Flirt tips for her - How women successfully wrap men around their fingers

Flirting tips for her - How to conquer the men in no time

You wonder why you just do not succeed in men? You envy your girlfriend when you realize how the men look after her and give her admiring glances while your last date has again been an absolute catastrophe?

We'll tell you the most common flirting mistakes that women often unconsciously make and tell you how to do it better.

Flirt Tips for Her - Make Getting Started in Your Talk As Easy As Possible

Men know that women expect the first step from him. Nevertheless, most men only dare to speak to a woman when she has already sent him clear signals that she also wants to be addressed by him.

If we do not make eye contact with him as a woman, we encourage him not by an inviting smile to approach us, then we will meet far fewer men than our open friend, the friendly men in the environment and already by their eye contact signals that she is open for a flirtation.

If you personally feel that you are rarely addressed by men, it may be because of your facial expression and lack of eye contact. Just try it out for a day: put on a smile as you walk through the streets and look the people, especially of course men, open and happy in the face. You'll notice how easily you suddenly get in contact with other people and how quickly you make small talk with other men.

Flirting tips for her - Appearance also plays a significant role

Not only the smile and an open look promote that we are addressed by the opposite sex:

Of course, our appearance also plays a crucial role. Slimming and muscles are in line with our ideal of beauty, smooth skin and big eyes promote a youthful appearance and are highlighted by the Make Up.

If we do not just want loose flirts, but hope that something solid will turn out, it is clear that we wish that the partner not only looks after our appearance, but loves us because of our character.

And yet, the first impression we gain from a stranger is always about the look. And of course, we prefer to actively approach other people whom we would consider attractive.

This does not mean that we should transform ourselves from day to day to a completely different person. No. It is important in the first place that we feel good in our own skin and try to get the most out of ourselves.

If we have not been completely satisfied with our figure for several years, this usually also affects our self-confidence and our behavior when flirting. Reason enough to change the diet a bit, to leave out sweets and to do more sports again. The tumbling kilos not only provide a new body feeling, we are also noticeably more confident.

A little make-up, mascara and a delicate gloss for the lips are already enough to look natural and yet look fresh and rested.

Shoes with a slight heel make us suddenly go completely different and our hips wobble seductively while running.

Flirting tips for you - The right places are crucial

Many women know the problem: at a certain age, many men are already married, as another woman has discovered him several years ago. An evening can quickly end in frustration when every conversation turns out more or less quickly, that he is already in firm hands and has a faithful partner sitting at home, eagerly waiting for his return home.

So where are single men to be found?

A good option are the so-called Ü-parties, that is, the Ü30, Ü40, Ü50 etc. -Party. Especially there are usually many singles to be found. Often, many singles do not dare to go there alone, which is why they usually take a person along as an accompaniment, which is often forgiven. Nevertheless, we are dealing here with a really high density of singles.

In addition, every day situations in which we have the opportunity to flirt with nice men, we usually take these situations just not true.

Or have you ever flirted in the gym with the well-trained Italian, who always gives you attentive glances? When was the last time you met the nice gentleman next to you in the S-Bahn on the way to work, who, incidentally, stung your eyes, gave a happy smile?

Why not just go for a walk with the four-legged darling, the brown-haired dog owner, whom we meet almost every time, say something friendly to greet you and develop a conversation from it?

Flirt tips for her - do not fill silence with wrong topics of conversation

Everyone knows them, nobody likes them: this one situation in which all at once the words go out and we in a disagreeable silence.

Men often bridge this silence with an embarrassed laughter or some story that is supposed to be funny. Women, too, try to bridge this silence in some way, but unfortunately they often do so through wrong topics.

Negative statements about people in the area, eg "Look at those at the back of the table. As it looks like that should not eat a cake "come in men anything but good. Many women forget at this moment that they are not traveling with their best friend.

Because: With the best of such revelations are quite allowed, without that the girlfriend gets a bad impression. On the other hand, during a flirt, the man experiences the woman directly from her beastly side and quickly feels deterred by it.

Flirt Tips for him - See flirting as a casual and playful conversation

Especially if we have been single for a long time, we quickly develop the hope, with a flirt, that something solid could develop out of it. Depending on how strong the desire for a new partnership in us, this also affects our flirts (negative) influence.

Thus, it quickly happens that she is already stating on the first call whether he is eligible for a partnership. Instead of just enjoying the flirtation and absorbing the feelings of happiness in us, we then ask him questions in the sense of "And, do you already have children?", "Do you wish for children later?", "Would you like to marry?", "Could Imagine being back in business and staying at home with the children? "

Of course, it is understandable why we ask questions of this kind. We do not want to waste our precious time with a man, make appointments and fall in love with many dates, only to end up discovering that we have completely different futures.

Nevertheless, this often gives him the impression that the woman is clinging and sees in him only a potential sperm donor. We see: It is important to balance. Therefore, we recommend that you do not discuss such controversial topics when you first flirt with him. Instead, we should just enjoy the flirting. If numbers are exchanged at the end and there is a first date, these topics can still be touched on.

Flirt Tips for her - Random touches turn the conversation into a flirtation

You talk to each other, you laugh sincerely and you realize that he really likes you very much. And now? How do you intensify your flirtation, how do you show your interest?

Seemingly random touches during your flirtation will make you show your affection and give him the signal to be able to flirt with you more intensively.

You sit next to each other? How about if you just put your hand on his thigh for a moment? Of course, you also have the option of touching him on the back or on the shoulder while you are laughing heartily.

Flirt tips for her - Do not stick to your best friend

It does not matter if you go out with a group of several women or only with your best friend: Men prefer to approach women who are traveling alone. But women who feel a bit unsure often tend to stick very tightly to their girlfriends.

If the girlfriend in the pub needs to go to the bathroom, she prefers to go with her instead of sitting alone at the table. When they both go to a club together and the girlfriend suddenly starts to dance a bit more with another man, this does not suit the other one very much as she is suddenly more or less alone on the dance floor and does not know how to handle it,

This is exactly the secret when it comes to getting to know men. Those who cling tightly to their companions greatly reduce their chances of being addressed by the opposite sex.

Despite these flirt tips, do you feel like you're just getting to know the wrong men and you think you'll never find the right one? You do not want anything more wistful than finally finding the right man?

Then ask us for a flirt coaching for women. Our flier experts will show you how to make men aware of you in everyday life and how to get them to talk to you. So that you too find the right one. We look forward to hearing from you.

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