Flirting at the public viewing - 5 Top EM flirting tips

More than 60 percent of Singles agree: Public Viewing is currently the best flirting opportunity. This was the result of a recent survey of a major online dating exchange. 61 percent of the domestic singles said that they were not only in football, but also in a flirting mood when broadcasting the games.

Sat1 tested with Horst Wenzel Flirt and looked at the following tips in practice.

However, almost half of respondents (47 percent) are too timid to flirt in large groups. The European Championship 2016 is running and the games are cooking up the emotions. Therefore, we give here our Top 5 flirting tips for Anbandeln the public viewing.

Unlike most flirting tips, these 5 are not about hugging behavior. The fledgling single-fan gets here rather the right attitude to flirt, like a world champion or European champion. Here we go:

1.) Public Viewing is a playground for adults. As a child, you did not even think about how to playfully approach someone. The people at the public viewing are hilarious, in good spirits and happy about your company. About a "Proooost" or a cheerful "Schlllaaand" are absolutely sufficient for the skilful conversation.

2.) Fans are in the arms. Contacts often say more than 1000 words when flirting. At the football festival you can easily build these up: high-fives, hopping shoulder to shoulder or heartfelt goal hugs make fan hearts beat faster.

3.) Fancy merchandise are an eye-catcher. It does not matter if you appear in front of the canvas with an unusual costume, glasses, drum or plastic palm tree. Be creative, then get interested looks and compliments.

4.) Give value to other people. Prepare good emotions around the game: compliments and fun and other people will happily accommodate you. Most people tend to value new groups because they make others feel they want something from them. Be different.

5.) After the game, your flirtation goes into overtime. To ensure the full attention of your new EM conquest, pronounce an invitation to a beer after the game. Also have the logistics of her or his friends in mind.

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