Flirting without words - So flirt deaf!

Flirting without words - That's how deaf people flirt!

Flirting is really an art in itself. How do you flirt properly and what you do not have to pay attention to ... The right body language, the perfect timing, a great flow of communication and just do not say anything embarrassing! But imagine, you are deaf. What about the communication situation? What do you think? In this article, you'll learn what doves say about their flirtation behavior.

Belief: deaf people can not speak properly and understand nothing?

That's nonsense, of course. Deaf people can read the lips of their interlocutor and thus understand what has been said. Even answering is no obstacle. However, deaf people usually fall on the fact that they simply can not estimate the volume and the sound. Thus, they sometimes communicate inadvertently louder. The deaf person can thus speak and also understand the words of another. The only problem here: very few people have direct contact with the deaf and therefore the situation is alien to them.

"If you do not hear, you have to see better!"

Is it true that sense organs work better when one thing does not work at all? Five main senses characterize a healthy person. Sensory impressions can be collected and processed by them. As soon as the sense of hearing is lacking, people have to focus on others and rely on them. Above all, tactile and visual sense enable communication. Body language reveals so much information and lets people better understand what the interlocutor wants to convey.

This is how flirting works without words

It is very polite to "tap" a deaf person on the shoulder. Sign language is of course one of the best means of communication for the deaf. Here, the gestures should remain flirty and sweet. As in the spoken language ... just not too exaggerated and messed up. The most important thing is to always be yourself and not to pretend. Another means of communicating with a deaf person is the written language. Sheet and paper and off you go ...

Somewhat offensive is the variant in the club. Just put down a drink. Thus, the interest is successfully signaled. If the other is to read your lips, articulate the words accurately and do not talk too fast. Otherwise, reading lips becomes a huge obstacle.

Relationship between Deaf and Hearing - Does it work?

Clear answer: Yes! A necessary condition, however, will be that both have the will. Sign language should both master. This makes it easier to communicate.

Flirt properly with body language and without words - how it works!

By eye contact and sparkle of the eyes, many a flirt has already been launched. Mostly, the woman gives the starting signal through eye contact with the other person. Do you notice that she looks at you more often, so you can be sure that she is interested in you. Even if a man looks you in the eye for a long time, he definitely does not seem averse to you! Nervous behavior in your presence is reflected in a hectic action. Go through the hair, dress the clothes and jump from one leg to the other.

Such signs make it clear that you make others nervous and maybe even intimidate him with your charisma. However, that is not meant to be negative at all, but extremely positive. Your presence makes the other blush and the nervousness is clearly felt. In any case, in men, you can feel that they are also sexually interested in someone. As soon as they are aligned with their hips and also with their feet, everything should be clear to you: Your chances are extremely good!

Much laughter and smile is another clue. Body contact, such as delicately stroking or patting the shoulder, also signals a keen interest in your person. Women are often very feminine when they find a man good. They illustrate their femininity by playing around on their hair, the pronounced hip swing and the overlapping of the legs.

Flirts can be non-committal and funny encounters without result, but most of our students want a solid relationship. The resulting many weddings and partnerships motivate us every day to blog about the topic and to give our customers all the best for our courses as Amor Helfer.

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