Man does not want a relationship

Man does not want a relationship

What should I do?

Almost every woman has been in this situation before. You get to know a man, you get along great, meet more and more often, eventually get together in bed and he also stays with you regularly. Nevertheless, he says that he does not want a relationship.

If this is the case for you, it can be for a variety of reasons, and you should find out what the situation is with your "not-so-friendly man".

Man does not want a relationship - Find the reason

Is it because he may just come from a stable relationship? If so, maybe it just might not be all about the separation yet and at the moment you just do not want to jump prematurely into the next relationship. Or he has finished the last relationship because he did not feel ready yet and just wants to enjoy his freedom, then honestly it looks bad for you.

You can either try to make him into a relationship, stay with him until he changes his mind, which is unlikely or you can face the truth and let him move on.

Man does not want to give a relationship - time

An important point when it comes to starting a relationship is time. If you have been meeting for a few days or weeks, then it may just be too early for him to start a steady relationship. However, if you meet regularly over a longer period of time, you will eventually have to decide for you if you just let it hold you or if it is still in the frame for you.

If the man says that he does not want a relationship, you may ask if it's his general attitude or maybe he just needs a few more months to get it. If he answers you honestly then you should accept that and give him the time he needs. Nevertheless, it is perfectly fine to ask again after a while, when the set period has expired.

Man does not want a relationship - change his mind

You have already put a lot of energy in both of you, you are already in love and you do not want to lose it? Then you're pretty much in the bind. If you start clinging now, it can happen that he is awake from one day to the next.

A clarifying conversation can but does not have to help and can even do the opposite. Many a man who does not want a relationship breaks contact with a woman completely when he realizes that she has fallen in love. This seems very common at first glance, but has the intention that the woman can not spend more time and feelings in vain and so can complete the situation faster.

Man does not want a relationship - Be clear

Of course, you can follow the tips above, as described, give him some time or continue to try to change his mind, but at some point should also come for you the point where you face the facts in the eye. You're just not the right person for him, apparently. Because if that were the case, he would not wait forever to enter into a relationship with you and stop you again and again.

It can be very hurtful if you have already developed feelings for a person and they are not reciprocated. But you should think about what it is. Maybe there are obvious differences between the two of you, which is why he just does not want a relationship with you and you just do not see them because you still have the pink glasses on.

When we are in love, we tend to see only the positive qualities of a person. We tell ourselves that the person is perfect for us and overlooks their mistakes and quirks.

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