Flirting with Wingman: What it means to be a good Wingman

The Wingman: Rules and facts about women conquer with a buddy

What is a wingman? What does Wingman mean in German

The word "Wingman" comes from the English military language. Freely translated into German, Wingman would be called "wingman". It means you have a buddy who gives you cover while flirting. The Wingman became known for the slogan Barney Stinson, such as "Do you know Ted?" From the series How I Met Your Mother.

The flirting as a kind of fight is met on the part of criticism. Nevertheless, the word has meanwhile established itself in British and US English. It has also found its way into the German vernacular. The company of a wingman is someone who makes it easier for you to get to know and seduce women. Specifically, a good wingman performs the following tasks:

  • Possibly. To address women for you
  • To introduce yourself to these women
  • Engaging your girlfriend so you have free rein
  • Other guys who want something from your lady to clear out of the way
  • Recognizing social dynamics before they mess up your tour (your girlfriend gets tired, hungry, is cold, has lost her phone, etc.)
  • To make sure that the two ladies are isolated so that you have 1: 1 situations where it can be made easier
  • Always have a condom ready for his buddy
  • He offers his buddy a double bottom, should this be confronted by the woman of his interest with difficult questions (so-called Shittests) or with an embarrassing silence, because the topics of conversation flirt with him
  • A good wingman always gives you constructive feedback after a flirt, how to improve yourself in conquering a woman
  • He scoffs at women who might be suitable for you and motivates you to speak to these beautiful women. It also alerts you if women have shown interest in you and you have not heard those signals
  • The buddy motivates and cheers you up again, if something did not work out and you got a basket
  • A good wingman is always up to date on what's going on in your city and offers you suggestions on where to make new conquests
  • A correct wingman is always a man of honor. He also encourages you to be a charming gentleman and spreads a good mood
  • In addition, he takes into account the rule "Bros Before Hos" (in English: "brother before bitch"). Even women who meet men together take into account the rule "Pearl before guys". That means he would never let you down or grab you a wife. He takes into account the principle of value and assigns you a higher value than the women who turn it on
  • Other rather funny tasks of Wingman are described in the so-called Bro code, which also comes from the series How I Met Your Mother (the link leads to Burning Series, where you can watch the complete series for free)

How can I find a good wingman?

Another man, with whom you conquer women together, can lead to a good male friendship. But it can also be a buddy you already have and with whom you have never gone in search of beautiful women. In our flirt seminars you can find a wingman, because everyone wants to sit in the same bot and get to know women. In addition, you will always get to know the right behavior of a Wingman at the "Naturally Inspire Workshop" of Flirt University.

Get to know women together with the buddy

For example, when you travel together, you can always motivate yourself to speak to women in turn. Ideally, one of you both addresses two women and then introduces his buddy. It makes a difference whether you say in the imagination situation, "Hey Natalie, hey Anna, this is Horst" or "Hey Horst, this is Natalie and Anna, the two are really in a good mood." In the one case a higher value for the women you hardly know. In the second example, the buddy is more important. The subcontext of the conversation implies that you stand to the evaluation ("..., the two are really in a good mood").

An example from practice

You can find more such videos in our video course, the Flirtformel (click here for the product) - which you are welcome to test for 30 days without obligation.

The Wingwoman: A woman who supports you in conquering women

Of course you can also go on tour together with women to meet other women. If you are traveling with several wingmen, it may be worthwhile to have one or two women who act as Wingwoman. Of course they can also make you talk while flirting. The advantage of women as the "wing-part" is clearly that they can gain the trust of foreign women more quickly and may even make them jealous. That makes you look interesting again. A fate that overtakes often forgiven men.

Especially if you are very introverted to beautiful women and in social situations, it can help to find you together with women in search of a partner.

What should I consider if I want to meet women together with a buddy?

When dating with a wingman, the nuts and bolts are good communication with each other. Discuss rules, code words, behaviors and desires. You should never criticize yourself in front of others, but always choose the dialogue to give each other feedback on your flirtation behavior. Choosing your perfect wingman is like choosing a perfect partner. The more relationships you have, the better you can judge who really suits you!

We hope this article has questions for you on how to find a good Wingman with whom to successfully meet and seduce women, answered. If you have any questions about the topic, please write us in the comments below!

Learn flirting with a wingman in practice

If you want to test the topic in practice and are looking for a suitable wingman for you, then visit one of our flirting courses, where you will meet other suitable men in search of contact with women and test directly with them, under guidance our flirtrainer, successful strategies and behaviors.

Many attendees of the seminars met new buddies over the weekend, with whom they worked together until even one of them found a suitable woman for a steady relationship. If you want to take part in a flirtation course, just sign up here and our team will call you back for a free first strategy talk. This usually takes 15 minutes and you will find out where your potential lies, as well as what currently makes you single and how to get the fastest results in your love world.

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