Can one learn to live alone?

Not everyone likes to live alone.

Some personalities are really admirable. For example, singles who seemingly master their everyday life without problems, but really enjoy it.

They use the free time they have to meet with friends, do a lot of sports by going jogging in good weather, always have a tidy and perfectly neat flat, learn a musical instrument or a new language, and just seem like one to spend good time. They do not feel that they have to learn to live alone.

And then there is the other group of singles. The singles, who spend their free time in front of the laptop, spend most of their time on a Friday night, watch some rubbish on the television, eat chips and chocolate, and lie in bed night after night, wondering if they are really happy, and if her life should last forever this way.

Some people have to laboriously learn to live alone

People who have left a separation quite fresh, know this feeling: After the relationship-off, the fixed routines and everyday life have been lost. You suddenly do not know what to do with your free time, so completely without a partner.

But it's not just singles who have just gone through a breakup who often struggle to be alone. Even people who have never had a relationship often fall into a phase in their lives when they envy their forgiven friends and suddenly they do not know what to do with themselves anymore. These people suddenly feel lonely.

Loneliness and being alone are far from being the same thing. Not everyone who jogs alone feels lonely. Likewise, there are people who travel with many others, but feel that none of these people understand them. Although these people are not alone, they still feel lonely.

Those who want to learn to live alone need to learn how to deal with loneliness.

Learning to be Alone - Try to make good use of your time

Above all, one feels lonely who does not know how to use his free time at his disposal.

Who spends his evening evenings with Netflix and pizza ordering, or with Facebook and a bottle of beer or any computer games, develops after several hours the unsatisfactory feeling that he did not make good use of his time and does nothing out of his life.

One of the first measures is to think about meaningful leisure activities in order to get closer to oneself and to become happier with his life. What you want to do here is entirely up to you and your preferences.

You could bake something delicious or try new cooking dishes, you can dig out your old guitar again and play it more often, you have the opportunity to go to the gym or join a sports club, you can just go for a walk or explore new neighborhoods in your city,

For starters, it's also a terribly satisfying feeling to finally tackle unfinished mail, clean out the apartment and finally get rid of old stuff, tidy up and thoroughly clean everything, maybe even throw out some old furniture and buy new ones.

Of course, classics for self-employment are also things like reading a book, listening to music, or finally writing the script or the book, which we always wanted to write, even though we know that this will never be published.

Why is it important to be able to live alone?

In a world where we are always connected, we can write and talk with our friends all the time and everywhere, and even Tinder gives us the opportunity to spontaneously date sex all over the world, giving the impression that we are anyway do not have to be alone if we do not want to.

So why learn to be alone? If you can not spend your time in peace with yourself, who always needs action and fun, you will become a stranger to yourself. Not being alone is always a sign of lack of self-acceptance and lack of self-love.

People who can not be alone with themselves often tend to cling. Whether with friends or with partners. If the partner leaves alone with his circle of friends in the evening, the drama is great. Says the best friend from, because a birthday in the family is pending, the mood is right in the basement.

Nowadays we do not care enough about ourselves anymore. Most of our time is spent at work, then we go shopping, do household chores, have to talk to the landlord, the insurance company or the bank and it's just another day over, where we stayed on the track ourselves.

I am looking for a partner, why should I learn to live and appreciate this alone?

Especially people who are looking for a partner, should first learn to be alone sometimes, without feeling lonely. After all, if you succeed in this step, you will also have an attractive calm and serenity when looking for a partner, which immediately has a positive effect on your counterpart. Nobody wants a partner on their own site, who only chose one because he could not be alone any longer.

You have been alone for several years now and meanwhile you believe that there is no suitable partner or partner for you? You are convinced that you will remain single for ever? Then ask us for a flirt coaching. Our flirting professionals show you how you manage to approach the opposite sex in your everyday life and make new contacts. So that you finally find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you!

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