Sorry, I'm sorry - apologies for the partner

"Sorry, I was unfair and I'm sorry"

Sometimes we just behave wrong. For example because we are angry and during the tantrum we said something that we deeply regretted a few seconds later when we looked into the partner's face. Or as we drunk before the relationship of the partner listed. Maybe we also lied to the other one because we were afraid of his reaction, only that this lie (as it happens) came out right away and now the situation at home is almost unbearable.

No matter what the trigger for the dispute may have been, the time has come for an apology should it really come from the heart and be honest.

How can I apologize?

Excuse me

The literal apology is probably the most common form of apology, which we often use in everyday life, without being aware of it. If we accidentally punish someone in the pedestrian zone, we almost fall on our side seat when braking the tram, if we want to pass someone who stands in our way or if we have any questions, we always get the word "sorry" over our lips.

Even in a relationship, this is the most popular excuse.

If we want to apologize to the partner, for instance because we forgot to bring something, if we had to do something for the other person or if it was a different matter, it is often enough to say "I'm sorry, I do not have it anymore thought / was not my intention ".

However, depending on how much crap we have built, our apology should not be so incidental.

Then it is time to take the partner aside and to honestly explain how much we are sorry. Here should fall more than the pure excuse-word, but also an explanation for our actions.

The apology in writing as a letter

An apology in letter form has a strong effect on the other party! Words can be said quickly, a message on WhatsApp is written quickly, but with an apology in the form of letters, the other knows that we have really invested time and the issue is important to us.

The decision to take a checkered piece of paper from your block or even to grab a fine stationery will not decide in the end whether the other person accepts your apology. Their decision depends on the content of your letter and your reasoning why you behaved this way.

Nevertheless, a proper font without smudges, blobs and neat paper looks better than if scribbled on a crumpled block. If you do not have stationery on hand, printer paper is an option. This is usually quite firm and without kinks or dog-ears.

Apologies for WhatsApp

Many men and women are inclined to send apologies via WhatsApp.

We have collected some examples and suggestions for excuses:

The most popular excuses

  • I want our carefree relationship back, because I miss them to my happiness
  • I implore you for a second chance and I want to show you that I can improve
  • What happened was hard for both of us, but maybe we can make a new start
  • Can not sleep or eat, just can not forget our quarrel. I'm thinking only of having to apologize to you and send you a big kiss
  • You should know, your place is next to me on your empty pillow
  • Yesterday's dispute is heavy in my stomach, but I just want to carry you in my heart
  • I just need your love and security, please let us forget him, the evil quarrel

However, those who send apologies via their smartphone must be aware that they are far from achieving such a strong effect as an apology in letter form or face to face.

The problem that brings apologies is the following: The partner immediately recognizes that we have found this spell on the Internet. So instead of really thinking about the contentious issue and sincerely apologizing for it, we prefer to use a spell that comes from some stranger.

Therefore, many women and men prefer a "real apology."

To apologize by deeds

Depending on what has happened, the only meaningful apology can be the apology in the form of deeds. For example, when you argue, because the partner believes that we rarely do something or never have time for it.

Then words like "I'm sorry" may be an appeasement, but it's much nicer and, above all, more effective to surprise them with a trip together. That's how the partner realizes that we really took the allegation to heart and that we seriously want to change something about it.

Do you really mean your apology?

Often it comes to the case that we apologize for something, but do not really stand behind this apology. Instead, we simply explain to the partner that we are sorry, so that we can rest and finally return to peace at home.

To apologize for something, though we do not understand it deeply, perhaps even believe that we are right, is more than hypocritical. In addition, this will eventually lead to a conflict again in the long run. In this dispute, we will then reproach the partner with anger for how many times we've apologized for things we did not blame.

Do you feel that your partner is expecting an apology from you, and you feel that you are not in the position to apologize should you seek the interview. That's the only way you can really get the incident out of the world together.

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