"I have a friend" ways from the drainage number 1?

She is forgiven, still flirting?

Again and again we hear in our flirt coaching - "Many women I appeal to give me the discharge number 1: I have a friend!".

The most decided flirting tip is not to go into the subject of "friend" and just keep flirting with a "cool" one. About a third of women even think of an imaginary friend who does not exist. Maybe because she wants to soften the basket for you. However, it is not all-day evening and if you do not put the topic "friend" on the program, it does not matter if it exists or not.

Is not that irresponsible if she has a boyfriend?

Every desirable woman has at least one person in her life who is not, or does not care much, excited about going to bed with his beautiful wife. But that should not stop you from trying. Because it's not your responsibility to save their relationship.

If she's really happy with her boyfriend, then no flirtation in the world will convince her otherwise. So if you face the drain number one, that's no reason for you to pack your bags and hide in the corner.

Of course you can just accept it and if you do not like the thought of rancifying you to a forgiven woman. You can say goodbye at any time after a short conversation from the everyday flirting. The moral of the story and how responsibly you handle it is up to you. In this article, we will only give some tips on the topic "She has a friend" and important aspects that you should definitely avoid.

What should you avoid?

1. Women who just want to waste your time: No matter whether it's jealousing your friend or just wanting to annoy you - be wary of women who cost you time and money, but nowhere to go to lead. Of course, this also includes the women who push you into the friendship zone. And she just "does not realize" that you're the "right person for her". It's not worth it, forget it!

2. Women who are not worth the effort: She has a crazy, violent friend? Do not touch it! She is consistently and absolutely crazy? Do not touch it! She really loves her boyfriend and is just too naive to understand your advances? Do not touch it!

Time for a pure sex relationship with her

If you have now managed to find a woman who is unhappy in her relationship, and you realize that it is sparking, or could spark; The whole thing is still not in dry cloths.

There are still some stumbling blocks to get around: The most important piece of advice you should attach here is that you should be refreshingly different. The Relationship Box is an old shoe for your playmate. You bring a breath of fresh air into your life. Maybe even through a sexual relationship.

Behave like a guy she wants to meet

Do not be affectionate, lazy and boring, but independent, active and exciting. You are the way out of the relationship routine. Behave yourself that way. She needs a distraction from her monotony. You can be this distraction.

Of course, it still applies that you are not her puppy. Take her to your exciting world, where she's torn from boredom, if only for a brief moment. The goal is that she does not compare you to her boyfriend, but that she appreciates the time with you regardless of her boyfriend.

The best way to handle it when she has a boyfriend

Finally, let's go back to the extremely important flirting tip from the beginning, when you meet women in everyday life and talk to you in the conversation "I have a friend". If you decide to seduce her anyway, do not go into her statement.

A flirtation is not a logical discussion, but an exchange of positive emotions. And the thought of tricking her boyfriend with you does not cause any good feelings in her. That's why you should not let that guy talk to her in your conversation.

Women ask if they have a boyfriend

Not everyone is so unconscious that he uses it coldheartedly when in an unhappy relationship. Of course, it also always depends on your own intention, whether a flirtation with an awarded woman for us in question, or not. If you only want a one night stand, maybe a maximum of an affair, it often does not bother you if the lady actually has a man by her side, to whom she is a stranger and who, unsuspectingly, sits at home and lovingly cooks and cleans for her.

The situation is quite different when we like her so much that we would like to get to know her better and can imagine a relationship with her. Of course the lady has to be single for that. In addition, we do not want to have a woman by our side whom we know to be a stranger.

But how can men ask women if they have a boyfriend? Many men just take it very directly and are not afraid to cut the subject immediately with the words "Do you have a boyfriend?". Basically, this question is not bad at all. If she is in a flirtatious mood and you also like her quite well, she will say no and will continue to flirt with you.

But just got to know her and she does not know you yet. It is quite possible that she says she has a boyfriend to protect herself. Suddenly, you conjured a shittest yourself.

If you want to ask women if they have a boyfriend who has started the conversation fresh and who you barely know yet, we advise you to take a different approach. Here it is advisable to say, for example, relatively quickly at the beginning of your flirtation "What does your friend say that you flirt here with strange men?"

She has a boyfriend? Not in your conversation!

Do not ask her how long she has been with him. No question what his name is. No "oh pity". Also mediocre sayings via. "I have friends too" will not get you anywhere. Not to deal with the topic and directly change the subject is the most promising way by far, if you get flirting discharge number 1 and go over corpses.

If you follow this advice, you have good cards, and the goals you have given will quickly become your usual goals. Good luck and keep your conscience always in the luggage, so you make no one unhappy.

If you want more tips on how to deal with leaks and flirt successfully, then contact our flirting professionals. They like to teach you everything in our webinar or love coaching. We look forward to hearing from you!

So you soon know her friend

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