Successfully fight the inner inferiority complex!

Not everyone is blessed with a strong sense of self.

For some people, it was seemingly simple in the cradle. A strong, healthy self-confidence. They do not doubt themselves or their abilities, they stand by their actions and can not be dragged down by inappropriate criticism or problems that confront them.

Unfortunately, we do not belong to this group of people. We envy these people who stand by themselves and therefore always show a confident manner. We can not avoid it and compare ourselves with them again and again. Next to them we feel like losers. We feel small, unimportant and unloved.

How do inferiority complexes affect those affected?

If a person suffers from a pronounced inferiority complex, this affects his entire life. Not infrequently affected suffer from depression. If they are particularly severe, they even have suicidal thoughts.

Those who have an inferiority complex perceive, above all, negative experiences from their environment and take a lot on themselves, which does not apply to him.

In the morning, when the bad-tempered colleague enters the office and whispers to the others present, all the others around the affected person bounce off. You already know this behavior and ignore it. Not so the affected person. He relates this to his own personality. He assumes that colleagues can not stand him or have anything to do with his way of working.

An inferiority complex does not require depression. He can also show that he or she is unable to enter into long-term relationships or that those affected make their own happiness dependent on others.

Outwardly, people who are struggling with an inferiority complex may seem shy, perhaps even closed. The fact that there is a fear of talking to strangers and exposing themselves is not recognized by outsiders.

Many sufferers try to eliminate the inner emptiness and the feeling of being inadequate by accumulating numerous status symbols. But the expensive brand shoes, the new car, the tailored suit, all this fills the inner emptiness only for a brief moment. For the moment in which the intoxication of the purchase takes us. Only that this moment passes quickly.

What causes inferiority complexes?

An inferiority complex is created by a much too high, perfectionist ideal image, which we rearrange and which we can not reach. Often, these ideals are values ​​that we are not really aware of, as they were drummed into us as a child.

Adults are particularly likely to suffer from an inferiority complex that was rarely praised in their childhood and was always reprimanded, perhaps even punished. If there were house arrests for bad grades, but for positive grades no positive words, this has permanently damaged the self-image of the child.

How do I find a way out to fight my inferiority complex?

A first step in combating the dark feeling in ourselves is to realize that no one is perfect. Neither ourselves, nor the people in our environment.

Not even those we admire sometimes secretly, and in which we feel that everything is going well and that they are always crowned with success. One more thing: It's absolute nonsense to think that you are not worth something. No one has a specific value. We are all unique personalities and therefore priceless.

We have to stop and press ourselves to be perfect. Of course it is good and right to always work on yourself and your abilities to improve them. Knowing that you are always improving in certain areas is only conducive to your own self-confidence.

Nevertheless, it is a significant step to recognize that each of us has strengths, but also weaknesses. We too. We can not work perfectly in every area. Many people realize this already at school. Maybe biology and math are terribly good for us, but the subject of English nearly cost us the transfer each year?

Only those who accept their weaknesses and accept them can get help. For example, by having someone else explain the problem to you or by delegating these tasks to others.

Clearly remember the moments in which you succeed

Mostly it's the big things that we celebrate. Things like graduation, graduation, new job or home buying.

But what about the little things in everyday life that we have successfully mastered? What about the laptop that we completely uninstalled and put on? What about the last recipe we tried and more than succeeded? What about our weight loss? Or simply the fact that despite the terrible weather, we were motivated to go to the post office and send our letters?

Take five minutes each night to summarize for yourself what your successes of the day have been. Even if you may think that you did absolutely nothing that day. There is definitely something you have done that day, just remember it.

Work on the points that rob you of your self-confidence

What are the aspects that nourish and strengthen your inferiority complex? Is it the feeling that you should have more success in the job? That you should have found a permanent partner long ago? That you are the only one of your age who has not had any experience with the opposite sex? That you weigh too much?

Try to tackle these aspects to defeat your inferiority complex! If you think you can not do it alone, seek professional support!

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