Successfully overcome the inferiority complex

Those who suffer from an inferiority complex restrict themselves in all areas of their lives.

Whether at work, with friends or in love: who suffers from a strong inferiority complex, draws the wrong from all experiences and encounters.

Certain self-doubt knows each of us. It is normal for us to sometimes refer and personally take things that have not been against us.

For example, when a colleague points out a mistake at work. He just wanted to keep us from getting the boss's attention to this mistake, but we consider this a direct reproach. Everybody has such bad days sometimes.

However, an inferiority complex is much more drastic than low self-esteem.

How is an inferiority complex developing?

Often the basis for the inferiority complex develops in childhood. Not all parents really live up to their parenting role. If children receive little love and recognition and have to fight for benevolent words, they unconsciously learn that they are not worth loving.

But too much attention and love can lead to this. For example, if the parents are separated and it is an only child, many parents literally shower their children with love because they have no partner at their side to whom they can show their love. If a child is pampered around the clock, it is often difficult for the child to make friends and socialize at school.

How does an inferiority complex express itself?

People who have a very strong inferiority complex always see the negative. They take everything on themselves, always in a negative sense. When they hear a group of people laugh, they immediately believe they are being laughed at.

If someone looks at them, those affected do not believe that they are viewed because the other classifies them as pretty or attractive. No, they think the people around them are staring because they're too fat, with a pimple on their faces, or are otherwise considered unattractive by their environment.

Overcoming the inferiority complex is a long and difficult process. Many try this by distracting oneself by material things. For women it is the designer handbags for hundreds of euros as well as the artificial fingernails and constant hairdresser visits, for men always the latest smartphone or other technical gadgets that is not really necessary. But these status symbols bridge the internal pain created by inferiority complexes only for a short period of time.

The frenzy stuns only for a moment the grief that takes the soul.

Very "arrogant" people are often a deterrent to their environment, but behind this arrogance often joins that terrible insecurity that plagues them.

People with inferiority complexes are usually unable to have a relationship

People who suffer from inferiority complexes are unable to accept themselves. But those who can not accept themselves can not accept the love of others. For how should a person who does not love himself realize that someone else really loves him? How should one understand that the other loves him for what he is, if he does not love himself for it?

These people often push their partner away from themselves. Often, it almost seems to the partner as if the person concerned formally wants to put an arrow between them and make an effort to disrupt the relationship. For the relationship to succeed, the first step is for the person concerned to seriously overcome his inferiority complex.

How to overcome the inferiority complex?

What can people do whose inferiority complex is their daily companion? It is helpful to look at the things that we can be content with in our lives that we have already accomplished or achieved, or characteristics of ourselves that we like.

These are often things we are unaware that it is not self-evident that we have done all these things. For example, our school leaving certificate, our passed driving license exam, our completed vocational training, our job for which we were taken, or our great apartment, where we seem to have left an impression with the landlord that he has chosen us.

Sure, other people also have a job, a school education or a driver's license. But there are also enough people who have not reached these points in their lives. Do not downplay your own achievements, but confess to being proud of them.

Also allow yourself to be satisfied with yourself. You think your face is pretty? Excellent! You like your physique? Perfect! Just because you feel comfortable in your body does not mean that you are an arrogant personality.

Begin not only to accept, but to really love you.

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