Flirt Chats - What makes good chats really?

Looking for Tips for Flirt Chats?

The entire single world feels like Tinder, Lovoo and Finya. Some hope to find their great love online, others just want fun without commitment.

Both can be found. The prerequisite for this, however, is first to successfully write down a foreign woman. For many, the first message is the biggest obstacle. But just because it responds to the first message does not mean it's coming to a meeting. Often, at some point, the chat comes to a standstill and both continue writing with other people.

But that's exactly what you no longer care about. So, what exactly is good flirting chats and how does it decide whether to engage in a meeting?

Features good flirting charts

Good Flirt Chats start directly auspiciously. Nothing with "hey sweetie" or "hi, how are you?". Why? Very easily. In this way every day it is written by many men. So you are just one of many and you go down in the crowd of their worshipers.

So it may be quiet at the first message something original. And how? Well, for example, by referring to your profile picture in your first message. She is sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee in her hand? Then, for example, offers as the first message to write "man, you look like a woman who likes to drink her coffee black, or you are just doing so hard and drink in real cocoa?"

You do not have to write anything world-moving, as long as your message sticks out of the crowd, and that's what makes them want to answer you.

How long should I wait with my answer for good flirt chats?

One of the most popular women in online dating and online flirting: Shall I answer her immediately after she writes me? Should I allow a little time to elapse so that I am busy and more interesting to her?

Rules that say that you should always wait at least as long as you have waited with your answer are absolute nonsense. Just answer it when you see their message. Anyone who leads a normal life and goes to work does not always have time to always respond immediately to all messages. Your fear that you seem to be uninteresting by immediate answers, therefore, is unfounded anyway.

What should I say if she writes lousy answers?

Many women are accustomed to receiving numerous, crude messages from men. Inquiries, in which just "fuck" is or even a picture of the erected member is sent, are absolutely not uncommon. Not surprisingly, many a lady is rather critical of the men she's written to from the beginning.

Since it is not uncommon for a woman to counter your first message directly with the words "And you? Do you want to fuck only? "

What should a man answer to such a message? Cancel the chat directly and look for the next match? And that, although her profile picture is really promising and you would really like to meet her?

The thing you are currently facing is the so-called shittest. She puts you to the test to find out how you react to her negative message. And you? What will you do? Will you answer her "Huh? What shoud that? I just wanted to write nice times to you ... "or do you write teasingly back" So actually I just wanted to meet the woman who likes to spend a lot of time with her four-legged friend. But of course, if you're so crazy about me, I will not say no :-P "

Do not take their message too seriously. Answer in a relaxed, humorous style and show her with your message that you want to meet the woman behind the profile.

How do I keep Flirt Chats going?

Many men who like to chat frequently know the problem that the woman answers at the beginning to the news, but the chat eventually comes to a standstill. How can this be prevented?

One measure is to formulate open questions. Who formulates his questions closed, so that with a simple "yes" or "no" can be responded to that must not be surprised if the chat does not lead to the desired success.

Instead, try to formulate your questions in such a way that you need to write more than one word. Instead of referring to her profile picture sitting on a horse and simply writing "and you like to ride?" You should rather ask her a provocative question "Soso, a rider. What is the name of the horse on whose back is the happiness of the earth? :-) "

Flirt chats should not last forever, but have the function of leading you to the date

Many men forget when chatting with her that the chat should have the function, someday to arrange a date. Because by chatting you do not really get to know them, nor do you get any closer.

So do not miss the right time to ask for a meeting. Do not write with her for weeks, but ask as soon as possible about your date.

It is advisable not to formulate this as a question, but to make a statement directly. Whoever writes to her "Would you like to have a cup of coffee after work on Friday?" Who risks giving her a "no" answer. Tactically much cleverer it is instead to submit her directly to a proposal that they can not refuse.

How about, for example, with the message "Hey Laura, I'd really like to go bouldering again. When does it suit you better? Friday 6 pm or Saturday 1 pm? I'll pick you up at the marketplace. "

First, the offer is damned tempting, and second, you do not give her the opportunity to respond with a simple "no".

So you increase your chances on a date many times over.

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