Erotic adventures - why so many people yearn for them and what they give us

You want more erotic adventures?

Many dream of it. Just having sex with an unknown person once. She throws us clear looks in the club, we follow her to the bathroom and suddenly have hot sex in one of the narrow booths and try to be as quiet as possible.

Almost everyone has ever imagined an erotic adventure. But what is it that makes us feel so sexually outside of the relationship? Why do we long for contact with a stranger when the faithful partner is next to us?

So you get sex on vacation

Erotic adventures are a welcome change

Do you know what most relationships fail with? It is the everyday life that destroys the caresses and ultimately the relationship. In almost every relationship boredom comes up sooner or later. The same thing is always done, you just sit in front of the TV and do not talk to each other anymore.

And so it happens that the sex life falls asleep and eventually nothing works. Once it comes to sex, it is usually the default program: she lies down and lets the sex over him, while he dispassionately just pushes until he comes to orgasm.

And is it any wonder that there is constant fraud in relationships and secret affairs?

Erotic adventures offer the opportunity to live out secret fantasies

Also, the fact that many sexual desires are not addressed in a relationship leads to the charm of the forbidden or the affair. Because in a spontaneous adventure, both hardly or hardly know each other, there is nothing that would be embarrassing. All wishes and ideas can be addressed openly or tried out directly.

In addition, there are now numerous portals on the Internet, which facilitate the search for and find an erotic adventure not only extremely, but in these can also be specifically searched for sexual preferences. Bye Blümchensex, hello anal sex!

Even with the steady partner an erotic adventure can be experienced!

Keeping an eye out for an ONS or affair in a bad sex life is not just the simplest, but the worst way. For how should it continue after your fraud? End a relationship? Confess the fraud and let the partner decide? Continue affair and hide? No tempting prospects.

Instead, you should work to actively change your sex life again. What is different now than at the beginning of the relationship? Is there no passion left? Do you have much less often? These are the really important points to follow.

How do I bring variety to our sex life?

Most people have similar sexual desires. For example, sex outdoors or (in women) to be taken hard. But to realize these wishes, there is no need for a second wife, but just courage to change.

Why do not you just try sex in the car? Why do not you just walk in the dark at night, in an inanimate place, through the park and look for a secluded spot there for a quick number?

Why not finally fulfill the dream of a quickie in a locker room? Why so timid? Even with your firm partner, you can have good sex, you just have to do something for it.

What about the charm of the forbidden?

We humans always want what we can not have. Why is that? This is probably due to the fear of missing something. People who are single are afraid to never find their great love. People who live in a relationship are worried that someone else out there might fit much better.

And so it happens that we live in a partnership, maybe even happy (except for normal quarrels that are part of it), and yet we long for something new, something alien, an adventure.

What could be more obvious than to suddenly get into the flirtation with the nice colleague and more? Or give in to the longing for a kiss at a secret meeting? The knowledge to do something wrong, something morally reprehensible, that's what makes for a very special kick and later for the especially bad conscience.

It does not have to be alienated, just to provide tension and a kick.

So you bring tension into your relationship and let them become an erotic adventure

As we have already described, things like sex in public make you feel a lot of excitement and an adrenaline rush while having sex with your partner, which is much bigger and more desirable than cheating.

But gimmicks in bed also boost your sex life and take you to almost cosmic heights. How about bondage games? Or a harder gait, where you grab it tight, throw it on the bed and take what you want?

You think that does not like your partner? Wrong thought! The intimate longings of women are pretty much the same in almost all ladies. Especially through tougher sex, he shows his masculine side, which makes many women crazy.

So, calm down and let your relationship become your erotic adventure, instead of looking for other women and going astray.

You do not want to go cheating, because your sex life has fallen asleep a bit, but because you are heartbroken? You would like to break up, but you just do not dare to take this step? Then get help in a flirting seminar. Horst Wenzel takes specific care of your situation and gives you tips on how to actively change your relationship for the better.

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