Flirting for beginners - These beliefs prevent your success

Our success in flirting depends largely on our attitude

You're wondering why you're still single? You believe that the women's world has conspired against you? You are firmly convinced that you have to spend your entire life alone, because you will never find the right one?

Let us tell you why you are still single. Let us explain why it is that you have no success with women. We want to enlighten you, why only your buddies arrive at the women's world, you do not.

It is your own attitude! Properly read! It's not the women's fault, it's not your buddies' fault or any other external circumstances. No: you alone are responsible for you and your situation. You alone are responsible for the negative attitude that has settled in your mind and that deprives you of any chance in the opposite sex.

Flirting for beginners: My attitude? Nonsense, it's the women who are not interested

You think so now, right? And how do you know that? How do you know that of all the women you meet day in, day out, do not even have any interest in you? How do you want to have this security, if you have never, never actively sought contact?

This realization that this is so is no knowledge. It is a misconception that has stuck in your head. However, with this attitude you should not be surprised that you do not meet any women. Anyone who assumes that he does not have a chance with the opposite sex anyway radiates it. Consequently, it is no wonder that women are repellent towards you.

Incidentally, this is also called self-fulfilling prophecy. Our expectation is fulfilled. Anyone who always persuades himself before an important test that he would not succeed, that he has not learned enough, that he will fail, will not pass the test.

Similarly, if you find a pretty woman and you tell her right away that she will not be interested in you and she will let you flare. Are you really convinced of this, do you carry this attitude to the outside. You will really get a basket and your negative attitude will continue to be strengthened. You see, you have it in your own hands!

Flirting for beginners: I'm boring women because I have nothing to talk about

Again, you share this attitude with many other men around the world. Why the hell do you think you're a bore?

Many people make the mistake of always comparing their lives to others. Partially even simple with the lives of strangers they follow on Instagram. No wonder then that it makes you feel like you're leading a white god like boring life. But, you know what? You do not have to spend every holiday in the Amazon and be almost killed by a jaguar, you do not have to travel and be ambushed by India, you do not have to jump bungee jumping or fall umbrella just to have something to tell.

The only thing you have to do is free yourself from the thought that there is nothing in your life worth mentioning.

Why do you think, is not it worth mentioning what you have experienced with your colleagues funny in the lunch break? Why do you think your school or college tales are boring? Why are you convinced that your hobbies are boring?

Basically, there is a lot of conversation, this can not go out. We just have to come to this, that's the problem for many men.

The following articles will tackle this problem together with you and help you to find suitable topics for discussion.

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  • 370 topics to talk to
  • 3 topics of conversation for every situation

Flirting for beginners: women only want assholes and not nice guys like me!

Not correct. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Women do not want assholes! What women want are self-confident men. Guys who do not care about others and who do not always ask for permission. Men who lead a self-determined life. That's what women want. And that is exactly what the nice and nice men rarely bring with them, but can be found primarily in the so-called macho.

You, too, appear anything but self-confident to the outside world. Your lack of experience with women also helps make you feel inhibited and shy. And that in turn means that women do not feel attracted to you.

You see, this is also a cycle that you have to break through! Your main task for now is to work on your self-esteem. And how you succeed, you will find out here.

Flirting for Beginners: I do not have time to meet women

Again and again men talk about their lack of time to find a partner. After all, they are working. But all other people are like that too, and yet they have been able to meet their dream woman.

With you, there is no lack of time, but of will. Because women can get to know each other everywhere. At the train station, on the street, in the park, in the nightlife. Just look around you. How many women are currently in your immediate vicinity? You could address them all, but you do not dare. You see, the mistake is not due to lack of time, but because you lack the necessary will.

You know that the reason you're single is with yourself, but you can not make a difference? You would so much like to meet your dream woman, but you just do not know how to do this? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men.

Our love experts show you how you manage to talk to your dream girl on the street, flirt with her and even get her number. So that you finally find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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