Flirting at a WG Party - How to do it successfully

Successful flirting on a WG party

Especially as a student, it is easy to make many new contacts. Weekly WG parties take place, on which there is the possibility to flirt. Nevertheless, not every flirt goes the way you want it. We give you the best tips for flirting at a WG party.

Although the atmosphere at a WG celebration is extremely relaxed, the flirting attempts are sometimes very cramped and anything but easy. For many, the most difficult point in a flirtation is clearly the beginning of the conversation.

How to greet the pretty student? What could be your first sentence with which you immediately make her want to have a great conversation? How do you avoid her rolling her eyes after the response?

These questions and self-doubt often lead to the fact that it does not even come to a conversation, because unfortunately the shyness and anxiety often outweigh the desire to meet new people. That's why we want to give you 6 great tips to help you make contacts at a WG party and also get to know great women.

Tip # 1 for flirting at a WG party: be relaxed

Come on relaxed and relaxed. Begin the conversation casually and relaxed. Are you relaxed at this thing ran, you fall over the talking about all sorts of topics also much easier. You get a relaxed appearance, if you do not press yourself.

Do not start a conversation with the expectation that the girl will meet you directly for the next day. Instead, just let your conversation come to you and let it surprise you as it ends. You also become more relaxed when you approach other people the more you do this. For you, this means that the more you approach and speak to other people at a WG celebration, the more normal this situation becomes for you and you lose your excitement.

Tip # 2 for flirting at a WG party: Use Smalltalk

Of course, you should eventually leave the level of the weather and this terrible cold or heat and look for another topic. But Smalltalk can help you get to know your counterpart better. Through small talk, you also notice how your opponent assesses the conversation between you and how she classifies the conversation. Pay attention to what your opponent is saying about what she wants to tell you indirectly.

Tip # 3 for flirting at a WG party: Talk to women AND men

Even if your priority is getting to know women, you should definitely talk to the male visitors of the party.

This gives you the opportunity to find new acquaintances and buddies. The more people you know and the bigger your circle of friends, the more you are invited to other celebrations and other activities.

This increases your chance to meet great women enormously. The simplest conversation opening with men (and also women) is a simple cheers and toasting with the whole round.

Tip # 4 for flirting at a WG party: Build body contact

As with any flirt, a WG celebration also means you should slowly build up your body contact while flirting with a great student. This is best achieved by occasionally placing your arm around her or, while you want to show her something, grabbing her hand to point it out. Do you make these touches casually approaching you physically, without feeling pressured.

Tip # 5 for Flirting at a WG Party: Listen

Even though sometimes it's hard because of all the alcohol, listen to your conversation partners. Do not try to digress with your thoughts during the dialogue. If she asks you a question, you're stupid. In addition, through disinterest, you make your counterpart feel that you have no desire to talk to her.

Tip # 6 for flirting at a WG party: Do not try to impress

Many men make the mistake of trying to impress the interlocutor by telling them what they have already mastered in their lives or that the most expensive is just good enough for them.

Please, do not boast! You do not need to impress the others of you with tales of tales. Instead, you act by such behavior only dissuasive. What matters more is what you like to do in your spare time, what kind of music you listen to, what your hobbies are, whether you have pets, etc. Talking about such topics makes you sympathetic and can inspire other people.

You see, it's not that difficult at a WG party to socialize and talk to women. On WG celebrations there is always a very relaxed and good atmosphere, so really an ideal condition. Attempts to be present at as many such parties as possible, be relaxed and relaxed, have fun and wait, what the evening keeps everything ready for you.

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