Is he in love with me or just wants sex with me?

You wonder if he sees more in you than a one night stand?

Since you've met him, your thoughts are always circling around him.

He completely enchanted you with his smile. Your friends warned you right at the beginning: They know him from school and back then he was a true womanizer. But you just can not do anything about your feelings. As soon as you think about him you have palpitations and you wish for nothing more than to see him again.

On the one hand you are incredibly happy, on the other hand you are incredibly bad. After all, do not be together yet. You have not talked about how he relates to relationships. If you are naked in bed together after sex, you do not dare to address this topic. You're worried that he'll break off contact and stop meeting you if he's not interested in a partnership.

So your key question is if he has feelings for you.

Is he in love with me or just wants sex? The first signal

Are there certain characteristics that a woman can recognize, whether he just wants fun and is not interested in anything solid? In general, it is very difficult to tell if a man is just playing his emotions or if he is honest about what he said.

Even the advice that when the man honest feelings in the game, he can wait with the sex is not always useful. Because it is quite natural that if a man finds a woman good, he also wants to sleep with her. Sex on the first date is therefore not the best indicator to be able to judge how his feelings are. However, it can be helpful to pay attention to his behavior.

Men who are particularly interested in a One Night Stand have often already set up a drawer in their bathroom, which is extra full of items for women. In it are often wipes for make-up, Labello, a deodorant, a simple face cream and maybe even a hairbrush.

These cosmetics are then issued as products of the sister, which she forgot on her last visit. Behind this, however, is the intention that the visit to the women should be more willing to stay overnight, because you can freshen up again.

Such men also often explain to the woman by her side that they generally sleep naked. In doing so, they try to increase the pressure on the woman to drop the covers as quickly as possible when the bedroom is entered. But it does not have to be that obvious.

Is he in love with me? 2. The second and the third hint

If you meet a little longer and have already slept together, you can pay more attention to what he tells about himself. Has he ever told you about an experience with his friends?

Or has he ever spoken of a dark phase in his life? If he trusts you with particularly intimate topics you can assume that you are very important to him. After all, we do not talk about our problems and worries with a "simple one night stand".

Also, make sure he gradually introduces you to his acquaintances or his family. Have you even met a part of his circle of friends?

Very few men present their affairs or One Night Stands to their friends, but only take this step when they are serious. His circle of friends can also provide information about his character, after all, the people with whom we like to spend our free time are usually very similar to us.

Are they almost exclusively single men, who now and then boast about their bed stories? Or are almost all of the friends already taken, maybe even married? Try to draw your own conclusions from it.

Is he in love with me? The 4th and 5th characters

If he puts you under pressure with regard to sex, you can assume that he is exclusively interested in sexual intercourse. As mentioned at the beginning you can not say in general that men who are in love, necessarily want to wait with the sex.

# This is more of a women phenomenon. However, it can be said that if he is informed that you still want to wait and yet he keeps talking about this topic, he is not interested in anything else. If at this time he meets another woman who gives him what he wants, he will probably soon hear nothing from him.

What activities did you do on your dates? If he always surprises you with great activities, chances are that he does not just want sex. Especially if your dates last even the whole day it shows that he likes to spend time with you.

Because for simple sex, only a few men operate such a high effort. If, instead, he wants to meet with you in a bar for an hour each time, the possibility is even greater that he really just wants to have fun and he wants to make you a little more docile with alcohol.

However, there is never a guarantee that he is really in love with you. Maybe his feelings are still in their infancy and they still have to develop. It is advisable that you listen to your gut feeling. If you have doubts about it from the beginning and you feel uncomfortable in your situation, there will be good reasons for that. In this case, it's better to finish the job and set yourself free for new things, for other men where you have a more positive attitude from the beginning.

You do not meet him anymore because you have learned from him that he does not want a relationship. The first few weeks after that you felt exploited and felt stupid, but now you go out of the apartment with your head up and ready to meet new men. But you only seem to meet male specimens, all of whom enjoy their life as a single and do not want to change their relationship status.

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