Flirting on vacation - why the summer belongs to the singles

Sun, beach, palm trees and a small holiday flirt.

For many, a tingling holiday flirtation is just the perfect summer vacation. But why are we so open and communicative on vacation? Why is Flirting so much better on Ballermann or the Turkish Riviera, than in the good home?

Flirting for holidays - why does it suddenly so easy for us?

Summer holidays are just something wonderful. Finally we can switch off from work. We feel the warm sand under our feet, we smell the salt water of the sea and our skin has already got first impressions of the sun's rays. Since we landed by plane, we have not once thought of our work. We have found paradise on earth. For weeks we can finally sleep through the night without problems.

And we notice how open and relaxed we are at the same time, also towards other people. And despite the fact that we are otherwise rather shy in everyday life and have problems with actively approaching other people and to seek the conversation.

Where does this sudden change come from?

One of the causes of the "blame" is that we are not stressed anymore. At home we only rushed through everyday life. We are always in a hurry, because we still want to get the train, in the supermarket quickly do the shopping or we run through the rain to the car. This stress is now off us. Suddenly we are open to the people around us. Suddenly we have the time to talk to others. Suddenly we realize how much fun it is to meet new people.

In addition, the idea that nobody here knows us, contributes enormously to our looseness. This becomes especially clear at party places like the famous and infamous Ballermann. From youth to retirement is not only celebrated, but drunk, snapped and fumbled what the stuff. The knowledge that no one knows us in this place and that we can not embarrass ourselves at all, thus destroys us and helps us to approach other people much more often and that the thought of a possible basket does not hurt anymore.

The sunshine itself contributes to the rest. Our body forms the important vitamin D. The result? We feel happier overall.

The fact that we flirt more on vacation, is solely due to our behavior

As it has probably already become clear in the previous lines: The fact that we often flirt on holiday is simply because we ourselves are more open and more active in approaching others. In addition, there is the added fact that the people around us are the same. Even with them, the stress level drops, while relaxation and good mood spread. This, in turn, causes us to be surrounded by people who are also in a flirting mood, which naturally fuels the emergence of flirts.

Also, the alcohol level usually contributes its small share. It's just too tempting to sip a cocktail or have a glass of beer in the afternoon.

On holiday we find sparkling flirts, but rarely the great love

Flirting on vacation becomes dangerous when we know ourselves that we fall in love quickly. Because we usually do not find the great love on vacation.

Why? This is explained quickly. For example, if we meet another German on holiday, we think at first how small the world is. But when we have fallen in love and realize with horror that she lives near Flensburg, but we live in the deepest Black Forest, we realize that such a distance is quite destructive to love.

That's the problem we have with long-distance relationships.

There is also another problem: On vacation, we are in a state of emergency. We are relaxed, relaxed, in a good mood. The same goes for the flirt partner.

If we decide to meet again after the holiday with the other person, we will get to know them for the first time in everyday life. Suddenly we learn how this person is ticking in stressful situations. And suddenly we do not like what we see there.

In addition, we now get to face all the quirks of which were not the slightest sign on holiday. For example, that he or she absolutely does not pay attention to his body. After work, there is nothing but pizza, chips and energy drinks, in between smoking is still possible. Whether we can really imagine a relationship with this person in the long run?

Or we suddenly realize with horror how much the other person is still attached to his parents and has not managed in the least to unsubscribe from his parents.

Even worse: the cheerful person from the holidays does not exist anymore. Instead, the one or the other only talks about the worries that plague him. Complains about the job and everyday life. And yet it does not manage to actively tackle these things and to change things.

Circumstances that make it difficult to find love on holiday.

Why a summer romance still belongs to the holiday:

Anyone who is prepared for the fact that he will not find great love on holiday, can enrich his holiday by a little flirt or more madness.

Why? Flirting is fun and enhances our mood. In addition, a little flirt does our self-esteem good. We realize that we are well received by the opposite sex and that the other people are interested in us. As a result, we not only have a grin on our face during the rest of the vacation. No, even at home we like to remember this holiday and suddenly realize that we have not lost our openness and new self-assurance, but have taken to Germany.

So on the plane, have fun on the beach and of course a lot of success flirting on vacation!

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