Finya Costs - What Can This Flirt App?

Finya cost - A giant in the industry

With 16 years of experience in the online industry, Finya is one of the oldest dating sites in the German-speaking world. The Hamburg-based company attaches great importance to staying for free, although it has established itself as a high-quality dating site.

With around 1.2 million users, Finya has one of the largest communities in the 20-40 age group. Instead of a sophisticated algorithm that ensures the right match between man and woman, there is a particularly sophisticated search function here, with which the circle of singles in your environment can be made smaller or larger according to your wishes.

Finya cost: Finya remains free

Finya was and is keen to offer all its features for free. In order to be able to finance nevertheless, advertisements are here to a large extent switched and in addition the personal data to third - albeit anonymously - passed on.

If you do not mind, or if you just sign in with a spam email address, you'll get a lot of money for it. Unlike other modern flirt markets or apps, Finya is more in the style of a community like Facebook.

Finya tastes: more than just self-expression

Since Finya brings its members into contact with each other via a special search function, instead of automatically linking them via an algorithm, the search for a partner is much more open here. But not only in finding partners, there is a lot of freedom compared to most other flirtapps and dating sites, even in the creation of personal profile Finya offers plenty of space for free development and self-expression of users.

Although only 5 selected photos can be uploaded for the personal profile, a very detailed questionnaire for the areas of lifestyle, preferences, character and expectations of love and partnership can be found, which in turn can be answered with up to 500 characters each. Even the personally written information may be much longer here with 5000 characters, as with many comparable exchanges.

In addition, many more, detailed information can be made, which concern personal standard information on the appearance as well as the current life situation. In addition there are information about favorite things and things as well as the intentions pursued on Finya. It can choose from a solid partnership to the adventure or just the search for new contacts completely free which kind of interpersonal contacts are currently being searched.

Finya Cost: MatchClick words instead of usual matches

A special additional tool of Finya are the so-called MatchClick words under which the members can be found. This is a feature that allows members to enter specific keywords for their person under which they can be found. The more special and fun, the better.

For example, the MatchClick word may be "fish sticks" and thus bring fish stick lovers together. But you can just as well use the function to find like-minded people for personal hobbies and preferences. In addition to the many different profile information can then also 2 different status messages on the topic "I feel ..." and "I want to ..." write and update as desired.

Finya costs: Become known in the community

Since Finya has many similarities to other communities, a photo voting function should not be missing. Here, the members can consider adding voluntarily selected photos in the photo voting.

The other members can now rate this photo. This now offers the opportunity to climb the appeal score and thus gain popularity in the community. If you do not feel like it, you can use Finya's many other community-typical functions, such as guestbook entries that can be read and commented on by third parties, or even adding them to a personal favorites list.

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