Psychology simply explained Part 2: The self-image

Your own self-image

What is it about and why is it so important to us?

Psychology, as the self-image, describes that image which every human being has of himself. Our self-image thus depends on how we perceive ourselves. In addition, there is still the so-called ideal image, which also has each of us in mind. A large part of humanity strives to approach this ideal image bit by bit.

This explains why every day people are tempted to torture themselves in the gym and why women get up even earlier in the morning than they would have to be able to make up. The closer we are to our ideal image with our self-image, the happier and happier we feel.

But there is also a danger here. Some people have ideal images that they can never reach. A woman with very big breasts will never get unbelievably small and tight breasts without an op, no matter how much she takes off. If the self-image and the ideal picture are separated for miles, this leads to a low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence and, when things get really bad, to depression.

We have to take our lives in our hands

In order for this case does not occur, we must learn to change our ideal image. We should therefore learn to say goodbye to those desires that we know we can never reach, such as being smaller, or having incredibly stronger beard growth. For if we suddenly realize that we have already reached this small detail of our ideal image, we get a very different attitude to ourselves.

Of course, that does not mean that you should not dare to change things in life. Who is not satisfied with his figure should change his diet in any case and again increased exercise, after all, being overweight can hurt your health enormously. If you would like to be able to speak more languages ​​fluently, you should not be afraid to go to school again.

There are now numerous offers for adults, which make it possible to acquire a language even in old age. Anyone who is not satisfied with their job should finally have the courage to sit down at the PC, to write applications and to send them.

We are in a position to take our lives into our own hands, if we only want to. However, it is important the whole time that we have goals in mind, which are also achievable. If we set our goal so high that it is utopian from the beginning to achieve it, we demotivate ourselves.

Self-image and self-esteem are closely related

If people have a positive self-image, they also radiate it to the outside world. However, if someone is not at peace with themselves, this expresses itself quickly through inferiority complexes. This means that our self-image has a decisive influence on how we confront other people and what impression we leave on these people. This negative self-image prevents us from building self-esteem. Instead, we are always confirmed in our existing opinion. We give you some examples:

  1. A young man is running across the street. His self esteem has suffered severely in recent months as he is acne-afflicted. Every time he feels he is being looked at, he is ashamed of his skin and avoids eye contact. That the woman on the other side of the street in him a very well-dressed and also still trained man sees him does not even come to mind.
  2. We feel overwhelmed by our work. We are always afraid to fail in the presence of a colleague or even the boss. When the phone rings and there is a customer at the other end of the line, his heart is racing. The new program on the computer overwhelms us completely. The boss enters the room and tells us that there will be an introduction to the new program tonight, which we should visit. Instead of our chance to realize that this is the ideal way to finally understand the program, we hang our heads. We only think about the overtime and feel even more as a failure because our boss obviously does not trust us to operate the program alone.

These examples show that if we do not trust ourselves and perceive ourselves as a bad luck bird, we will be able to confirm this in every situation through our own perception. This makes us feel even worse than before and crawl away. Because alone in our apartment can not happen to us.

Without a positive self-image we can not lead a happy life

However, our negative self-image and our low self-esteem do not have to remain forever. For this it is important not to let everything too close to yourself. The colleague storms into the office in the morning and gives once a nasty comment of itself? Well, that's the way it is. Your bad mood is not up to us, so your comment should not worry us.

Negative comments should bounce off us rather than letting us take them to our hearts and let them pull us down. Nevertheless, we must learn to distinguish honest criticism from it. If a friend advises us not to wear this poisonous green T-shirt for the wedding of a buddy, then he certainly does not do it out of malice, but because he wants us to look good and leave the best possible impression. If the colleague asks us to change the error in the article, she does not say this out of venom, but because she wants to support us.

Your self-image flirting

By the way: Especially with flirting your self-image is crucial. If you feel comfortable in your own skin and are satisfied with yourself, you are much more relaxed towards the opposite sex than when you are plagued by self-doubt. Trust and pay more attention to women! You'll quickly find that women are very pleasantly surprised when you talk to them about their everyday life, because they are not used to it and they appreciate that you even dare. With every success you become more confident, which also increases your self-confidence.

We have to acquire a healthy self-image again. In addition, necessarily also need an achievable ideal image. When we appear with a strengthened self-confidence, we also feel that our environment reacts to us in a totally different way. In addition, it is important that we do not let ourselves be dragged down by all the sayings in the world. By no means everything is meant personally, even if this sometimes happens to us.

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