Minus 25 kilos with crash diet: rapper 50 cents

The otherwise so muscular and muscular rapper 50 Cent is extremely emaciated. How and why did the musician starve from his 97 kilos to a meager 72 kilos? In photos you can see the otherwise crisp musician with sunken cheeks and far too thin body.

But do not panic: everything just full of bodywork for the start of his actor career. 50 Cent plays in the sports drama "Things Fall Apart" the cancer-stricken football player Deon.

To make the disease believable, 50 cents underwent a drastic weight reduction. We already know the weight-jojo from Rene Zellweger for the movie Bridget Jones Diary.

50 cents decreased by eating almost no solid food, so fasting or zero diet, and daily on the treadmill completed endurance sports. The filming is now complete and 50 cents regain weight and muscle. After all, concerts are soon scheduled for the musician and he must be physically in top form.

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