Flirt coach Darius Kamadeva about marrying, Tinder & how you can tell if your partner is alienating

Darius Kamadeva on relationships and marriage

Dating professional and flirt coach Darius Kamadeva reveals in this video why it is advisable to marry after at least 5 years of relationship, why the tingling sensation in the stomach disappears after some time of relationship and how exactly you find out if your partner is cheating on you!

Darius Kamadeva is the founder of DatingSkills and a full-time flirt and dating coach. Years ago he was with us at various events and is in our training program The perfect date to see.

Exclusively for Flirt University, he answers 6 questions about love in the following video. Take a look at the complete interview here:

1) Just imagine: What is your YouTube Channel about?

Darius Kamadeva, Dating Skills: "With pleasure, my name is Darius Kamadeva and I have been a dating and dating coach for both men and women for the past 10 years and I organize various personality development seminars. In 2010, I was nominated by Los Angeles's biggest dating and dating conference for Europe's best coach, and I also successfully completed NLP training.

I'm also the operator and owner of two websites, one is "Dating Skills for Men" and the other is "Man in Love", where I give helpful advice to both sexes to find a partner for life, to increase self esteem or show ways how anyone can lead a successful affair with simple tips. "

2) Is there a perfect age to marry? If so, what age?

Darius Kamadeva, Dating Skills: "I think you should not get married unless you are really sure! However, many studies have shown that marriages made after a couple have been together for five or more years have lasted much longer than couples who have been together for less than five years before the marriage. That makes a lot of sense to me, and I think you should not marry until you're five years together, but actually lived together for five years.

Because if you do not, then you can not estimate exactly how the person behaves in everyday situations and you do not know them well enough yet. People themselves, perceptions, relationships and hormonal balance change over time, so it's important to spend more time getting married. After all, after all, you get married because you are firmly convinced that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. Why not wait a few more years until the wedding, since one intends one way or the other to spend the rest of life together? "

3) Why do you think the "butterflies in the stomach" get lost during a longer relationship and how can you get them back?

Darius Kamadeva, Dating Skills: "The butterflies in the abdomen are lost for one evolutionary reason: There are several research findings that show that our hormone balance changes in the first few weeks of the relationship or when we're in love, and we swarm a lot great perceive.

The phenomenon, "pink glasses" is thus scientifically proven. But why is that so? The butterflies in the abdomen make us perceive the partner particularly well and great, in order to simplify the step into the relationship, which is often associated with much stress and obligation. If we knew in advance how much stress and drama we get into the relationship, we certainly would not enter into a relationship. This "initial infatuation" thus arises in order for the relationship to develop positively, but the feeling of being in love changes over the course of the relationship, and more important criteria such as reliability, trust, etc. are later focused. "

The dynamics also change and it is often the case that something becomes less interesting, the longer you know it - so does the partner for one. Finally, researchers were able to confirm that a relationship is structured in different stages: First comes a fresh couple in the "phase of falling in love" with a lot of tingling and butterflies in the stomach.

Then this phase moves on to the second phase, the so-called "phase of constant love". Thus it is so predestined by evolution and it makes sense that the butterflies disappear in the abdomen after some time, as it then develops true and more intense feelings for the partner, which is much more important for the further reproduction and survival of the children are.

The problem I see is that many are in love with the first phase of falling in love, and they are wishing for that time, arguing that everything was unproblematic then. However, at the time you were not 100% honest, you tried by all means to please and convince your counterpart, so you presented yourself from the best side and in some aspects was not as honest as you would be later. "For this I recommend you to read the book of Michael Mary called" Live the love you have "

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