For all men who want to find a girlfriend: 9 points that change your life

You want to find a girlfriend, but do not know why it has always failed?

You do not get on well with women. You literally feel as you talk to them, their disinterest. They answer you out of courtesy, only to turn to your buddy who somehow arrives at women much better.

Unfortunately, you have no idea what you can actually change about yourself. Is it your look? Are these the topics you talk about? Do you just have to put up with being alone forever and just never starting your own family? We tell you what you need to change to finally find a girlfriend.

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11 things that you need to change in order to finally succeed

1. Be confident

Your environment will tell you how confident or unsure you are. Even the women. And that's where the first problem is. Women want a confident man. A man who knows what he wants to achieve in his life and who is not afraid to take responsibility for himself and his actions. Have you ever actively approached a woman? No? This is because you do not dare, which in turn is due to your low self-esteem. So it's time to finally get out of your shy skin and become confident.

2. Realize your life goals

You've been dreaming about your dream job for a long time, but have never dared to quit your current job? You always wanted to move to your favorite city, but for fear of the consequences you never dared to take this step? Have you longed for a more daring hairstyle, a longer beard, but could not overcome yourself for fear of the looks and comments of your relatives?

Then it's time to finally realize your dreams! Because, if we can now speak plain language: A friend by your side can not make you happy. You have to be happy and content with your life, a friend is just an added bonus.

3. Teach you the radius

You can only make contact with women if you actively approach them. But you've probably been too shy to do that in reality. For that very reason you will now teach yourself the system of radius. Radius is a system of overcoming your shyness and making it possible to address all the beautiful women on the street as you have always dreamed.

4. Book a flirting seminar

A flirting seminar will teach you how to approach women in everyday life. But not only that. You will be shown live how you can flirt with strange women on the street and the ladies will even give you their number in the end. Well, got curious?

5. Learn to compliment properly

Can you compliment a woman without it being greasy or greasy? No? Then that's because you have not got the hang of it right yet and you have no idea how to handle a woman properly. Because a successful compliment flatters every lady, only if you say the wrong tone or the wrong content, it goes into the pants and drives out the lady.

6. Understand that a basket is nothing bad

What are you most afraid of when you want to talk to a strange woman? Right, it's the fear of rejection. Every man is afraid of a basket and imagines an absolute horror scenario in his head.

It is not your fault that she rejects you. She just has a boyfriend or is already married. Or who knows, maybe she's just in a very bad mood and you just got it now. That does not mean that you are unlucky with the next woman. Once you understand this point, it boosts your self-esteem.

7. Visit the right places

You can only find a friend if you are in places where women are also present. This does not include your football club or the hardware store, in which you like to stock up on new toys. No. These include the beach volleyball court and the shopping street, two real places where the female quota is very high.

8. Also dare to approach the matter soberly

Most guys who try their luck go out at night in nightclubs and clubs. It is much better to try your luck during the day. Why? Women are accustomed to being addressed and danced primitively at night. This means that you have a damnably high level of competition at night, because many men think like you and only after 22 o'clock try to land with a lady. During the day, no woman expects to be addressed on the street, which makes her much more receptive to contact.

9. Learn to take the lead

Do you know what's the quickest way to annoy women in a guy? If he is not man enough and does not dare to take responsibility for himself, his actions, his decisions and his life. And that's how it starts with little things.

Do you dare to call a particular café in a conversation where you are going to have a coffee, or do you first ask her what she thinks about your suggestion and whether she would prefer another café? Women like it when they do not always have to make the decision, for example what you want to do on your date, where you want to go shopping or what you want to eat. At last, make sure to take things in hand and confidently determine your everyday life.

You still have not found a girlfriend? Still, you feel helpless and alone, especially when you see other couples turtling through the streets? Then book a flirt coaching for men now! Horst Wenzel shows you how to overcome your shyness and how to deal with your fears. You find out how you just talk to a woman on the street, flirt with her and in the end even get her number.

You finally want to find a girlfriend to end the single life? Here are some more tips:

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