Flirting like James Bond - 007 tips from the Flirttrainer

Action hero James Bond regularly seduces hot women in his films.

In the following video you will not learn how to deal with a KGB agent, defuse a bomb, or how to make a daredevil jump from the dam. However, in this video you will learn from our flirting coach how James Bond flirts. In 7 minutes you know how to enchant every Bond Girl.

Our flirting coach Horst Wenzel reveals 5 Bond secrets:

  1. How you behave as confidently as Roger Morre.
  2. Learn how to move like Pierce Brosnan.
  3. With which attitude you radiate the courage of a Daniel Craig.
  4. Carry on the charm of a Sean Connery.
  5. With which technique you build self-assured 007 dialogues in the style of a Timothy Dalton.

My name is Bond. James Bond.

Horst Wenzel organizes seminars with his Flirtschule flirt.

The 26-year-old from Cologne has a son and is known from numerous TV formats including reports on Bauer sucht Frau, the Bachelorette, ARD, NTV and the KIKA. The motto of Horst's Flirt University is, "more love in life".

The flirting coach on TV

Our flirt trainers show you how to address women in the free video course and seduce you as confident and sexy as the movie character James Bond himself, if you are a stink-normal guy.

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