Online dating increases the chances of a happy marriage - or not?

Who does not dream of it? A happy marriage that lasts until the end of life

A study from the US finds that marriages made through online dating last longer than marriages of couples who have met directly in their normal lives.

But why is that?

John Cacioppo, employed at the University of Chicago, has published his research on the duration of online marriages in the journal PNAS.

Over 19, 000 Americans were interviewed for this study. The result? The couples who have found each other through the internet are happier and more fulfilling relationships.

Whatever the cause, remains unanswered by the researchers. Instead, they explain that a variety of factors can play a role here.

As a possible factor, they call the type of users who log in to single communities and dating agencies. They seem to have a certain will and a greater willingness to engage with someone else and finally find the right person, as people who simply wait and let the great love come on themselves.

Researchers also believe that online dating is more likely to prompt users to look for other users with similar interests and to positively influence them to lead a harmonious and happy marriage.

However, there are other possibilities that are not considered by the researchers. If you are looking for great love online, you have to be very good with one, especially with frustration.

Many dates end in disappointment because both of them realize at the first meeting that they are not as well in harmony with each other as when they chatted.

If they finally meet with someone who lives up to their own expectations and is sympathetic, they are all the more determined that this partnership must succeed. After a long search, marked by disappointment, both are more willing than ever to stay together with the now found partner and lead a happy marriage. Because again, both do not want to do the dating marathon.

On the other hand, people who easily and easily flirt with the opposite sex in their everyday lives and have no problems getting to know people and getting closer to them, have much less pressure. If you notice that maybe everything is not going so well in your relationship, you are more likely to end the relationship because you know that finding someone new will not be difficult.

Those who have never had trouble getting into a relationship will throw in the towel faster

People who are highly dependent on each other are usually more willing to dwell in a partnership or marriage that they are actually unhappy than people who have never been single and single for a long time, men or women Turn your head.

Of course, this does not mean that people who get to know each other online are automatically interdependent. But they are more likely to struggle with the fear of being alone again and thus find themselves in the same situation they were in before the online dating phase. But even this fear of being alone is a dependency, more precisely formulated, an emotional dependency.

Are internet couples really happier?

Whether couples who have found each other thanks to Smartphone and Co. are really happier? We are not so sure. Researchers also conclude that there are many reasons for the success of a marriage and that one is not sure which reasons ultimately determine whether a marriage will last or whether it will sooner or later lead to a divorce,

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