Erectile dysfunction, what to do? Help with problems with potency

Erectile dysfunction, only very old men have!

Yes, that's what you thought earlier. Until you are suddenly affected. Although the subject loads you a lot, you did not talk to any of your friends about it, Shame is too big. Actually, you know that you can talk to your guys about everything. But not on this topic. Not when it comes down to it not working the way you want it down there.

The erection is considered the symbol of masculinity and vitality. In contrast to other diseases, male erectile dysfunction is perceived as particularly serious and can even plague those affected by depression.

Brief facts about erectile dysfunction

How often do we have to have problems so we can talk about erectile dysfunction? Only when he can not get an erection for about six months, it is spoken of a disorder. If the sex works occasionally on some days, while it does not work on other days, there is no erectile dysfunction. In technical jargon, erectile dysfunction is also called erectile dysfunction. This affects primarily men over 40 years.

Thirty percent of erectile dysfunctions have psychological causes

If a man once collects the experience that not everything works as it should, this negative moment can burn into the brain in such a way that it puts itself under pressure for the next few times in such a way that it does not work out again. These moments can be quite normal natural events. For example, that he was too drunk and that's why it did not work anymore. Or simply that he was too excited.

But this negative experience has been memorized forever. The person affected now suffers from fear of failure. As soon as he is dealing with a new sexual partner, such as a one-night stand, the fear of failing again immediately comes back to him. The erectile dysfunctions gnaw at the self-confidence of the person affected, which makes the problem worse.

Physical causes that lead to erectile dysfunction

The physical reasons for erectile dysfunction are numerous. In general, the main problems can be classified into three causes: circulatory disorders, nervous disorders and hormonal disorders.

Especially in older men is the main cause of erectile dysfunction usually a circulatory disorder. Circulatory disorders have the consequence that not enough blood gets into the erectile tissue, whereby the penis remains soft. Either, not enough blood gets into the penis, or the blood comes out too quickly. Circulatory disorders occur, for example, in diabetes or hypertension.

In addition to circulatory disorders, the problem may lie in a nervous disorder. About one in ten sufferers who suffer from erectile dysfunction is based on a nervous disorder. The brain sends signals to the penis when excited. This releases messenger substances. These messenger substances help to dilate the blood vessels in the erectile tissue and thus more blood enters the penis. In nervous diseases this process is disturbed.

Erectile dysfunction can also be an indication of serious heart disease. If you can say that your psyche is not the cause of your erectile dysfunction then you should definitely go to the doctor with your problem, even if it is embarrassing.

Hormone disorders can also be the culprit for potency problems. Often there is an imbalance in the testosterone balance of the man. Men who have too little testosterone in their blood generally have a much lower appetite for sex than is normal. In addition, the lack of testosterone can cause the affected person no longer gets an erection.

In addition, too high a prolactin value can be the reason for the problems. What is the function of prolactin in the human body? Prolactin is mainly produced in the female body during and after pregnancy. It promotes milk production in the female breast and thus ensures that the baby is supplied with food. Nevertheless, prolactin is also formed to a small extent in the male body. However, if the man's body produces too much of it, the result is that he can no longer get an erection.

Both types of hormone disorder can be treated by appropriate medication.

Medications that can also cause erectile dysfunction are numerous. Therefore, these are briefly listed in tabular form below:

  • Hair restorer
  • beta blocker
  • Antihypertensive agents
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (cortisol)
  • heart medicines
  • Gastrointestinal drugs

If the person concerned has the fear that the erectile dysfunction of a drug, which he must take regularly, he should no longer hesitate to see a doctor and address the issue. Only then does the affected person have the opportunity to switch to another drug that has no erectile dysfunction as a side effect.

If you are in a solid partnership, you should talk about it

If the erectile dysfunction occurs in the course of a relationship, it is advisable to address the issue. Of course, those affected feel insecure. It is uncomfortable for them. They feel emasculated and also have the additional fear that the partner in them no longer sees the man. However, addressing the problem also removes the pressure of the situation. In addition, he then states that she has no problems with it.

Unfortunately, there are women who are not very sensitive to this topic. They do not know that even body conditions such as exhaustion can cause "he" no longer hard. If she sadly announces that this is now the final proof that he no longer loves her, it is clear that he feels the more pressured, which aggravates the situation.

Stirring erectile problems simply from our very unhealthy lifestyle can be remedied very easily. Because alcohol, lack of sleep and nicotine can significantly influence our bodily functions as well as our potency.

What do sexual aids do?

Potency agents increase the blood circulation in the penis of the man and thus lead to enough blood enters the erectile tissue and thus creates an erection. Viagra inhibits the enzyme Fosfodiesterase in the body of the man, because this enzyme ensures that more blood flows from the penis than it is pumped into it, leaving the limb limp. Viagra ensures that the enzyme is temporarily rendered ineffective.

Viagra works only if he feels like it. Without a natural libido, Viagra also has no effect, as it does not exercise pleasure. Instead, the man must be sexually stimulated, since then the Viagra enhances the effect.

On average, Viagra works about 25 minutes after ingestion. To prevent side effects, Viagra should be taken only once a day and a maximum of three times a week.

Many men do not dare to talk about this "problem" and instead search the internet for over-the-counter remedies to help them achieve an erection. It is understandable that the shame of those affected is great. Nevertheless, the person concerned should not delay the visit to the doctor too long. Erection problems can be a sign of serious illnesses and should therefore not be taken lightly! If physical problems or illnesses can be ruled out, this is also very reassuring for him.

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