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If the lovers want to marry: marriage and wedding

You're wondering if marrying is the right decision because you're always in doubt? You want to make an application, but do not know how to do this? In the face of the huge wedding celebration, beads of sweat are forming on your forehead?

More and more lovers are now choosing to marry again. And one more good news: The divorce rate has been falling for years now, as couples are more willing to stick to their relationship and work. However, this only succeeds if we are really sure that we want to marry the partner.

But how do we recognize this? For many, it's a feeling of being at home, of having arrived, of ending the search for someone who might be even better. If you look into his or her eyes and feel deeply inside that you do not want anyone else by your side, then you should dare the decisive step of the wedding.

Of course, to make it to a wedding, he must of course make an application. An intellectual summary is enough to see whether the dream woman would rather get a romantic ring at a candlelight dinner, or rather to the question of all questions before a large, gathered round.

Remember that you should start planning your party a year in advance! A personal diary, in which you enter deadlines and appointments, helps you to keep track!

Ex back - To fight a past love

Fresh after a break, we usually do not want to accept them and wish us back the ex. However, this rarely happens because we still feel deeply. Instead, it is usually the fear of being alone and the changing everyday life that makes us panic and makes us want to continue to hold on to the relationship. However, these are conceivably bad conditions to start a fresh start again.

If we really still have real and deep feelings, we realize that conquering the ex is anything but easy. The first step here is always in a contact lock. No calls, no messages. If after several weeks he or she comes to the suggestion to meet and clarify things about the apartment, we can go into that.

It is important that we do not cling and show the former partner that we can be happy without him. In this way, we do not feel needy, and thus exert a stronger appeal to the former partner.

But remember: often new beginnings of this kind fail!


If our still partner tells us that he no longer loves us, a world collapses for us. Is it possible to arouse feelings on the partner's side again? Can the relationship still be saved or is the case hopeless?

Heartbroken within a relationship is the worst kind of lovesick a lover can have. If the feelings on the partner's side have gone out, there is a high risk that the relationship has already been dealt with by the partner. Because before the partner expresses these doubts, he will have thought about it himself for months.

If we still have enough feelings on our side, we should not put our heads in the sand right away. More time together, more closeness in the form of cuddles and touches, compromises and mutual encounters can exert a positive influence on the partner and rekindle his feelings.


People who have a special fetish often do not dare to talk about it openly. At the same time our partner is the person who is always there for us and also guarantees understanding for our fetish.

It is therefore advisable to absolutely talk to the partner about the sexual inclinations. Helpful in this case may be the idea that there is nothing that does not exist. Especially in the sexual realm, there is a huge amount of fetishes, and you do not have to be ashamed of your preferences either.

But only when you talk to him or her honestly can you change your sex life to live out your fetish together.

Only courage!

Erotic and sex

A couple often has to deal with the problem that over time sex life falls asleep. But how is it that far, where you still could not keep your fingers off at the beginning?

The culprits are numerous. In women, it is often due to the hormonal contraception that lets the libido slip into the basement. Switching to hormone-free contraceptives such as condoms, the copper spiral or the copper ball can help.

The stress of the job, on the other hand, often reduces the desire of the man for sexual adventures. Then comes the problem that both go to bed very late and are already dead tired at this time, then of course not much.

Improvement occurs when both go to the bedroom earlier in the evening, or just take a break at the weekend. Other sex positions and variety by exciting toys liven up the activities in the bedroom.

The relationship in everyday life

Time and again, couples report that everyday life has destroyed the relationship. But what is this actually based on?

Many couples know the problem: the conversations in the evening only revolve around the job, about what needs to be worried about the next purchase and why it is actually so unclean again. That this is the romantic flutes is hardly surprising. But how can a couple escape everyday life?

If you regularly drive away with your partner over the weekend, you take a break from everyday life and spend time together with your partner and recharge your batteries. Also, those who are not too exhausted during the week but just suggesting romantic food and talking about other topics than just everyday life, helps a lot to ensure that the partnership is maintained.

It is important to always have enough time for the partner. Listen to each other as you did in the beginning of your dating phase. Just compliment yourself, take a hug and explain each other how important you are.

Secrets of a happy relationship

How do so many lovers manage to be happy together? The keyword is compromise. Who always insists on his point of view and also does not recognize, to move away from this, who is quick single again, as in the dear.

Of course, partners do not have the same opinion on every topic. It is important in such a moment that quarrels are not carried out in front of others, but always at home in their own four walls.

Engaging in compromise also means empathizing with the partner and trying to understand his point of view. We do not always succeed. Sometimes we just do not understand why he or she suddenly wants to do a training that costs an awful lot of time.

In such cases, we do not always have to understand what drives the partner. But it is important that we stand behind him and support him.

Shared living

If a loving couple wants to contract, it is always the same fears that occur in this situation. Both fear that the relationship will change negatively. For example, what happens after a fight when there is only one bedroom? What to do in case of disagreement at the first home furnishings? And how do you express any doubts about the shared apartment?

Anyone living together must be open to compromise. This does not begin with the furnishing of the apartment, but with the search for the apartment. Talk to each other about what properties your dream home should bring and which pieces of furniture will decorate your new home.

Once the move has been successfully mastered, the new challenge for the couple is mastering everyday life. Again, it is important to approach each other in disputes and to have a clarifying conversation. Rules governing the budget can defuse the potential for conflict and eliminate unnecessary friction.

Cheating and cheating

Fraud is the worst misuse of trust that can exist between a couple. How should we handle it when we learn that we have been cheated for months? What happens when we find ourselves in a secret affair?

Pardoning the partner for fraud only makes sense if two conditions are met: the partner must honestly and sincerely repent of his behavior and we must be able to trust him or her one day completely.

But just the second point is usually not given. If the partner leaves in the evening longer than usual, we immediately suspect that we will be cheated again. In such a case, adhering to the relationship makes little sense.

On the other hand, if we are strangers ourselves, we are, of course, aware that our behavior is far from right. Whether we confess it to the partner is up to us. But the fact is, we are honest, we have to expect the partner to leave us. If we hide the fraud, we consume our guilty conscience.


Jealousy into a perfectly normal feeling, which each of us knows only too well. Even a happy couple has to fight with it again and again. But how should we deal with it when we are extremely jealous, even though we know that our jealousy is unfounded? How to deal with the partner's jealousy when there is really nothing behind it?

A strong jealousy stems from a low self-esteem. The jealous person is always afraid that nothing is good enough and that one day he will be exchanged by his partner for another person.

A successful tactic against jealousy is thus that the person concerned works on their own self-esteem. This can be done for example by a change of style, by a decrease or muscle gain or by mental training. It is important that the jealous person always keeps in mind that he is doing wrong to the partner and that he is really loyal.


You fell from the clouds when your partner explained that the end is over. How do you deal with a separation? How do we overcome the negative feelings? Do we have to accept a separation at all?

If the other has pronounced the separation, it is almost impossible to shake the relationship. Just missing feelings on the part of the partner are usually a crucial reason to go separate ways.

This path hurts, however. It is helpful to allow yourself to cry. Whether as a man or as a woman. A certain period of mourning after the separation is completely normal. But then it is time to look for distraction! Numerous meetings and activities with our friends help us to overcome our feelings. The things of the / the Ex, who are still in our apartment, we should clear out of sight. Flirting with strangers also helps us rebuild our self-esteem (because it often suffers from separation) and distract us.

Activities for two

Which companies are suitable for a loving couple? This is a question that many lovers face. Somehow you want to do something, but you do not want to think of something.

Activities such as the zoo, the sauna, the fun pool or miniature golf are usually quite fast. But there are many other alternatives that you should think about: canoeing, visiting a climbing park, escape the room, tennis, the possibilities are numerous! Both of them just have to think a little about what you and your partner might feel like.

Problems in the partnership

Every relationship goes through a difficult phase at some point. This is completely normal and absolutely one of them. But when should such a phase be overcome? How is quarreling normal in a relationship? When does everything get out of hand? When does the couple have to worry about their relationship?

In general, if it comes to the dispute, no matter how bad this may have been, to an honest reconciliation, this is the most important thing. If, on the other hand, a couple does not find a green branch, everyone insists on their position and there is absolutely no reconciliation in sight, this is a very bad sign.

It is advisable to make the goal not to go to bed in a dispute. If a couple does not talk in the evening, the next day starts with a depressed and negative mood.

The main question we have to face at such a stage of the relationship is whether we still love the partner enough and we really believe that our partnership will soon become more harmonious again.

Everything about flirting and getting to know each other

Wanted a relationship? From casual flirting to a steady relationship

Sooner or later, most people have the desire for a solid partnership that can give them security and security. Of course, in order to start a steady relationship, feelings should ideally arise with both partners. But how can mutual feelings be built for each other?

In order to build these, shared experiences, experiences and beautiful moments must be experienced together and shared. The first kiss and the first time sex with a new potential partner, can be wonderful experiences. If you want to do something serious out of the exciting milestones of an initial relationship then you should always stand with a seriousness behind the whole. Because only those who know exactly what they want will reach their goal of a solid, happy relationship.

Make your intentions clear by talking openly about what you are looking for and what you envision in a successful partnership. If the other does not seek a serious relationship, do not waste time with it. Many people then try to change someone and want to bend, which they then mostly fail.

First date

You have met someone and you are now on your first date? You're so nervous and wondering how you can present yourself in the best light, if you like the other?

Generally you should always stay for yourself and just do not pretend. Of course that is easier said than done. Because in stress situations, we often act intuitively and screw up a few things. Find a dating location where you can feel comfortable and relax. If the environment is right, the topics will be easier to find. Talk about the topics you can think about first. It just can not seem like a screenplay. Attempt to make meaningful connections to statements in order to be able to address interesting topics.

If your date is going well and you find the right moment for you, you may want to get closer to your date, but you do not know exactly how to do it the most skillfully. You can not under any circumstances force something, or want to arrive by clumsy approach to the goal. Show your date that you like the time and you have fun. Begin with attentive, not too exaggerated compliments and gentle touches. If the other one is not interested, you will notice. Once there is a positive reaction, you should try to slowly increase your approximations. The emphasis here is on slow. Otherwise, the date could be taken by surprise.

So stay tuned, show your interest and be patient. So a great date succeeds, which you will surely not forget soon!

To increase self-confidence and become more attractive

You are an introverted and rather shy person who would like to gain more self-confidence? You envy those people who enter a room and it seems like the world is standing still because of its charisma?

In order to become more self-confident, one should by no means compare oneself to other people. You have to like yourself first and only you have to spend a whole life with yourself. Highlight your strengths and recognize them cleverly. But above all know your weaknesses and mistakes. Stand by these! Only through flaws and quirks do we become the human being that we are ultimately.

Do what you think is right and not what others want you to see. Do not let other opinions get in the way.

Important opinions are at most those of your dearest and closest friends, or the family. Only those who really love and like you will also give you the constructive criticism that can help you.

Online Dating - All about Tinder and Co.

You have enough of getting to know each other in the real world? You want to try your luck over the internet? First, you'll find a pretty, interesting person that you like at first glance. The right cover letter does not seem to be that easy. A beautiful woman gets countless compliments a day from various men on the Internet. A "Hey, how are you?", Or "Well, what are you doing?" Do not lift you off the crowd right now. Let's come up with a sweet, slightly cheeky and eye-catching slogan that piques the woman's interest.

Your profile picture should not be too fake and pretentious. A woman wearing a bikini on her profile picture probably has other intentions than the man with his three dogs in the photo. Show yourself from your best side, but do not put on a mask, behind which usually a very different person hides.

There are a lot of dating sites and apps available today that you can use to get to know people. Which of these is the right one for you, you have to find out for yourself. Generally, there is a rough division between free and paid single markets. The free ones are used more often by the younger singles, whereas payers stand for their seriousness. These are usually looking for solid partnerships, whereas Tinder is more suitable for something casual.

Exceptions here confirm the rule. Now it's time to try out what you like best!

Lovesickness - When the feelings are not reciprocated

Heartbroken is probably one of the worst emotions in the world. You have to constantly think about this one person and wonder when the pain finally comes to an end. The broken heart does what it wants and seems to scream "Ouch" all the time, so that you are reminded of the great moments in the relationship. Often even the bad ones are completely ousted. What am I doing now without this person? Can I go on living like that? But of course!

What is certain is that lovesickness is a process to be recognized that has to go through different phases. Only those who surrender to them and accept them can get over the ex. Displacing and pushing away thoughts is usually not positive, because at a certain point in time, the jetting out of the jammed emotions can begin.

True friends are always there for you in difficult times. That means, even at times of heartache. Talk about your feelings or go with your friends in, for example, restaurants and clubs. Life has to go on and so it would not make any sense to lock you up at home and stuff you with ice cream and chocolate while you watch one Katherine Heigl movie after another. Mourning must be, no question! But never forget yourself and your needs.

Find reasons to wear a pair of jeans or make-up. If you bring a routine into your everyday life, that can only help you.

Do sports to clear your head. Go jogging or try something new. So you can cross your borders and get to know yourself from a completely different side.


You are sexually active and do not know which method of contraception is best for you? Are you worried about hormonal contraception and would like to find a suitable alternative?

There are a variety of methods today to successfully prevent. The best known methods are probably birth control pills and condoms.

The contraceptive pill is now very critical of many people, as it affects the female body and can bring the female hormones upset.

The condom does not seem to be 100% sure. How many times have you heard that it has broken or even burst. It would probably be a fatal mistake to rely only on this method of contraception. The "morning after pill" can fix such mishaps. However, there is never a guarantee. The copper spiral, the contraceptive patch or the female condom are just one of many methods.

For all, however, it is important that both partners have sufficient information and care about safety. After all, an incidental pregnancy would affect both parties, especially the resulting child.

Affairs and one night stands

You currently do not feel like something solid and would like to experience exciting adventures? The time as a lover with your ex has influenced you so much that you want to stay single? You just do not want to commit yourself and want to try things that you might never have been able to do before?

In the long run, one night stands and loose affairs probably will not make you happy. However, they are a great way to develop a new, interesting tension and fun experiences.

Make your intentions clear from the start. That means in plain language: No feeling games! Discuss with your sexual partner what you want and that for you, a strong relationship is currently out of the question. The point is that both have their fun and come at their full expense. Talk about preferences, fetishes or special wishes.

If you do not want the other to recount what happened, make it clear to him or her. Sex is here in the foreground and everything else, such as personal feelings, etc. should be hidden.

Contraception must remain an issue here, because who wants an unintended pregnancy from a One Night Stand? To make no mistakes, the topic may be addressed before the fun part.

Getting to know each other can take place in various locations, such as the club, a bar, perhaps at the company's Christmas party or at a buddy's party. Go to your chosen sex partner and talk to him easily. It will probably turn out fairly quickly if the chemistry is right. If it fits - have fun!

However, one should think well about affairs, because many people are often injured and happiness is ultimately extremely remote. You have to treat other people the way you want to be treated.

friendship plus

You do not want to continue your life as a lover, but wish you a friendship Plus and do not know how and where to find one? Friendship Plus implies that two friendly people enter into a sexual relationship. This sex relationship should be as possible without feelings. Difficult!

The problem here is often that one of the involved falls in love, or develops more intense feelings. Of course this jeopardizes the friendship.

Another exciting question may be whether you can initiate the circle of friends, or let it be. Sometimes it is probably better to keep something to yourself. It would be much cleverer to involve as few people as possible in the action. If the complete Friendship Plus thing breaks down, not too many people are involved in the emotional chaos.

If you feel feelings for the other person, but they are not reciprocated, ending the relationship is often the only sensible way.

Even in such a kind of friendship, if you can talk, then you have a clear advantage! You should speak openly about everything and be able to address problems and wishes.

You wonder if after the friendship plus is still a normal friendship, as it was before, is possible? We have to disappoint you! It is very likely that nothing will be the same as it was then. Things that will happen through this relationship shape the relationship enormously.

Friendship zone

You may have known this person for many years and suddenly feel feelings that you have never felt for this person before? This feeling can easily confuse you, because you can not understand the reasons for the sudden change of mind. We do not choose who we fall in love with - that's for sure!

The friendship zone is definitely a complicated topic, as friendships are often broken and the relationship to each other will be forever changed.

But the best feeling of the world can come from a good friendship: reciprocated love.

Once you can not hold back your feelings about this one person, you should not do so. If your thoughts gobble you up and drive you crazy, you need to seek the clarifying conversation. Of course, you are risking your relationship with each other, but this very act sometimes seems to be the only way out. For who can be satisfied with intimate friendship, when he secretly hopes that one day they will all end up as happy lovers?

If you decide not to risk your relationship, you must learn to deal with the difficult situation. Keep as far away as possible from things that could only increase your feelings. Do not listen to too many problems of the other, for those who need a clever advice. Do not hold your head over everything and everyone, so that everyone is happy with what you are giving. You also have to think about yourself! The relationship should never break you. You should think selfishly from time to time, so that you too can find your happiness.

Fear of baskets and rejection

Everyone carries them in and is deeply afraid of them - the rejection. The more rejection we have to suffer, the more offended we seem. Those who have had bad experiences can find it hard to get out of the vicious circle of response, dating, rejection and baskets. These negative thoughts of experiencing rejection are constantly pressing into our subconscious.

In general, we want to appeal to people as well as anyone. It is often important to us what others think and hold about us. So now if we get a basket, we realize that we can not arrive as well as Mama, Papa and the friends have always told you.

However, one must keep in mind that one can not make it right for every single human being.

Baskets can be caused by too clumsy, direct Anmachen, or an existing relationship. Above all, it should always be kept in mind that rejections are a part of life and therefore of singleton life as well. It can be intelligently recognized as something positive and can be used to draw helpful conclusions. So you can continue to work on yourself and, for example, improve your flirting strategies.

Meet places to singles

You are single and wonder where you can successfully meet like-minded people? You feel like new people and you just do not know where to start your search?

First, it should be clear that your dream man or dream girl will not fall from the sky and ring at your door "Hello! Here I am.". You have to go out the door to meet someone. Go among people, at events, or parties.

Mostly you get to know a person anyway, if you do not expect it.

If you find it difficult to meet other singles in real life, you may want to think about online dating as a successful alternative.

Numerous platforms offer you the opportunity to find a potential partner.


Are you clumsy or terribly afraid of embarrassment? You wonder how to deal with unpleasant situations?

A huge fear is the awkward silence on the first date. Neither of them really knows what to say and how to react in order to make this point reasonably bearable.

The first step is to clarify that the fear exists in your thoughts, but it does not necessarily have to occur. As soon as you get too focused on possible embarrassment and your thoughts often revolve around it, you subconsciously get more and more nervous.

Embarrassing situations often arise when we are in stressful situations.

Do you pour the coffee over his shirt during the date, just do not panic! It is always better to take intelligent steps against the embarrassing situation. Self-assurance and humor relax the whole thing and make you feel more confident.

Men data

You wonder how you come to date with a man? You are unsure how to convince him of you and what exactly makes you interesting?

Whether on the internet, or in real life - there are countless ways to meet a man. If there is someone who you like, you might not always have to wait for the first step from his side.

To get to know someone you really like, you often need several dates. Of course, the most important thing about the date is not having to pretend. So put on what you feel good about. Make it clear, however, that the date is important to you and you have worried.

Also with the topics of conversation you should always be yourself. Do not adjust your opinions or views, just to please someone.

Just try to find connections between the topics to create smooth transitions and a fluency.

Women's data

You are single and you want to meet women? However, you do not know exactly how to get a date and how you can show yourself in this from your best side?

Whether on the Internet, or in real life - there are countless ways to meet women. Should there be one that you like and is interesting for you, just ask her for a date.

Find a dating location where you feel comfortable and you can be completely yourself. It may also be more unusual date ideas, if the lady agrees.

Do not disguise yourself for the first date, because that can backfire quickly. Stay true to your date and also true to yourself, because sooner or later the true I will come to the fore.

Do not try to talk about your weaknesses, but present yourself in a good light. But do not overdo and lie and if you mention blemishes then you can bring them over with humor. This shows self-assurance, which has an attractive effect on other people.

Address women - first steps

You have often seen a pretty woman in the street and did not know how to address her?

The first hurdle is probably the inner blockage in us, the fear of rejection and baskets. Be aware that these negative thoughts are unfounded because rejection can also be part of the process.

First you have to stop the woman, whereupon you should win her interest. You win her interest by making it clear that she has noticed you and you like her.

Make the first body contact by giving her your hand. She will reflexively give you her hand here. Now you have to start a conversation. Make statements and do not ask boring questions that the woman has probably heard 500 times. Now she will correct the statements, or just confirm them. With these steps you have successfully addressed a woman and maybe you can now get to know her better on a date. Only courage!

Despite these tips, are you still looking for your dream woman? But you have absolutely no success in the ladies and just do not know why this is? Then inquire for a flirt coaching for men! Our love experts will show you how you can actively approach, talk to, and flirt with strangers in everyday life. So that you finally find your dream woman. We look forward to hearing from you!

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