First Date - where to go? 10 brilliant location tips!

When the first date is due

You got to know an interesting partner or a fascinating partner and would like to shift the contact from the Internet into reality?

Now you are faced with the question: First Date - where best? Of course, you can suggest an invitation to the restaurant followed by a visit to the cinema, but this is one of the most boring and unimaginative evening Date ideas and speaks for little creativity.

The first date is the crucial moment in which your counterpart is either totally thrilled by you, or a second date is guaranteed to decline. Rather than relying on classic date ideas in the evenings, and thus only presenting your creativity ineptitude, you should think seriously about good date activities for your first date. Here are some creative ideas that are guaranteed to spark interest and are something new, out of the ordinary and out of the ordinary.

First Date - where to go and what to do?

It is best to meet in a public place, for example at the entrance of the zoo, in the city park, in front of a club or you can meet at the train station. Of course you should know before the meeting what activities you have planned for your first date and how you keep the conversation going. Not that your first date ends in the long silence and your counterpart is happy when the get-together ends and everyone goes home alone.

Going home is also the key word that you should listen to. Because if you are too hasty and suggest the passage to you right away, your opponent may feel overwhelmed and believe that you are not interested in being with the person, but only in his or her body and the first date for a quick erotic one Want to use adventure without liabilities.

10 Tips for a Successful First Date - Where It Can Lead

There is no reason to focus exclusively on dating ideas that take place in the evening and let the day go by in excitement and waiting.

1. The ideal meeting place for the first date

As already mentioned, arrange to meet in a public place and "sniff around". Since you already know something about common interests and thus can become active, use the knowledge and plan a date with action. A flight over the city with the hot air balloon, a trip by train or a sports event (such as beach volleyball, boxing, horse racing) are usually very good and show that you are no boring.

2. The confidence trick for the 1st Date

Very popular are dates that lead you to different places and so let the time together feel much longer. Ask yourself before your date, what could be stuck afterwards.

Is it sitting in a restaurant or just having a bar. Or think of your appointment afterwards on an eventful day full of action and shared experiences. If we experience something with a person at different locations, then it seems to us because of the changing environment, as if we have known the person for some time. Take advantage of this effect and arrange for one or more changes of wallpaper on the Date.

3. Education at the first meeting

Culture and art are very well received by Dates. A photo exhibition, which may well have an erotic background, or a visit to a vernissage leave an impression and show that you are a creative person.

Before you can take a walk through the zoo or arrange to minigolf. With such a creative first date, it's clear that your date ideas will lead you to your home or home in the evening and not focus on talking, but getting to know your body. So that the whole package is right.

4. Action gets your heart pumping

The best way to do this is to have a Gotcha Match in a hall or park, use your first date on a bike ride, and choose interesting and mysterious waypoints to linger.

Also an Airhocket tournament provides action at the meeting and stir your heart. Your first date - where should the trip go? In nature or in the neighboring city would be two opportunities that are guaranteed to appeal and show that you are also in a partnership enterprising.

5. Common fun is in the foreground

A karaoke show, poetry slam or an improvisational theater to join in are creative dating ideas where you can get to know each other in peace and have lots of fun together. Of course it must be you, because just karaoke provides joy only when you have fun and you are not ashamed.

If a slanted sound comes over your lips, laugh together about it. It's not about impressing others, but choosing a dating activity that easily and easily breaks the ice between you two. Not the perfection, but the adventure, the shared laughter and the individually chosen location let your date ideas end in the evening at your home and ensure success.

6. Help your luck on the jumps

Also playing billiards or snooker, a visit to the casino or the local casino is a creative idea for the first date. Of course you pay, because the other way around, your counterpart would not enjoy your idea. You can turn a casino profit upside down and invest it in cool drinks in a trendy Music Bar, the best club in the city or in the upscale restaurant. If it does not work with the profit. Cheer up, because it's well known, "bad luck in the game, happiness in love".

7. Alcohol on the first date

A brewery tour with tasting is also a possible stop for a first date. Stay away from the tasting, after all, the date should not end under the brewery bar. Even a visit to a vineyard is ideal for a romantic date, especially if the dating partner is more on wine than on beer. Quickly different topics of conversation will arise. Alcohol in moderation relaxes you a little bit and another glass is a good reason to stop at the other one later.

Just inquire, if maybe on the weekend of your date a wine festival is taking place in your city

8. Whether sporty or extraordinary ...

... everything is better than boring. Go swimming or diving and then visit a castle from where you can watch the sunset. An exuberant first date can also lead to a medieval spectacle, for throwing yourself into radiant armor and becoming a rescuing knight.

If you enjoy disguise, such an event is ideal for both of you and brings a variety of adventures, as well as music and culinary delights from the Middle Ages into your date. Whether you live in Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin or Munich, inform yourself before your meeting what is going on in your city, on the website of your city or in local magazines there are always event calendars.

9. Combine activity and wellness on the first date

Meet in the city, go to the gym together or do some other sport together. Afterwards, a visit to the sauna or the SPA area is a contrasting variety and get into the mood for an erotic evening. Relaxed you can end the evening with a live band or make an evening trip to a trendy bar or to a trendy musical.

10. You have to feel good

Of course, if you feel comfortable on your date, it will affect the whole situation very well. You can also choose places you already know to give some security. It does not take you any further if you decide on a dating activity that does not give you any pleasure, just to make an impression on it. She will feel that you do not enjoy the date and this negative mood will be transmitted to her afterwards.

First date where best? Our conclusion:

The more diversified, versatile and funny you design your first date, the better your chances of a common journey home and a romantic, hot and erotic ending of the evening. It is important that you feel comfortable in the company and you both have fun. Do not try to perfect everything, but instead create shared experiences that you will remember for a long time to come. No matter what you undertake, erotic allusions are expressly allowed and stimulate the imagination on the way to bed. We wish you good luck!

If we can help you with the professional preparation for an upcoming date or if you do not have the opponent for joint activities, then let us personally advise you.

It is important that you do with her exactly what you like to do and where you feel completely well and safe. If one of the things listed here is one of your favorite pastimes on your first date, so much the better. The more fun you have, the more fun you will have with your first get-together!

Here you can find out more about our flirting seminar in practice. We are happy to help you as part of a professional flirt coaching, if we can assist you in the preparation of dates and generating dates!

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