Sensual femininity - What does today's society mean by female?

What is femininity?

Nowadays, when the term "female" is put into the mouth, it does not always happen in a positive, meaningful context. For example, the phrase "she has a very feminine figure" is not always meant as a compliment to her beautiful curves, but is meant to express that she wears a few kilos too much on her hips.

Such paraphrases help to make the word "femininity" sound negative to many ears. Our opinion? Total nonsense!

What does the term "femininity" mean?

What do we mean by a woman who radiates much femininity? To have a female appearance initially has nothing to do with the figure or the body. Both very slender and full-bodied women can stand by their femininity and emphasize this side in itself.

Being female means discovering the woman within and presenting it to the outside world. Female means to carry the feminine in ourselves with pride to the outside world. Why not show the curves we have (even slim women can have a broad hip, just as ladies with a little more weight can dress very stylishly and favorably).

Why not play with the female charms, apply lipstick, make up with make-up and mascara and walk to work with a pair of high-heeled shoes and a seductive hip swing?

To be female means to be proud and self-confident not only to your own body and appearance, but also to your gender. Being a woman is not necessarily associated with being weak. We see that femininity does not stand in contrast to emancipation, both can go hand in hand.

Our behavior may be female or the opposite

Femininity also refers to the inner attitude to oneself. It means, despite emancipation, not always to show oneself from the strong side, but also to be able to convey to the man the feeling that he is our protector and our strong shoulder to which we are attached can lean against.

If we present ourselves as a very strong and independent woman at the first meeting, we often get men to feel insecure and do not know how to judge us.

When a woman with a short haircut enters the establishment, declaring from the beginning that she wants separate bills, she immediately makes it clear that she is making a career and will not restrict her self-determined life to a relationship, that she does not want to have breadwinners by her side and when she talks about the women's quota, it's very likely that the man is deterred by this occurrence.

Of course every woman has the right to live self-determined, to wear a short hairstyle or to make a career! Definitely! But also career women can show their female side by understanding the other sex. By raising the awareness that men feel injured in their masculinity, when they can not help themselves out of their jacket, when they explain that they do not need a home improvement man at home and they themselves can change the tires on their car.

How can I discover my femininity in me?

In times when the ideals of beauty are getting more and more extreme and we are being harassed from all sides with advertisements that show us what the "perfect woman" should look like, we are increasingly losing touch with reality. Instead of accepting and underlining our femininity, we control and suppress it. We are ashamed of our big, big buttocks, we do not accept that cellulite does not necessarily disappear with sports, we just do not get used to the fact that big breasts, which are considered as a symbol of femininity, are not so tight with age as it is suggested to us on television.

Time to rediscover and reveal one's own femininity! And this starts with the inner attitude to your own gender!

1. Team up with other women

Friendships among women are more complicated than among men. Far too often we compare ourselves with the best friend who has lost weight, who has a new partner, or who will finally marry, and can not really treat her with happiness, even though we really want to. We are jealous and can do nothing against these negative feelings.

But why the envy? We lead a wonderful life! Unlike our girlfriend, we can flirt when and with whom we want, after all we are not tied down. Instead of seeing other women as enemies, because they are prettier, leaner, better at work, or because they are single and might even be challenging our partner, we should finally leave that negative attitude behind and our fellow mates as supporters and girlfriends see.

2. To be beautiful for a man (or for yourself) does not mean to submit and renounce emancipation!

It is not a crime to wear red lipstick, a pencil skirt and pumps as a confident woman. To look feminine and to behave feminine is not forbidden, after all we are women! Emancipation and a female outfit are not mutually exclusive!

3. The female cycle belongs to the woman!

The monthly bleeding can be annoying. Especially if it is accompanied by its accompanying symptoms such as nausea, headache or abdominal cramps. If then the beach vacation is still at the door, the menstruation seems to become the new enemy of the modern woman. There is probably no clearer signal of our body that remind us monthly that we are fertile women.

4. Show and reveal your feelings

Many put the term femininity synonymous with "gentleness", "empathy", "patience" and "caring". If we reveal our feelings in the right moments, we can emphasize our femininity. This does not mean that we should burst into tears at work because our ex has ended the relationship. But that does mean that we can cry in front of friends and thus stand that we are in bad shape.

To be there for others and to give consolation gives our counterparts a feeling of warmth and therefore also of femininity.

Women, you may stand to your femininity without being considered weak! Be proud of yourself and carry your self-confidence to the outside! Show your environment that you enjoy being a woman!

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