Flirting at the Christmas market

Finally, the Christmas markets have reopened!

Okay, quite as romantic as in the movie, it's usually not: instead of snow, it rains rather, yet it's pretty cold, the shoes are no longer very tight and let moisture through, but the mulled wine still tastes good and the smell of burned Almonds is just wonderful.

No wonder that especially women like to date with girlfriends to stroll comfortably over the Christmas market, to eat a sausage, to drink a mulled wine and to look at the stalls. And you too sometimes go to the Christmas market with your boys and their friends in the evening, after all, in the dark, the atmosphere is somehow more beautiful than during the day.

Flirt University coach Horst Wenzel at the WDR flirting at the Christmas market

Have you ever thought that Christmas markets are ideal for flirting?

Flirting at the Christmas market - Use your chances

The Christmas Market - In contrast to everyday life, in which people are always in a hurry, most of them have a lot of time at the Christmas market. They stroll slowly across the square, look at the stalls or spend several hours directly in a place where they just stand and drink something hot.

In addition, the mood is usually relaxed and relaxed. After all, many have already drunk alcohol and are just finishing work. Your chances of getting into conversation with a woman and starting a tingling flirtation are very high, you just have to dare.

You have discovered a beautiful stranger? Then go to her quietly

You'll find that you'll almost never find a woman on the Christmas market alone. In contrast to daytime at stations, stops, etc., most people make an appointment and then stroll through the market together. This means you need a little more courage than during the day. Because you discover a woman, which you like well, is most likely right next to her a friend, in which you should also leave a good impression.

So: just go to the two ladies and tell them that you have discovered them and wanted to address them. This could sound like this: "Hey you two. You have noticed me directly, as loud as you laugh together and I thought, I must address you necessarily, because otherwise I'll regret it. Hi, I'm Markus. "Imagine both women. Because if you are interested in one, but ignore her friend, then you have no chance.

Which topics should I talk to with a strange woman?

The small talk at the Christmas market is incredibly easy. Just talk about the obvious. So over Christmas, the holidays and holidays. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • I hope you already have all the gifts together.
  • Does the red or the white mulled wine taste better?
  • What kind of holiday are you? Skiing or rather the beach vacation?

But do not just puncture them with questions, always give away information about yourself as well. For example, just after you introduce yourself, you can start by saying, "Well, I have to say, winter and this cold are not for me. I prefer summer vacation. "The main thing is that you keep talking.

Contact her at the mulled wine stall

You can use your chance even if you have to wait. And you really have to do that at a full Christmas market.

This means for you, as soon as you are crowded together with other people at a Glühweinstand, you should directly look around and see if there is a pretty woman next to you. Have you spotted a pretty blonde next to you, then just put on your best smile, grin cheekily and say to her, "Scary crowded, huh? The mulled wine here has to taste really good. "

In general, you can simply cheerfully cheer on the women in whose field of vision you are standing and who you like. It does not cost much overcoming to strangle a woman, but you'll find that this is extremely effective.

Should I spend a mulled wine on the woman?

Many men hope that if they give a woman a drink they will come in as a thank you number. But it's not that easy in love affairs. Women are just not for sale, and just because you spent three euros for them, they will not necessarily be wild with you in a dark corner of the Christmas market smooch.

We therefore always advise you to spend something on a woman only when you have already kissed. Because then you can be sure that she is on you and interested in you, and is not only in your area, because you still get the cup deposit.

But what you can try, if you have not kissed yet and you realize that she's cold, that you're just giving her your scarf. Women generally freeze extremely fast, the more romantic they find it when the man is so attentive and noticed. If you give it to your scarf, this has the additional advantage that it will stay with you the next time, after all, she has a piece of clothing from you.

Despite our tips you are still single and have no success with women? But you also do not know what you need to change in your tactics, so that you arrive at the female sex better? Then ask us for a flirt coaching for men. This is where our flier experts show you how to address women on the street, how to get to know each other and how to get them to give you their number by themselves. So that you too find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

First kiss on date at the Christmas market?

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