wistful than to finally find someone who suits you and with which you are really happy?

Then ask us for a flirt coaching. Our love professionals will show you how to easily meet women or men and get back into a relationship. Because even for you there is the right lid. We look forward to hearing from you.

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