Event marketing: Cool examples of how to succeed and what can go wrong

Do you know what adventure marketing is?

Marketing, a pretty dry and boring topic. And yet this topic is of enormous importance for every company. Meanwhile, there is also a slow change in the field of marketing. More and more widespread is the so-called experience marketing, which promises the consumer to live life properly when the advertised product is used.

Surely you have already noticed that more and more museums or other leisure activities have integrated the word 'experience' in the official name. In this way then adventure parks, adventure hotels, adventure museums, etc. arise.

However, it is not really innovative, just to integrate this little word in the name and otherwise leave everything the same. So when can we speak of a really successful experience marketing? Are there any companies that have already successfully implemented this?

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The Snapcube - The best example for a special experience marketing

Experience marketing aims to fascinate the user in their application. The products should be lived and experienced. A well-known example of this is the Snapcube. Maybe you do not know the product under this name, but surely you already noticed the cool photo boxes at big events or at weddings? Then you met the Snapcube live!

These photo boxes are not just designed to shoot photos, but complete visual experience worlds are built: Both the floor inside the box and the background - Everything is thematically coordinated and depicts a small world.

Adventure marketing in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has a hard time these days. The current VW scandal also contributes to lower confidence in German car manufacturers. Here, too, experience marketing is intended to remedy the situation and boost sales. The main goal is to recruit a new group of customers who would not normally be interested in the brand in question.

A well-known user of experience marketing is Mercedes-Benz. In a cinema advertisement, shortly before the beginning of the film, Matthias Schweighöfer and Till Schweiger drive in the new A-Class. The story of the advertisement is optionally embedded in a happy, serious or sad context. This should lead to the advertising being better memorized and, above all, because of the hip actors, younger people are considering buying an A-Class.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz built so-called adventure parks. These include the customer centers in which the new car is picked up after purchase. The parks have the function to provide a unique experience for the customer.

Experience marketing in the craft industry

More and more small businesses, be it the joinery or the garage, allow their customers to look behind the scenes. You can be there to experience how the piece of wood is prepared before processing and are there when it gains shape. Each step is explained to them, so that they learn how the end product actually arises.

Maybe you have already taken part in a course and even paid to be initiated into a particular craft? This can be the course at the blacksmith, where you have made your own wedding rings or even the visit of a candy factory, in which you get presented a sticky sweet mass, and makes lollipops and candies.

Such courses allow customers to be close to the product and to understand how it actually works and why it ends up looking, tasting, smelling as it does.

Examples of how experience marketing goes awry and becomes a disaster:

The bankruptcy at Jägermeister

Above all, big and well-known brands regularly drive experience marketing. So also Jägermeister, the schnapps wants to be finally brought to the young (and old) people. It is stupid when the event goes bad in the pants. But what went wrong?

At the 'Poison Pool Party' in Mexico, the dancefloor should be a bit cooler than it already is with neat fog. And as the name implies, there was also a pool on site. It just stupid that the nitrogen of the mist reacts with chlorine and makes the oxygen in the space scarce. Many people have fainted due to the lack of oxygen, a visitor even fell into a coma.


Maybe you know the brand Snapple, which produces sweet and fruity soft drinks. In 2005, the company decided to strengthen a particularly innovative promotion. The idea? A 7.5-meter-high water from this soft drink should be placed in the middle of New York in Times Square. The problem? The hot summer weather.

Already when unloading the ice melted. Only a little later, even the fire brigade had to be summoned to rid the streets of all the streets, cars, lanterns and billboards of the sweet and sticky liquid.

What do we learn from these examples? Experience marketing is able to bring the advertised product in a refreshing way to the customer. The customer is not simply promoted with advertising slogans, but experiences something unique. This experience is memorized, which will keep the customer in mind for a long time to the advertised brand.

And yet we have noticed that this kind of marketing can also go nasty wrong. If it is not just about smaller courses that are offered in a company, but really big events, always appropriate safety precautions must be taken. The fact that the weather should be considered at outdoor events should be taken for granted.

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