Erotic Places in Berlin - You must not miss these places!

Looking for erotic places in Berlin?

Berlin, the sex capital, offers a huge spectrum of erotic offers and places.

The most original and spectacular places were researched for the new book by Dirk Engelhardt "69 erotic places in Berlin" and accompany the reader on an erotic city exploration to swinger clubs, massage parlors, erotic theaters, Tantra studios, brothels, galleries, shops, nude photographers, S / M Studios, burlesque striptease and much more. Even a museum with a 100-year-old whorehouse is included!

Mekkanische Rose Love goes through the nose

Of course, the perfumer is occasionally asked which scent works erotic. There is no answer to this question, then the master answers, because every person perceives scents differently. There is no division in men's fragrances and women's fragrances in the Meckkanian Rose, all scents are suitable for both men and women.

A fragrance like "Sakina", which smells sensual and oriental, is more favored by women, while "Khalil", a spicy fragrance, is more likely to be taken by men. Fragrance lamps, soaps from Provence and home-made fragrance oils such as "Inspiration", "Meditation" or "Rose Garden" are also available in the small shop.

Leibnizstr. 47 Tel. 030 3231419

Van Kampen seduction in Wilmersdorf

"It really looks like the picture!" That's what the housekeeper hears in the "Beletage" Van Kampen more often. While other establishments retouch with Photoshop, if the models have defects in the skin or in relation to slimming, the customer will actually get what Van Kampen has seen on screen.

Van Kampen is a daily brothel open daily from 10am to 11pm, and during this time there is always a large selection of ladies for the 8 spacious rooms. Another service of the house: the customer is, if he likes, with a free glass of sparkling wine received.

Forckenbeckstr. 1 Tel. 030

Ego24 The sex supermarket

Between Charlottenburg and Spandau, in a commercial park with many parking lots, lies the largest and most elegant erotic market in Berlin with 1400 square meters. Ego24 is more than an erotic shop, because in the back there is a themed landscape in which it really gets down to business.

The assortment in the store is rich: there are DVDs, books, games, aids and sex toys of all kinds. Even erotic photo books and audiobooks are in the assortment. Condoms, massage oils, accessories for fans of 50 Shades of Gray, and of course sexy clothing.

Lacquer corsets, latex penis coats, handcuffs, ankle cuffs ... the offer is inexhaustible. A special section is dedicated to the love toy for beginners. For men and women, there are various perfumes with pheromones that magically attract the opposite sex.

Charlottenburger Chaussee 47a Tel. 030

The Aktgalerie The only one in the whole of Germany

The Aktgalerie was created in the 90s when more than 100 shops were vacant in Boxhagener Kiez. Since then, the rental price has only slightly increased, and so a photographer can exhibit his works in the Aktgalerie for only 45 euros per month.

Nude photography is quite controversial, and so it happened that the founder of Aktgalerie and with him around 30 photographers left the club. Now there are only 18 photographers - the majority male.

The gallery has two rooms, with the "harder" photos usually placed in the back room. There are few passing customers in this part of Friedrichshain, and the people who happen to walk by the gallery usually do not dare to enter. It is always open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 7pm.

Krossener Str. 34 Tel. 030 6263249

The neighborhood of Christopher Isherwood The neighborhood on Nollendorfplatz holds many sinful historical places of the 20's

City guide Brendan Nash is impressed by the historical figure of Christopher Isherwood, you can tell. Writer Isherwood lived in an old building on Nollendorfstra├če 17 in the 1920s. He moved to Berlin in 1929, when he was 24 years old.

The house was full of ecstasy, which served as a basis for his novels like "Mr. Norris Changes Trains "and" Goodbye to Berlin "served. This resulted in 1966, the musical "Cabaret". Isherwood lived with Jean Ross, who inspired him to create the character of Sally Bowles. He baste in the notion that he was one of the few wanderers between the worlds, in a foreign land, to hide in dresses and one day to be buried in a cemetery unknown.

Tel. 0151 25220342 Guided tour in English every Saturday at 11am at Nollendorfplatz. Cost: 15 euros per person Duration: 2 hours

Ngel Massagen Concentrated eroticism in the Day Spa

The massage studio can also be described as a day spa, after all there are special treatments such as hot stone massages, body peeling, hot candle wax massage and aqua relax in combination with erotic Tantra and Nuru massages.

Why NGel Massages & Spa? The name "NGel" is derived from the Nuru massage gel, which is used for the erotic Nuru massage. The massage gel is extremely slippery and originally comes from Japan. It increases the sense of touch of the skin and produces an erotic effect. The names of the three massage rooms are also named after the varieties of gel in Classic, Spa and Premium rooms and complete the concept from the name of the logo, to the Angels (NGels) that massage here.

Bismarckstr. 74/75 Tel. 030 54485706

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