Äffle and Pferdle - When the sister duo suddenly flirts ...

They are probably the most famous cartoon duo in southern Germany - Äffle and Pferdle. Now you were at Flirt University in Stuttgart ...

The dream team has already been around for over fifty years. Äffle and Pferdle were created already in 1959, they were played at the beginning of their steep career in Süddeutscher Rundfunk. If they were originally seen in the evening program as an advertising separator, they are now played together since 2017 on Friday after the national show in a three-minute format.

So much for the historical facts and figures about Äffle and Pferdle. But how did the two cult figures manage to sneak into the hearts of the audience so quickly? What makes her so amiable and funny at the same time? And above all, if Äffle and Pferdle were humans, who would have better chances with the opposite sex?

What are the two cult characters really made of?

The horse impresses with a particularly dry sense of humor. It is experienced, mature and educated. Despite his coziness and his self-contained nature, he is not boring, it knows quite to busy. In case of problems, the horse always has the right, of course very economical and practically applicable solution ready. No wonder that the naivety of the Äffles makes him white-hot and hopelessly shakes his head.

And the Äffle? The Äffle does not share the dry humor of the horse, but shows itself from its particularly naïve and rather childish way of thinking. This is also supported by the high, slightly shrill ringing voice. A little clumsy and clumsy, it goes through life and seems to master the small difficulties of everyday life more or less well. The irony of the horse does not understand it, because he takes everything he speaks directly and believes. Thus, between him and the horse again and again to wonderfully funny misunderstandings, in which always one of both is surprised by the reaction of the other.

If the horse is looking for a horsewoman, and the monkey is an ape ... then who has the better chance?

With all the spring fever, the SWR has set itself the task, which flirts of the two cult figures the better. Is it the horse that has better chances with the opposite sex, or is it the same?

The interviewed viewers and fans of the cartoon duo are all in agreement: The horse wins by a clear margin. And why is that?

Horst Wenzel takes position in the SWR and explains why the horse scores better in the other sex:

Through his mature and wise nature, the horse reminds the spectator of a real cavalier. Let's imagine him on a first date, he reminds directly to a gentleman who knows how a woman wants to be treated. Removing her coat and putting the chair a little to the table is a matter of course for him.

And the Äffle? His naivety does not remind us of a mature gentleman, but rather of a somewhat awkward boy, who does not really know what love is all about. Spring feelings? What's this? Butterflies in the stomach? What are they doing there? This is roughly how the viewer imagines the monkey when it comes to love.

A woman by the side of the Eiffel has to bring one thing above all else: a lot of patience. Nevertheless, for the Äffle his kindness speaks. In a partnership he would carry his partner on hands, and probably slipping on a banana and dropping her.

And the conclusion of the SWR? No matter whether the Äffle or the horse wins the flirting: It is crucial that the two have each other, because only together they are really funny and enchant the audience.

A friendship that will last a lifetime and inspire across generations.

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