First Date Welcome - Just shake hands or hug yourself?

First Date Welcome - Tips for starting your date

The first date with a strange woman is always an exciting thing. We are excited and have thought long before exactly what we can do together. We hope that we get along well with our date, we spend a fun day together and in the end we agree to meet again.

As we stand in front of the mirror and throw in one last look to make sure that we have not messed up while brushing our teeth, we suddenly wonder how we should actually greet them. The classic handshake? A loose handshake? Or already the hug?

The type of greeting depends on the situation.

How we greet each other often depends on age and how well we already know each other. If we have been writing about Tinder for three days, we hardly know each other, after all only messages were exchanged. Often the singles in this situation prefer a casual handshake.

The situation is different if you already know each other. For example, because you met each other through friends and you have already met at several celebrations. Then you can start directly with a hug.

A hug, of course, is much more intimate than shaking hands. Shaking hands is particularly popular in the business sector, as well as in people we barely know. The formal shaking hands reminds quickly of a business lunch, but not a date. Although the mutual contact of the hands is already a first physical contact, but still a very distant.

Quite different is the embrace. In this we come very close to the other and thus break the ice directly at the beginning. Our big excitement disappears immediately.

In addition, the age of the singles is crucial. Younger people are usually much looser and more open about new contacts and often prefer embraces, while older people prefer the classic handshake.

What if one wants to shake hands and the other wants a hug?

The situation becomes uncomfortable when one person reaches out to his counterpart for a handshake while the other person is already embracing the other person. Then the person suddenly rows back, also extends her hand, while the first person has already taken a step on the opposite and yet wanted to open for a hug.

How do we handle a situation like this? By deciding directly how we want to greet the person. Once we have decided to embrace, we extend our arms early enough so that the other person knows that there will be a hug as a greeting.

If we almost do not know the other person and notice that the person looks completely different than in the photos she posted online at Tinder, which causes us to suddenly lose interest, we reach out early enough to signal that we prefer shaking hands.

First Date Welcome - Do not forget the smile

Especially men often have the problem that they forget their facial expressions in case of tension or excitement. They see their date and instead of smiling, their forehead wrinkles.

Hey, no matter how excited you are, relax! What can happen to you? Of course, you're excited and wondering how your date will be. But, you know what? That's exactly what you'll find out in the next few hours.

What happens after the greeting?

Depending on how much you care about her, it can happen that you are missing out on excitement. And right in front of it you are terrified.

Maybe you already know it about yourself, about celebrations and parties, that after you have greeted strange people or you were introduced to them, you mostly did not know what to talk about.

First of all attach to your date. For example, "Hey, cool that it worked, " or ask her how she is doing and how her day has gone so far. More tips for exciting topics for first date you can find here: 370 Date topics to talk to.

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First Date Greeting - More tips for the welcome and the first meeting

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