Flirting, how is it done? Valuable tips from practice

You want to find a girlfriend?

We give you four important tips on the way to flirt directly, like a pro. Look forward to it, because in just about any other discipline, success experiences are so motivating.

"Flirt, how is it done right?"

First and foremost, no one has fallen from the sky as a Flirt Master. Every man has to gain experience and also take baskets, even if you sometimes have the impression that one of your buddies simply arrives at every woman.

But as so often applies here, to be addressed and want to flirt. But in this area, the practical experience brings you more forward than theoretical considerations. We want to give you four important tips on how flirting is done right.

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Flirting, how is it done? You dare!

The worst mistake you can make when flirting is that you do not even dare talk to a strange woman. The more often you do this, the safer you become. And self-assurance makes flirting very attractive. However, if you can not overcome it, it will always be harder for you to smile at a pretty girl and chat to her.

Flirting, how is it done? Pay attention to your and your body language

She looks deep into your eyes, sometimes touches you by the arm accidentally and laughs conspicuously a lot? Then you already impressed her and she likes you. Likewise, you should also pay attention to the message you give her about your body language. If you can not find the above body language signals with her, that does not mean you do not like her. Maybe she's just shy. On the side, try to touch them again and again and build up the body contact slowly.

Flirting, how is it done? Do not try to impress them with factual objects

You do not need to believe that you have to impress her by telling her that you only wear brand name clothing or that your furniture is by no means from Ikea. Instead trust in yourself and your charm! Self-confidence is much more attractive anyway than any unimportant items that she does not care about.

Flirting, how is it done? Go for it

Grab the topics she talks about and relate to. If she talks about her dog, talk about your dog, about a buddy's dog or tell a funny story that happened to you when a dog ran to you. Picking up your topics is not as difficult as it sounds, just give it a try!

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