Ex girlfriend has new friend - how should I handle it?

You knew it was only a matter of time.

Actually, you assumed that would last with you. You firmly believed that all the quarrels were just a difficult period. At least until she has told you that she is no longer happy, that she no longer has the strength to fight, and that she ends the relationship.

With these words she has pulled the ground under her feet. But you have not given up hope. You had firmly believed that when you are separated, you become aware of what she had in you and she begins to miss you. You've contacted her, you've seen each other from time to time (although your friends advised against it), and from one day to the next, everything has changed: your ex has a new man at her side!

Ex girlfriend has new boyfriend - how are you doing with it?

Especially if there was still the hope on your own page that you might come together again, this message is a particularly tough one. But even if you have partnered with us, that fact can throw us off track, especially if the breakup is not very long ago.

Mostly we then live through a real mess of emotions. At first, it is the doubt about their sincerity that plagues us. Did she ever love us when she was so quick to get involved with someone new? Did she cheat us during the relationship with him? Or have we not cared about her for a long time and she stayed with us only for financial reasons?

If the ex girlfriend jumps directly into the next relationship this does not mean that she has never felt anything for us. But on the contrary. Often, such behavior is a sign that you are more involved in the separation than it wants to admit, and that it can distract you from it. Also keep in mind that there are many adults who simply can not be alone. They do not tolerate themselves, are usually dependent, they do not know how to start alone and they need a partner who can handle urgencies such as tax returns, call the internet service provider or read the gas.

If your ex girlfriend belongs to one of these two categories, you no longer have to hold a grudge against her. Instead, you should pity her that she does not seem to be able to cope on her own and needs someone to distract her and take away the "complicated" things in life.

Ex girlfriend has new boyfriend - Do not let that get you off track

It is not without reason your ex girlfriend. It just did not work between you anymore. That's exactly what you should always keep in mind. It is better for you both to be separated now, because now you both have the chance to be happy again.

Even if it is difficult: Try to be happy. Rejoice that you no longer have to endure their quirks, that you no longer have to listen to their nagging, that you no longer have to tell yourself how corrosive your friends are, that you no longer have to be dictated to as yours Have leisure time to make sure that you are no longer exposed to their whims. Rejoice that all this shit now her new bear and that you finally have your well-deserved rest!

Ex girlfriend has new boyfriend - Do not be jealous, even if you may be

Of course it is normal for you to react jealously. Although you know their negative quirks, but still on your side not all feelings for them have completely disappeared.

Still, do not get down to that level that you stupidly turn it off the page if you run into it. You do not need to mock and drag him over with common friends. Hey, you newbie can not help it, that your ex in the end was so nasty to you, broke up in a nasty way and your heart has torn out and crippled.

To ignore it is enough! You see him on the street? Anyway, he's just not there for you. Your friends unintentionally direct the conversation in this direction? You do not talk about it.

She ended the relationship with him and wants to get back to you?

After two months, she suddenly realized he was an asshole and you miss her terribly? Buddy, do not make the mistake of receiving them with open arms! The train is absolutely crazy!

Once ex, always ex! If you take her back now, you'll show her how needy and dependent you are on her. This in turn signals to her that she can always look for other, better men. If it does not work out, she can finally come back to you, after all, you will not be able to unsubscribe from her anyway.

Do you notice where you are going with such behavior? Also, remember that she will have barely changed in the two months. This means that once you're back together, all the differences, quarrels, and outbursts start all over again. Both of you will not be happy.

Ex girlfriend has new friend? Let her pull and close with her

The only chance you have to be happy again is to be with her and the relationship. As long as you are still mentally attached to this partnership, as long as you believe that you will not find another, as long as you will not be happy.

Keep recalling your negative qualities! Delete shared pictures of her! Put your clutter in a box and put it in the cellar! Delete her number, lock her on Facebook and WhatsApp. Impose a ban on yourself to her. Because if you start calling her photos on Facebook again and again and constantly stalking her profile picture at WhatsApp, then you'll never get over her.

You can not manage to let her go? The fact that she has a new one right after the break-up makes you incredibly hard to deal with, even though you would like to leave all this behind? Then it's time for us to ask you for a flirt coaching. Our flirt professionals help you forget your ex and show you how to succeed with other women. We look forward to hearing from you!

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