Body language in a man: How to recognize that a man shows interest in you

Does he like me?

Is he on me? Or is he even in love with me?

The body language of a man reveals a lot, for example, whether he likes you, or whether he speaks to you out of pure courtesy. We show you signs of the body language of a man in love.

These 25 signs of interest tell you if he really cares about you. Basically, the more signs of interest you find in a man, the better. A single interest indicator does not have to mean anything, but if these signs are piling up, can you be sure: This man has a crush on you. Find out in the next 5 minutes. Have fun while reading.

The 25 signs of body language in men, whether he is interested in you:

1. Body language in the case of a man: where does he place his hands?

Look carefully where he places his hands. It's quite possible he has her on his hip, belt or in his trouser pockets. The trouser pockets can be a sign of excitement. If his hands are closer to the level of his pelvis, it is related to pure biology. If he supports her on his pelvis, he tries to impress.

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2. To interpret body language in the man: he bows to you

He leans toward you during your conversation? Then you have a sure indication that he likes you. As a result, he gets closer to you physically and can listen to you better. If he bows to you, you can be sure that he wants to be as close to you as possible.

3. Man's body language: He drives his hair

Does the man drive across your hair extremely often and smile while doing so? Goal! His body language reveals that you made him nervous. You seem to like him a lot! In addition, you can now be sure that he can keep relatively quiet even in stressful situations, so you must not be afraid of a chronic fingernail-chew. Prof. Samy Molcho speaks in a lecture on body language in flirting and explains that the gesture of "stroking the hair" should convey something like: "I am worth caressing".

4. To interpret body language in man: He turns to you

Watch in which position his body is to you. Does he turn towards you or does he turn his body away from you? If his arms are crossed and he tilts his body in a different direction, he seems to be less interested. But if he turns to you with his whole body and his arms have a fairly open posture, you can assume that he is completely focused on you and interested in your conversation content.

5. Interpret body language in men: Eye contact

He looks long and hard in your eyes and rarely turns his eyes off you during your conversation? He shows true interest in you! Eye contact during a conversation shows amazingly well whether the other party is interested. Instead, when he's looking at other people all the time or looking at his smartphone more often, it may be better to end the conversation and make someone else flirt.

6. To interpret body language in the man: he touches you

Of course, this does not mean salacious touches. Does he like to put his arm around you? Or do you hold your arm or hand again and again? Does he even brush your hair out of your face? Then you can assume that he finds you attractive and seeks physical closeness to you.

7. To interpret body language in the man: he hugs you

As a welcome, he hugs you especially hard and conspicuously long. And otherwise he leaves out on the evening no suitable situation to hug you. Maybe he even strokes your back slightly during the hug? Great, he's looking for physical contact with you.

8. To interpret body language in the man: he pays attention to your well-being

Your dream man keeps you open the door at the restaurant? He holds the umbrella over you so you will not get wet and lends you his jacket so you do not feel cold? Do you have the feeling that he is a real gentleman? Then he has definitely kept an eye on you and really likes you. Your well-being is important to him.

9. To interpret body language in the man: he moistened his lips

As you talk, he often licks his lips. Some people tend to get a dry mouth when nervous. Before he can tell you something exciting, he must first moisten his lips.

10. To interpret body language in the man: He turns your hips

If a man finds a woman attractive, the biological instincts shine through. He turns his hip to you and positions himself a bit wider-legged. Does he talk to another person, but his upper body and his hip are still facing you? Then he is interested in your conversation and does not want to turn away from you, even if it may seem verbal.

11. To interpret body language in the man: he comes close to you

You both sit on the same sofa and he leaves very little space between you? He does not just stand next to you, but places himself conspicuously close to you? He seeks contact with you and feels very comfortable in your area.

12. Body language in the case of a man: wild gesticulation

Does he gesticulate wildly with his hands during your conversation? That's a good sign! The more interest men show in something, the more they use their hands. Instead, if he sits quietly in front of you and does not move a single body part, then he feels rather less passion at that moment.

13. Man's body language: he pays attention to your reaction

Do you have the feeling that after every joke or every story he has told, he looks over at you for a moment? Top! It shows that he cares about your reactions and wants to know what you think about his story. Your opinion is important to him.

14. Man's body language: His hands are near you

We come again to speak on his hands. You are sitting at a table and you notice that he has put his hands close to yours. Or he leans against the chair on which you sit with one hand. These are also signs that he likes you. He seeks physical contact with you, but does not dare to touch you directly.

15. Body language in the case of a man: he strokes his clothes smoothly

Whenever you enter the room and look at it, you notice that he quickly straightens his clothes or goes through his hair again. Do not worry, that does not mean that he has to go back to the barber soon or he has not been able to iron his shirt. Rather, you can rejoice, he tries to make inconspicuous pretty, to look good for you and to impress you.

16. Man's body language: it reflects your gestures

Some men unconsciously reflect the woman's gestures when they are fascinated by her. So do not be surprised that he also goes through his hair every time, if you have just done that. He does not make fun of you, but respects you and your behavior.

17. To interpret body language in the man: He makes himself tall

Do you get close to him and feel like he is stretching his body to look bigger? Men try to use this behavior to show the woman of desire that they are the ideal protector for them. Women are known to be attracted to the man in the role of protector.

18. Body language in the case of a man: he touches his face

As you talk to him, he often grabs his chin or cheek. That too is a good sign. He is very focused on memorizing and remembering what he said. Through his touches it is easier for him to remember all the narrative.

19. Body language in the man: He "stares" at you

You are both in the same room but you do not have the opportunity to talk. Every time you look at him, you realize that he's been looking at you, almost staring at you, and is quickly looking away. He's totally in you! He likes to look at you and wants to know what you are doing, who you are talking to, etc. But you can also assume that he is still very shy and therefore avoids even eye contact.

20. Man's body language: he reaches out his chest

This, too, happens rather unconsciously. He wants to impress you with his body and at the same time strives to be masculine and self-confident in order to stand out.

21. Man's body language: His eyebrows twitch

Men often have the habit of briefly raising their eyebrows when they see an attractive woman. Therefore, pay attention to his eyebrows and of course to his facial expression.

22. Body language in the case of a man: he laughs a lot

Of course, your dream man is generally in a good mood and has a happy temperament. Nevertheless, you feel that as soon as you are near him, he laughs a lot. Not only about your jokes, he is generally in a great mood. That's a good sign! Men laugh more often when they have people in their environment with whom they feel comfortable.

23. Body language in the man point: You compare the size of your hands?

This gesture is often overlooked or underestimated. With your hands comparison, he has used the easiest way to make the first body contact. He also shows you that he has big and strong hands to protect you. It can happen that he touches your hand more often afterwards or holds it at once.

24. To interpret body language in a man: how does he relate to other women?

If a man in your area behaves like a gentleman and obviously flirts with you, that's great. However, if you observe that he behaves in the same way with all the other women around you, you can assume that he finds all the other ladies as good as you. In such a case, do not judge his behavior and do not be disappointed afterwards.

25. Body language in the case of a man: contradictory behavior?

He turns his hips on you, but otherwise does not speak a word to you? He looks at you briefly in between, when you start a topic, but otherwise prefers to turn to others? Please do not be too dogged to interpret his body language! Rely on your feeling. But: If he only looks at you in between and also prefers to talk to other people, you should assume that he is not very interested in you.

Just trust yourself and try your luck

Honestly, what do you have to lose? Nothing. But as long as you're still busy interpreting and interpreting your body language, he's already flirting with another.

Many women, especially those who are rather shy, sometimes let weeks or months into the country, smile at him shyly and do not dare to give him more obvious signals. Instead, they ponder day after day how to interpret what he has said or done. And in the meantime, he has long met another.

There are also shy men. By the way, most men dare to take the first step only after the woman has given them a unique single. So why not just give him a look, smile while looking for the conversation by yourself? What speaks against building careful body contact?

After all, we have absolutely nothing to lose!

You are interested in a man, but do not know how you can seduce him? Do you dream for a long time that he finally perceives you and falls in love with you? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for women. Our flier experts will give you tips on how to make him aware of you and make you fall in love with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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