Is he just a fuckboy? How do you recognize his intentions?

You're wondering if you're just falling for a fuckboy?

These 10 signs tell you that he's just a fuckboy and you need to stay away from him before you fall in love.

Sign 1: He only answers at night

Actually, he never lets anything be heard. When you write to him, he reads your message and answers you hours later. Or not.

But sometimes he will call you alone. Preferably on the weekends. Never before 24 o'clock. And always drunk.

Honestly? You know yourself why he always contacts you at these times and in this condition. He has no feelings for you, he just has not managed to tow any woman in the club, but he really wants to release pressure.

Sign # 2: Do not show up in public!

You see yourself regularly. You have great sex. You feel comfortable near him. But every time you even begin to talk about the subject of relationship, he is suddenly gone. In your own home, it already feels like a relationship.

But he avoids the best way to introduce himself to his friends or even to do something in public with you. A date in a cafe? Not! Finally, you could be seen as a couple!

My love, even if you still hope that he still falls in love with you and he recognizes overnight, what a great woman you are: He has absolutely no interest in a partnership with you. You are his nice affair, with which he can pass the time, but by no means he wants you by his side.

He is just a typical fuckboy.

Sign # 3: His Instagram is full of selfies

Okay, you really have to let him have one thing: he's a real cream. The problem with the matter?

He knows that himself too well. If you stalk him secretly on Instagram again, you'll see that he has uploaded a new photo of himself. Of course, topless, so that his six-pack also comes into its own.

He finds himself not only pretty cool, but considers himself to be absolutely irresistible. Just typical fuckboy.

It was clear.

Sign # 4: Open your eyes, he has others besides you

God damn, even if you do not want to admit it, but who are all the other women he's always on the way with? Your girlfriends warned you right at the beginning and looked for him on Instagram.

And since then you just can not manage to stalk his Instagram account and constantly discover photos of him with some women arm in arm. They do not look like normal friends. But damn, why are they always so close together and so familiar?

You bile up. But as soon as he writes you again, you fall back into your old pattern of behavior. You're so in love with him, you just can not move him.

And no sooner has he flocked to you, constantly buzzing his cell phone and he just hangs around Whatsapp. And with whom is he writing? Of course, with other women. What did you expect?

Sign # 5: He's always ready for sex

No sooner has the door closed behind you, can not he keep his fingers off you? You are already groped on ass and breasts, even before you could put down your bag and take off your coat?

Sure, he's just a fuckboy. He only meets with you for one reason.

Sign number 6: His favorite hobby? Cancel at short notice!

Actually, you had agreed that you would spend the evening together. Cook together, watch a funny series, then cuddle up. The full program. You're happy and you think that feels like a relationship.

No way!

He'll tell you again. And why? Very easily. He had exactly the same idea as you. But a relationship, no, he does not like it now. Sex is ok, but more? Not at all.

Likewise, it is possible that he has already met another woman this evening, which is just more exciting and exciting than you. He already knows the sex with you. But do not worry, at the latest when this woman gives him a basket, he will contact you again. See point number 1.

Sign number 7: "We are only friends"

Despite all the precautions on his part, you were spotted in the street by one of his buddies. Well, then the walk to the regular doner kebab after sex can be fatal.

His buddy gives him a pat on the back. You are feeling fine. You are happy. Finally! At last you meet friends of his and learn more about his environment! And then the bitter disappointment. The slap in the face. "Oh, nonsense. That's a good friend of mine. "

Wow, you never thought words could burn more in your heart than onions in your eyes.

Sign 8: In the past, he was terribly disappointed

You just do not want to give up hope. After all, he is such a great guy. No wonder that you persistently report on happy couples and tell them that you believe in true love.

And every time his reactions are the same. He has been so often disappointed in the past and just can not take it anymore to get involved in something like that again.

Disappointment? Broken heart? Yes it is clear.

He just does not like a single woman, you sleep.

Sign Number 9: How many times have you been kicked out of your apartment?

No sooner is the key of his roommate heard in the front door, he asks you to leave the room no more. Damn, and that, even though you absolutely have to pee. But no. Only when the air is clean, you can leave the room. And finally dressed and through the front door.

His buddies are suddenly ringing on his doorstep? You realize how uncomfortable it is for him to be here. And now he can not just make you disappear unseen, just like the roommate did.

Sign number 10: He does not care about you

Your body is interested in it. After all, he only comes to you to have sex. But otherwise he knows absolutely nothing about you. He does not know what you are working or studying, he does not know if you have siblings, he does not know what hobbies you have. And above all, he does not ask.

When you tell him something about you, he interrupts you and makes you feel that the topic is not important to him.

Conversely, you know nothing about him. He has never said anything about his family or profession. Even questions on your part, he evades skillfully and gives very inaccurate information. He just does not want you to know anything about his life.

And why? Because then you realize that he is a fuckboy and you throw him up edged out.

The fact is: you will never come together!

Come on, you know it has been deep inside for months. He is and remains a fuckboy. He has no interest in you, except in your body. He does not want to spend time with you. He does not feel like being seen in public with you.

Sure, you're in love with him and still hope that he still recognizes that you are secretly his true dream woman. But this case will not happen. All your hopes are forgiven. Ask us for a flirt coaching for women. Our flirting professionals will show you how to get to know more men in your daily life, and above all, how to meet men who really mean you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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